6 Best Microfiber Towels for Hair You Can Buy Right Now


Looking for a faster way to dry your hair?

Together with your daily blow drying, you should also use a high-quality microfiber towel. This type of towel is perfect in removing excess water from your hair strands. That’s just one of the major benefits of microfiber hair towels.

Compared to ordinary bath towels that are annoyingly thick for your hair, microfiber towels absorb moisture faster even though they’re usually thinner – which is great a thing, actually. You’ll find it easier to wrap your hair with a more lightweight towel.

Now that you’re really interested to buy one, we’ve prepared a well-researched list of the best microfiber towels for hair. Trust us; you’ll never go back to terrycloth towels!

Our Pick: DuraComfort Essentials Microfiber Towel

No matter what your hair type is, DuraComfort Essentials Microfiber Towel will give you positive results. Whether you have fine strands or overly thick hair, the towel’s soft lisse crepe fabric will keep your locks intact while quickly absorbing moisture.

Have you ever experienced a headache or neck pain after wrapping your hair with a bath towel? If your towel is thick, it is only natural for it to get heavier especially when it starts to absorb water from your hair. The towel might even pull your strands, hurting your hairline.

This product, however, has a stretchy seam. So, if you’re going to wrap your hair, the towel won’t pull your strands.

Unfortunately, one thing to worry about stretching a microfiber towel every day is premature damage. However, we’re just talking about what happens generally. With this particular towel, it won’t easily wear out.

Runner Up: AuroTrends Microfiber Hair Towel

Aside from the fact that AuroTrends Microfiber Hair Towel is super-soft and absorbent, it is also odor-free. This is a huge plus since ordinary towels eventually get smelly due to constant use.

Another common problem with typical bath towels is their lower quality after each wash. Good thing that this product is machine-washable and will stay tough against regular washing.

When it comes to its size, this microfiber towel can fit any hair length. Just like the top product, it also has a stretchy material. Not only does this contribute to a perfect fit, it can also keep the wrap steady and secure.

Meanwhile, quick drying your hair may result to frizz. Fortunately, the 80 percent polyester and 20 percent nylon blend of this towel will maintain the smoothness of your hair.

Also Great: Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Towel

With the luxurious texture of Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Towel, your dripping wet hair will quickly become damp so your blow dryer can handle the rest.

Additionally, since this product will stay steady on your hair like a turban, you can smoothly do your morning routine. Applying makeup and getting dressed for the office is going to be easier than usual.

Also Great: Evolatree Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

Frizz is not the only problem Evolatree Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel can prevent. This product will only produce a little friction to lower the risk of breakage and split ends.

More importantly, this microfiber towel is efficient. After a few minutes of rubbing or wrapping your hair, your strands will feel lighter and smoother. This enables quicker blow drying, hence reducing the risk of hair damage.

Aside from being an excellent hair towel, this product is also ideal for travel. Its compact size will easily fit your small handbags or backpacks. This is handy for quick trips to the gym or pool.

Also Great: Aquis Original Microfiber Hair Towel

To guarantee ultimate absorption, comfort, and durability in just one product, Aquis Original Microfiber Hair Towel uses innovation. To be more specific, its features rely on Aquitex microfiber technology.

One special benefit of having Aquitex microfiber is easier drying of the towel itself. This is useful if you’re going to use this towel a lot in just one day.

If you’re hesitant to try a microfiber towel for the first time because of your fragile hair, this product is highly recommended for you. It is unbelievably soft, so it will never harm your hair. It can even be used for wiping sensitive skin since it has a smooth surface.

Budget Pick: Duomishu Turban Microfiber Hair Towel

One of the best things about Duomishu Turban Microfiber Hair Towel is how affordable it is despite coming in a set of two. More importantly, though, it has a unique feature you can’t find in most microfiber towels.

The reason why this product is specifically called a “turban” is the extremely secure wrap you can make because of a special button. Just put the loop around the button to “lock” the towel on your head. This is perfect when you want to keep your hair dry while bathing.

How to Select the Best Microfiber Towels for Hair

Deciding which products should be included on our list was not easy; that’s for sure. Good thing that we managed to come up with some factors to consider so we could have a guide. Take a look at our standards in choosing the best microfiber towels for hair!

  • Absorption

    Since quicker blow drying is the goal of microfiber towels intended for hair care, efficient absorption should be the priority here. Luckily, all high-quality microfiber towels guarantee this benefit. You just have to make sure that the towel is indeed made of genuine microfiber.

  • Softness

    You should know that there are different types of microfiber towels. Some are made for automotive care while others like dish towels are for home cleaning. The significant difference between microfiber hair towels and other variations is softness.

    Don’t get us wrong; microfiber is generally soft. It’s just that the one made for hair care and other similar uses is the softest kind. This is crucial since a lot of people have delicate hair and a sensitive scalp.

  • Fit

    A lot of people wrap their hair with towels after bathing. Obviously, the ones with longer hair will find it hard to use smaller towels. That’s why size should be a priority, too.

    However, most microfiber towels for hair nowadays are stretchy. That means a small towel can stretch to its maximum capacity just to completely hold long hair. This won’t sacrifice comfort because, after all, the fabric is super-soft.

    In fact, you may resort to a microfiber hair towel that has a button for locking your hair in place.

  • Durability

    Since you’re more likely to use your microfiber hair towel every day, you might worry about compromising its fabric. There’s no need to overthink – high-quality microfiber can last for a really long time. To easily identify a tough product, check if it is machine-washable.

  • Thickness

    A lightweight microfiber hair towel is important to prevent discomfort. It goes without saying that it should be much thinner than typical bath towels.

    Wrapping your hair with a thicker towel will only strain your neck and pull your hair. The towel won’t even stay long on your head because of the unstable wrap.


Out of all the best microfiber towels for hair, DuraComfort Essentials Microfiber Towel is the top product. Its superior level of absorption, softness, and durability is hard to beat. As a plus, it uses a stretchy lightweight fabric for a more secure fit.