The Best Mini Flat Irons You Need For Your Next Trip


Traveling shouldn’t get in the way of your style. In fact, by picking the right hair styling tool, you should be able to style your hair even on the go. With that, we want to share with you the best mini flat irons you can take to your next trip.

Our Pick: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron is easily our top pick. Measuring 6 inches in length, you shouldn’t have any issues using it to style your short to medium hair. You can easily use it close to your scalp up to the tips of your hair.

This mini straightening iron offers the benefits of both ceramic and titanium plates. It features dual voltage so you can use it no matter where you’re going. Plus, it’s also lightweight. You can touch up your hair without putting a lot of strain on your hands or wrists.

The tool’s temperature can go as hot as 440°F, allowing you to create the style you want quickly and easily. It can retain heat well, too.

One of the things you might not like about this flat iron is that it doesn’t have a beveled each. This means that you may have a hard time using it to do your curls. There’s also one control and that is on/off. The tool won’t automatically shut off when not in use.

Runner Up: KIPOZI Hair Straightener Mini 0.5 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron for Travel

KIPOZI Hair Straightener Mini 0.5 Inch Ceramic Flat Iron for Travel is another great product to invest in if you like to travel. Like our top pick, it’s 6 inches in length. Its plate size, on the other hand, is around 0.5 inch, making it an efficient tool to style bangs, short and thin hair.

The styling tool utilizes advanced PTC ceramic heater. This technology enables it to leave your hair shiny and smooth. It helps minimize damage and frizz as well.

When you purchase this straightener, you’ll get a really handy pouch. It’s a convenient bonus since you won’t have to think about where to store your tool when traveling. And like the tool, the pouch is also small. You can easily fit it inside your purse.

Also Great: FARI Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron

FARI Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron is a professional salon model. With tourmaline ceramic plates, it’s designed to distribute heat evenly to lessen the damage to your hair.

What special about this tool is that it has an ergonomic design. With non-slip grip, it’s comfortable to use when styling hair. Plus, it looks sleek, too.

Another feature you’ll love about it is its fast heating capability. It can actually heat up in just 70 seconds, making it really handy when you’re on the go.

And like the previous tool, it also comes with its own travel bag which has a waterproof design. It’s really easy to clean as well.

Budget Pick: MHU Professional Travel Size 0.5 inch Mini Flat Iron

For bangs and short hair, MHU Professional Travel Size 0.5 inch Mini Flat Iron won’t let you down. It’s just the right size to style bangs and short hair when you’re traveling. It works well on fine and thin hair as well.

This tool delivers a consistent temperature. It’s a good feature to avoid damaging hot spots and in straightening your hair evenly. It heats up fast, too. Within 60 seconds, you can start using the tool.

Choosing the Best Mini Flat Irons

Picking the best mini flat iron might look easy but if you’re not fully aware of your options or what makes a brand great, it’s relatively easy to fall for the wrong product.

So, what should you look into when purchasing a flat iron you can take with you wherever you go?

  • Dual voltage

    Dual voltage mini flat irons they have two options- 110-120V and 220-240V. These options enable them to be used at home or another country.

    You see, countries have different types of electricity. In Europe, 220-240V is most commonly used. In the US, it’s 110-120V.

    If you plug your mini flat iron into a wrong outlet, you might end up blowing a fuse or breaking your hair styling stool. In some cases, they can even burn your hair.

  • Size

    While you should aim for a smaller hair straightening tool for traveling, the size of your mini flat iron should still be enough to handle the length and thickness of your hair. For example, there are mini flat irons that can only be used on bangs and thin and short hair. There are units that can handle medium-length hair.

  • Material

    When you’re traveling, you may not always have the time to blow dry your hair before straightening it. This makes it important to invest in a flat iron with plates that can be used on wet or damp hair without damaging it.

    Solid ceramic plates are great because they are durable and they can distribute heat evenly through the hair. Tourmaline is also an excellent choice since it’s able to minimize frizz and leave the hair extra smooth.

  • Accessories

    Mini flat irons with dedicated pouches are a treat. The pouches are just the right size so you won’t have to worry about where to get a good bag that’ll fit your iron. Apart from that, a pouch can also keep your tool and its accessories in one place. There’s no need to take out all your clothes from your luggage just because you can’t find your tool’s cord or adapter.


If you’re always on the go, investing in a small hair straightening tool is a practical decision. It can help you style your hair in any way you want even when you’re not in the comfort of your home.

For us, BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron is the best mini flat iron. It has just the right size and plate to safely and efficiently style your hair. It heats up fast, too. There’s no need to spend a long time just to wait for it to be ready for use.

If the size isn’t an issue and you’re looking for a hair styling tool that’ll fit your budget, then check out these awesome hair straighteners under $100.

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