Best Miter Saws with Laser



The best miter saws with laser include both compound miter saws as well as sliding compound miter saws. Miter saws with laser mostly features nine positive stops, along with ball and detent action for accurate cuts. These miter saws include blade diameters of as low as eight and half inches and as high as twelve inches.

Laser making technology makes these tools special, since they make it easier to align and make precise cut on your workpiece. It is an exceptional idea using a laser guide to indicate the exact place your miter saw will make its cut. In fact, you will like the concept when you make the perfect cuts every time you use your machine.

6 Best Miter Saws with Laser Comparison Table 2017

NameRating PriceProduct WeightProduct Dimensions (Inches)No Load Speed(RPM)Blade Diameter (Inches)
Genesis GMS15LB4.3$$29.220 x 15.7 x 14.74,80010
Hitachi C12RSH4.4$$$$81.036.6 x 23.4 x 283,80012
Homecraft H26-260L4.6$25.021 x 13 x 135,50010
Jet JMS-12SCMS4.4$$$$$73.637.4 x 26.3 x 22.84,20012
Makita LS1016L3.9$$$$6031.5 x 21.2 x 20.23,20010
Hitachi C8FSHE3.3$$$41.431.1 x 21.8 x 19.15,5008 ½

Choosing the Best Miter Saws with Laser

For alignment and precise cuts, you should buy a laser miter saw that is made of high quality features, one that is equipped with the latest laser making technology. Laser making technology has become universal on compound and slide miter saws. The popularity of laser guides has everything to do with increased accuracy. There are a few different forms of lasers installed on miter saws, including: single/ double lasers, lasers that light when the saw’s blade is moving, and lasers that are on with the flip of a switch.

A dual laser is the most recommended one, since it reveals both sides of the miter saw’s blade. In addition, you should opt to choose a laser miter saw that is on without the blade spinning. The best miter saws with laser should be adjustable as well as reliable. However, the accuracy of a laser guide will entirely depend on your work.

Factors to Consider

You need to choose laser miter saws that are made of high quality laser guides. Good laser miter saws; whether compound, standard or slide are ones that are highly resourceful. The laser miter saws you engage should provide you with the best woodworking cutting capabilities. The incorporated features should improve on the cutting capacity.

  • Compound Miter Saws with Laser

    A laser compound miter saw is ideal for creating a variety of miter and bevel cuts. You should choose a unit that is equipped with a heavy-duty, jet exclusive motor that has the ability of producing maximum speeds that have the power of making difficult cuts. The incorporated laser system should be adjustable in such a way that it can help you make direct alignments and precise cuts.

    The best laser model is one that is lightweight, portable and compact. In order to achieve better alignments and accurate cuts, you need to choose a laser compound miter saw that has a conveniently large cutting capacity of up to 2 x 4 inches. Other things that you need to take into consideration are desirable maximum cutting thickness, maximum 90° cross cutting capacity, and maximum 45° cross cutting capacity.

  • Sliding Compound Miter Saws with Laser

    A laser sliding compound miter saw should be one that is made to create smooth, precise cuts, up to twelve inches wide. The laser making technology should make it easy to make precision cuts. The incorporated laser guide should be able to aid the cutting of thicker work pieces. The miter saws to choose under this category should be made of dual liner sliding rails, which promote stability as well as smooth, accurate cuts.

    The best laser sliding compound miter saw should be incorporated with trigger-activated laser system. The laser system can be triggered before the saw’s blade start moving for precise alignment, along with predictable blade placement.


Exact alignment and precise cuts should always be your first considerations as far as laser miter saws are concerned. The best laser-installed miter saw is one that presents you with precision cutting. The best laser tool should be easy to operate, since the laser making technology installed is not only convenient, but also user-friendly. Always take your time when selecting the best miter saws with laser. This is so since not all laser miter saws may be as instrumental as you might have thought.

Therefore, you need to be keen on each and every feature that a laser miter saw of your choice provides you with. As you have read through the guide, there are other unique features that make a miter saw more convenient, in addition to laser making technology.