Best Miter Saws under $200



Miter saws have grown to be popular cutting tools in woodworking; this is mainly so, due to the many features incorporated in these machines. For less than $200, you can always buy the best miter saws that will without a doubt meet your cutting expectations. There are several standard, compound, and slide miter saws that costs less than two hundred U.S. dollars. These miter saws are made of sleek designs, and most of them are equipped with better features than the ones you will find in units costing more than $200. Most of these units are lightweight and portable, and some of them are installed with laser line technology.

7 Best Miter Saws under $200 Comparison Table 2017

NameRating PriceProduct WeightProduct Dimensions No Load Speed(RPM)Blade Diameter (Inches)
Genesis GMS15LB4.3$$$29.2 pounds20 x 15.7 x 14.74,80010
Homecraft H26-260L4.6$$25 pounds21 x 13 x 135,50010
Makita LS10404.4$$$$33.1 pounds21 x 18 x 154,60010
Hitachi C10FCE24.4$$35.9 pounds23 x 19.1 x 16.1 5,00010
WEN 707113.7$$$39 pounds20.5 x 28 x 18.55,30010
WEN 707124.3$$$$48 pounds31 x 22 x 184,30012
SKIL 3317-015$$$30.7 pounds23.8 x 16 x 16.55,00010

Choosing the Best Miter Saws under $200

You need to make sure that the miter saws you engage are equipped with the best cutting features for creating precise miter and bevel cuts. The features should adequately meet all your wood cutting expectations. The best miter saw is one that exhibits high performance with regard to precise cuts. As a professional woodworker, you need to know that the pricing of a miter saw does not entirely determine its capabilities. Therefore, you need to make a good number of considerations before you make purchase.

  • High Performance

    The best miter saws under this category should merge the function of a miter saw with the reach of a radial arm saw. The most desired tool is one that is designed to create precise, larger cuts on your work piece of up to twelve inches. You should engage units that are incorporated with a powerful motor that has the ability of producing high motor speeds for handling tough cutting jobs. The most preferred tools should provide rugged durability, along with fine precision that is much needed in woodworking.You should ensure that the unit you settle for can effectively be employed in delicate woodworking, deck building, and heavy-duty framing.

    The miter saw you choose should deliver you with portability, large cutting capacity, and accuracy.The best miter saw is one that provides you with industrial-leading combination of cutting capacities. This should include the most ideal vertical capacity, nested crown capacity, horizontal capacity, along with a high-class back fence structure that deliver accurate cuts of up to 2 x 16 at 90° as well as 2 x 12 at 45°. The miter saw you choose should be able to simplify and capitalize on vertical cutting capacity.

    Therefore, it should be incorporated with a rail latch designed for holding the carriage away from the fence. Consider a unit with dual bevel mechanism, since such a mechanism is easy-to-use, due to high visibility scale, along with easy angle adjustment.

  • Specific Features to Consider

    As much as the best miter saw you engage under this category is equipped with high quality features; there are some specific features that are vital and must be present. To begin with, a good cutting tool is one that is equipped with advanced dust collection, which effectively captures up to 75% and above in order to maintain a clean work area and a clean miter saw at all times. The unit’s power cord should be routed through a firm rail in the back; this will help to get rid of any interference with the sliding.

    Laser marker technology is vitally important as far as modern miter saws are concerned. The best laser marker system is one that can be triggered before the blade starts moving. Laser marker technology is useful for exact alignment of the blade and creating of precise cuts. In addition, you need to engage saws that have well-located positive stops. The common positive stops that are highly instrumental include 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, and 45°.


As you have read through the guide, you can conveniently benefit from the many features of miter saws by simply buying the best miter saws under $200. Most of these miter saws have been put to use by many woodworkers, and they have been able to create precise miter and bevel cuts, every now and then.

The designs of these miter saws are splendid, made of high quality material. They are packed with unique features that are tailored towards providing you with the best woodcutting experience. You should take each and every guideline discussed in this guide serious. Furthermore, miter saws under $200 are just perfect for all experience levels.