Best Natural Gas Portable Generators


There are many models of natural gas portable generators from different manufacturers in the market. These are backup power sources that you can turn to whenever you need backup power or power for camping among other events. Within seconds of an outage, you can generate power directly to your appliances. If you are looking for a quieter, more efficient generator, you may want to consider the best natural gas portable generators.

Best Natural Gas Portable Generators Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceRunning Wattage Surge/Starting WattageVoltageFuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half LoadEngine HorsepowerLow Oil Shutdown
DuroMax XP10000E4$$$$$8,000 watts10,000 watts120/240 volts8.3 gallons10 hours16Yes
DuroMax XP4400E4$$3,500 watts4,400 watts120/240 volts4 gallons8 hours7Yes
DuroStar DS4000S4.5$$3,300 watts4,000 watts120 volts4 gallons8 hours7Yes
Champion Power 424364.5$1,200 watts1,500 watts120 volts1.45 gallons10 hours2.4Yes

How to Choose the Best Natural Gas Portable Generators


You are all too familiar with blackouts. For those who are not, it is worth noting that when the power goes off, so does nearly everything else. Natural gas portable generators are the most immediate solution to this problem. However, you do not just go for any natural gas portable generator, you go for the best ones.

Power Output

The single most important characteristic of the best natural gas portable generators is the power output, which is referred to as watts or kilowatts. There are two things associated with power output, including surge or starting power and continuous power. What you should depend on is the continuous power on tap as long as you need it. The starting rating comes into play when the following items first come online: motors, battery charges, and uninterruptible power supplies. You may effectively take note of the surge on grid power as the lights dim when an air conditioner starts. Consumer level natural gas portable generators produce 1.2 to 1.5 times additional surge current than continuous rating.

Power Quality

There are a number of power quality items that you must take into consideration in order to establish the best natural gas portable generators, including voltage, frequency, and distortion. Ideally, overvoltage welcomes insulation failure as well as short circuits. The best natural gas portable generator should be able to provide you with precise voltage control that is necessary to run your appliances without worrying about overvoltage. The best portable generator should be able to bypass the rpm/frequency link and operate as fast as the load requires.

Best Features

For a Natural Gas Portable Generator to be the best and it has to have the following features:

Overload Protection: the best natural gas portable generator should have effective amp circuit breaker to protect the gen-set against overload. In addition, it should have a voltmeter to help you monitor generator output range. On the other hand, the battery charge indicator light informs you about the starter battery when it starts charging.

Auto Low-oil Shut Off System: The best natural gas generator should be equipped with automatic shutoff system. The system ensures that the generator automatically shuts down when it runs out of gas. This is essentially important since it prevents the gen-set engine from frying up. Additionally, it should have a suitably large tank capacity and run time at half load. For instance, a natural gas portable gen-set with a tank capacity of four gallons and a run time of eight hours will operate for a good number of hours keeping your appliances up and running

Air Cooled OHV Engine, Recoil Start and Electric Start: You should go for a natural gas generator that can crank a significant amount of constant running watts. That said, the engine should have a convenient horsepower, engine displacement, operate at significantly low noise levels and it should be air-cooled OHV. Also, the unit should have both recoil start and electric start. The availability of options provides you with an alternative to cool weather as far as generator startup is concerned.

Your Natural Gas Portable Generator Requirements

To ultimately establish whether or not a natural gas generator is the best, you need to determine whether it fits your needs. You can achieve this by summing up the wattage of all the appliances that need power at the same time. Afterwards, choose a natural gas generator with the running wattage that matches or exceeds your total load. You can go for the DuroStar DS4000S if your wattage requirements do not exceed 3,300 watts or you can opt for DuroMax XP10000E if your wattage requirements are equal to or less than 8,000 watts. You should not forget about the surge wattage as far as electric motors are concerned; the gen-set should present you with additional surge wattage necessary at startup.

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