Best Miter Saws Buying Guide & Reviews



Miter saws are now important cutting machines for different cutting jobs. These tools are now excelling at making crosscuts and making miter and bevel cuts. The best miter saws are those that are versatile, resourceful, and portable. These cutting gears have proven to be very effective in different cutting professions. Each profession inclines on a different feature of the saws to do their work. Different cutting professionals are pleased with the precise miter and bevel cuts they can achieve.

Finish carpenters are delighted with the combination of precision cutting and portability. Furniture makers; on the other hand, rely more on the accuracy as well as safety provided by the best miter saws. Generally, you should expect outstanding cutting performance from the best miter saws, since they are particularly designed to meet all the user expectations. These tools are perfect out of the box, and they are resourceful tools as long as you know exactly what you are dealing with.

Best Miter Saws Buying Guide & Reviews Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct Weight
Product Dimensions (Inches)No Load Speed
Blade Diameter
Positive Stops
DeWALT DWS782 4.5$$$64.8 pounds33 x 23.8 x 18.83,800 RPM12 Inches0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, 49°
Bosch 5312 4.5$$$$76.8 pounds40 x 22 x 223,800 RPM12 Inches0°, 33.9°, 45°
DeWALT DW715 4.5$$
42.0 pounds27.7 x 20 x 18.84,000 RPM12 Inches0°, 33.9°, 45°, 48°
Genesis GMS15LB 4.5$29.2 pounds20 x 15.7 x 14.74,800 RPM10 Inches0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°
Hitachi C10FCE2 4.5$35.9 pounds23 x 19.1 x 16.15,000 RPM10 Inches0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°
Makita LS1221 4.5$$50.4 pounds26.7 x 22 x 184,000 RPM12 Inches15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45°
Hitachi C12RSH 4.5$$$81 pounds36.6 x 23.4 x 283,800 RPM12 Inches0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 47°
Homecraft H26-260L 4.5$25 pounds21 x 13 x 135,500 RPM10 Inches0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45°
Jet JMS-12SCMS 4.5$$$$$73.6 pounds37.4 x 26.3 x 22.84,200 RPM12 Inches0°, 33.9°, 45°
Makita LS1040 4.531433.1 pounds21 x 15 x 154.600 RPM10 Inches0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°

Types of Miter Saws

The miter saw family is made up of three types, including sliding, compound, and standard miter saws. However, the most popular types are compound miter saws and sliding compound miter saws.

  • Compound Miter Saws

    Compound miter saws are installed with a head that tilts forty-five degrees or more to either left or right or both sides for bevel cuts. These tools make compound miters by combining a miter cut with a bevel cut.

    Compound miter saws are highly resourceful for wide baseboard trimming, crown moulding among other cutting jobs that need compound cuts. These saws are equipped with a rotating table for creating miter cuts; in addition, they have a second pivot that allows the head to make a forty-degree tilt or more, in order to make bevel cuts.

    Compound miter saws are equipped with jet exclusive motors that drive direct high speeds, and they deliver extended power as well as durability. The designs of these saws consist of an accurate miter system, along with machine-based fence support for optimizing cutting accuracy.

  • Sliding Compound Miter Saws

    Sliding compound miter saws are an improvement of compound miter saws. These modern-style miter saws are installed with a head assembly that rotates as well as tilts for compound cuts. The head on these saws is installed on a rail system that makes it possible for it to slide forward and backwards. The sliding feature increases crosscutting capacity to a little over twelve inches or less depending on the model.

    The best miter saws under this category combine the function of precision cutting saws with the reach of the radial arm saws. Ideally, the sliding system allows for a wider width of baseboard to be cut.

    These units can be applied in different cutting jobs, including fit crown moulding, crosscut long stock, and cut moulding among other applications. Miters saws under this group are equipped with high-quality features, and among them is the presence of positive stops on miter as well as bevel scales, which are not only easy-to-read but also convenient.

Well-Known Miter Saw Manufacturers

  • Makita

    Makita is a worldwide miter saw company that has greatly changed the phase of miter saw market over the years. The company has been introducing cutting tools that are of great importance to the rest of the world. Makita is renowned for its innovativeness, as far as the introduction and improvement of sliding miter saws are concerned.

    In addition to the normal sliding compound miter saw, Makita has in the recent past introduced the latest dual slide models, which are integrated with laser making technology. The dual sliding saw are designed to provide the greatest crosscutting, along with crown cutting. The miter saws produced by this firm are ideal for bench-top as well as job site use.

  • DeWALT

    DeWALT has been on the front line with regard to compound miter saws and slide compound miter saws. The company has over and again exhibited high level of innovativeness as far as miter saw designs are concerned. The firm has been manufacturing the best models that are highly competitive in the miter saw market.

    The miter saws from this company are user-friendly and easy-to-use. DeWALT miter saws are job site tested, which proves their resourcefulness and versatility. The company has a wide range of miter saws for you to choose from. Ideally, you can always get any miter saw you want of any given specifications from this company.

  • Hitachi

    Hitachi has a great reputation in the manufacturing of miter saws. Hitachi delivers professional-grade miter saws for different applications. The basic applications include woodworking, fastening, metalwork, drilling, and concrete. The company is a leader in miter saw research as well as development.

    The miter saws are incorporated with many useful features, including powerful motors, laser making technology, positive stops on the bevel and miter scales, elastomer for eliminating vibrations, and adjustable LED work light. The power tools from Hitachi are made of creative gliding slide system. Generally, Hitachi’s miter saws take into consideration all the expectations of the user.

Choosing the Best Miter Saws

In order to choose the best miter saw, you need to make a renowned decision, one that takes into consideration all your cutting expectations. The very first thing that you need to consider is the type of miter saw.

Well, you can opt to buy any model from the various leading miter saw manufacturers, including Hitachi Power Tools, Makita, and DeWALT among others. Nonetheless, the best model is the one that is incorporated with high-quality features. Both compound and slide miter saw cut wider boards, but the slide types are known to have additional advantages.

Specific Features to Consider

  • Powerful Motor for Smooth and Precise Cuts

    The best miter saw is one that has a powerful motor that has the capacity of generating the much needed no-load speed. The speed should be more than capable of creating perfect crosscuts, along with miters.

    In addition to a powerful motor, the best saw should have a reliable electronic speed control; one that maintains steady rpm all the way through a cut; in order for you to achieve smooth, accurate, and controlled cuts. Miter saws with the best and consistent no load speed are known to produce perfect miter and bevel cuts each time you initiate a cut.

  • Large Cutting Capacity – Increased Accuracy

    The best tool is one that has a creative direct-drive gearbox, along with a patented guard system designed for improved vertical cutting capacity. The most desirable large cutting capacity should be at least 6-5/8 inches. With such a cutting capacity, you can make the largest vertically nested crown moulding. The best tool should also have patented 4-steel rail sliding mechanism, in order to increase firmness to produce precise cuts.

  • Ergonomic, Portable, Lightweight, and Compact Design

    The best miter saw is one that is lightweight and portable. As far as portability is concerned, the most desired tool is one that does not weigh more than fifty pounds. However, there are miter saws that weigh more than fifty pounds, but they are highly useful and reliable.

    On the other hand, a user-friendly unit is one that has an ergonomic rubberized-horizontal handle structure for improved fit and added comfort. In addition, the handle should be equipped with elastomeric material to get rid of vibrations. Laser making technology is also an important feature since it helps in alignment and making precise cuts.

    The miter saw you choose should have a convenient miter scale range and bevel scale range, along with a micro-miter knob and micro-bevel knob. On top of this, the miter saw should have positive miter stops, which will make it easier for you to change the cutting blade angle for making miters woodworking cutting jobs.

    The saw blade should be made of durable material, including TCT and carbide. With such a saw blade you can easily work on delicate cutting jobs. Your considerations should also include the fence; the best fence design is one that has both upper and lower adjustments for creating a more accurate bevel and miter cuts.


Now you have the basic information to effectively evaluate the best miter saws’ properties. Your miter saw purchase should be very easy with the knowledge provided in this guide. As stated in the guide, the most popular miter saws in the market are compound miter saws, and sliding compound miter saws.

You are also advised to base your decision, particularly on a given number of features and specs, including portability, positive stops available, the diameter of the blade, the maximum no load speed, and whether or not the miter saw you choose is installed with laser making technology.