Best Miter Saws under $100



You may have a limited budget, but you can still buy one of the best miter saws to create precise cuts when doing some woodwork. The best choice of miter saws that may fit in your limited budget are the best miter saws under $100. These miter saws may cost less, but be rest assured that they are packed with some of the best cutting features. In fact, some of the models are incorporated with the latest laser technology for alignment and precise cuts. In addition to laser guides, these miter saws are equipped electric brakes, lightweight table top, and well-positioned table stops among other things.

5 Best Miter Saws Under $100 Comparison Table 2017

NameRating PriceProduct WeightProduct Dimensions (Inches)No Load Speed(RPM)Blade Diameter (Inches)
Hitachi C10FCE24.4$$$35.9 pounds23 x 19.1 x 16.15,00010
Miter/Cut-Off Saw, #9194$3 pounds9 x 5.5 x 67,8002
Ryobi ZRTS1141L4.4$$20.4 pounds21.2 x 18.5 x 135,800
Woodworker 78023$$21 pounds17.3 x 13.2 x 12.85,000
Miter Saw #8054$$14 pounds20.0 x 18.7 x 139,0003-1/8

How to Choose the Best Miter Saws Under $100

The fact that these miter saws cost less than $100 should not narrow down your purchasing decision. You need to go after a cutting gear that has the capacity of meeting your expectations without you regretting in the future.

  • Resourcefulness of the Miter Saw

    You need to know how resourceful a given miter saw is before you spend your few dollars on it. To begin with, you need to check if the tool is designed to deliver the benefits of a miter saw. The very first thing that you need to consider is the blade diameter. The blade diameter for miter saws costing less than $100 may be as narrow as 2 inches, and as wide as 10 inches. The best blade diameter is one that can create cuts, including crosscuts, bevel cuts, compound vertical as well as horizontal cuts, and so on.

    This will make certain that the tool is not only affordable, but also an appropriate addition to do-it-yourself activities and home woodworking.The best miter saw that you should engage under this category is one that is installed with a powerful motor; one that can direct drive high speeds. For the motor to be powerful enough, the tool’s amperage and voltage need to be well-rated. Depending on the amperage and voltage rating, you may come across miter saws that can produce speeds of up to 5,000 rpm, 7,800 rpm, 5,800 rpm, and 9,000 rpm.

    In addition to the blade diameter, the best miter saws are those that are equipped with the correct number of cutting teeth, and they can effectively achieve reliable cutting depths. A miter saw that has twenty four cutting teeth capacity, can conveniently make cutting depths of up to approximately 3 inches at 90° or approximately 1½ inches at 45°.

  • Specific Features to Consider

    Look for a miter saw that is installed with laser line generator, which does not need laborious recalibration prior to any cutting project. The laser guide system should be designed in such a way that it casts a precise alignment on your workpiece. Such a feature will make it possible for you to make quick as well as precise cuts. The best miter saw should be installed with LED for illuminating the work area for better and clearer visibility, productivity, and safety.

    It is also recommended to go for a tool that is equipped with a separate power supply. This way you will be able to use the machine regardless of whether or not the blade is running.You need to choose a miter saw that is made for precise miter and bevel cuts by going for a versatile and easy-to-use design. The best design is one that allows you to conveniently change the cutting blade angle for creating miters. The bevel range provided should also be good and reliable.

    The tool you go for should be equipped with a comfortable, easy-grip handle; one that is incorporated with elastomer grip for reducing vibration; hence making it possible for you to control the saw at all times. Furthermore, you need to settle for a miter saw that is installed with a fence that allows accurate cutting of averagely-sized workpiece.


The best miter saws are not defined by how expensive they can be, since even the most expensive ones may not present you with the best cutting features. Therefore, you can always get the best miter saw under $100 by simply taking into consideration the most important factors. As you have read in the guide, the most important factors to consider are the features.

Among the most important features, include: the blade diameter, amperage and voltage rating, motor speeds, the presence of laser making technology, high quality fence, and appropriate miter and bevel angles. With that said, you should not hesitate to make purchase of the best miter saws under $100, and make the best as well as accurate cuts.