Best Miter Saws for the Money



The best miter saws for the money are ones that deliver accurate miter and bevel cuts. These miter saws are made for the sole purpose of being used in the toughest cutting jobs. Precision cutting is what you should be after. The miter saws under this category are the most advanced of the miter saws in the market. They have all the attributes of the best cutting gears that are worth the money.

These are the most versatile of the miter saws, and their popularity among carpenters and woodworkers has made it possible for them to completely replace the radial arm saws. These miter saws are well-equipped, some with the latest cutting technologies, including laser guide generation.

10 Best Miter Saws for the Money Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightBlade Diameter
Product Dimensions (Inches)No Load Speed(RPM)
Makita LS12214.5$$50.4 pounds1226.7 x 22 x 184,000
DEWALT DWS7825$$$64.8 pounds1233 x 23.8 x 18.83,800
Makita LS10404.4$33.1 pounds1021 x 18 x 154.600
Bosch 53124.5$$$$76.8 pounds1240 x 22 x 223,800
DEWALT DW7154.6$$42.0 pounds1227.7 x 20 x 18.84,000
Genesis GMS15LB4.3$29.2 pounds1020 x 15.7 x 14.74,800
Hitachi C10FCE24.4$35.9 pounds1023 x 19.1 x 16.15,000
Hitachi C12RSH4.4$$$ 81 pounds1236.6 x 23.4 x 283,800
Homecraft H26-260L4.6$25 pounds1021 x 13 x 135,500
Jet JMS-12SCMS4.4$$$$$73.6 pounds1237.4 x 26.3 x 22.84,200

Choosing the Best Miter Saws for the Money

Power miter saw manufacturers produce different models that are worth the money. The most renowned manufacturers that have time and again produced the best miter saws for the money include but are not limited to Makita, DEWALT, and Hitachi. The best saws worth the money should be equipped with the best as well as the latest cutting features, including laser maker technology.

The best miter saw should have a good combination of features and specs. The prices are significantly useful in reaching a given purchasing decision; however, not all expensive miter saws are worth the money. You might find that a miter saw costing less than $200 delivers better performance when compared to a miter saw costing more than $200.

  • The Best Features for the Money

    The very first feature that is of great importance is the cutting blade. The best miter saws’ blades worth the money are made of at least 10-inch diameter and up to 12-inch diameter. Saw blades of this nature makes it easy to cut delicate trims. Go for cutting tools that have a two-piece fence design with a significant gap in the middle of the blade. The best pivoting fence is one that raises high enough to allow you make precise vertical cuts; particularly in crown molding and large work pieces.

    When choosing a sliding miter saw, you should ensure that it is equipped with a compact sliding system that needs zero clearance. The tool should have patented fixed rail mechanism that allows the head of the saw to glide smoothly along the rails.

    The presence of laser guide technology is a big plus, since you will not only be able to make accurate cuts, but the perfect cuts. The most desirable laser guide system is one that can be triggered before the blade starts moving for exact alignment on the work piece, and predictable blade placement. You should choose a miter saw with a laser system that can easily be adjusted, both to the left and right. Such a system will make it possible for you to settle for an alignment that suits your preferences.

    The best unit must be installed with a powerful motor that can deliver convenient maximum no load speed for dealing with toughest cutting jobs. Safety is equally important when dealing with a miter saw; therefore, you should choose a miter saw that is fitted with a fixed splinter guard.

    The splinter guard’s main purpose is to increase safety as well as minimize tear-out in order to be able to create clean, precise, finished cuts. Furthermore, you need to go for a tool that has elastomeric grip handle, which will significantly reduce vibrations when operating the machine. If you will be able to reduce vibration when operating your miter saw; then you will have control of the miter saw.


The best miter saw for the money is not only defined by the pricing. As you have read through the guide, individual features of a miter saw matter a lot. In fact, there are some factors that are of great importance regardless of whether or not a unit is too expensive.

Nevertheless, the most ideal models are equipped with 10-inch or 12-inch blade, laser making technology, elastomeric grip handle, convenient miter scale and bevel scale ranges, a fixed splinter guard, compact sliding system for sliding miters, and a powerful motor among other features. The best miter saws for the money; therefore, should provide you with more than enough cutting features that are tailored towards delivering precise miter and bevel cuts.