Best Nightstand


A lot of people spend most of their lives inside their bedrooms. That is a no-brainer; these rooms are like sanctuaries for most of us. Because of the amount of time spent in bedrooms, decorating this particular area has become a priority for homeowners. People get excited planning what decorations and furniture to buy, including nightstands.

Nightstands are important additions to bedrooms. This type of furniture makes it convenient for us to always have our essential belongings within reach before and after we go to sleep. Books, gadgets and alarm clocks are the usual things placed on it. Nightstands make bedrooms cozier because of this purpose.

Whether you are finally deciding to own this kind of furniture or just looking for a new one to display near your bed, we are giving the best nightstand in today’s market after careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: Casual Home USB Port 24.5-Inch Night Stand

Casual Home USB Port 24.5-Inch Night Stand is one surprising furniture. It may look traditional and all, but it has a built-in charging station good for more than four devices. It does not even require another power adapter. This nightstand has a free 3-in-1 USB cable that is compatible with Micro USB, 32 Pin, and Apple Lightning. It can charge tablets, phones, and iPads at the same time.

Runner Up: Winsome Wood Drawer and Shelf End Table Night Stand

Winsome Wood Drawer and Shelf End Table Night Stand has a classy, minimalist look to match with any bedroom. It is made of solid wood for durability. About the drawer, it is spacious enough for all your essentials. Meanwhile, it has an open shelf that is perfect for books. You still have to assemble this nightstand at first, but the steps are easy enough to follow.

Also Great: Sauder Orchard Hills Night Stand

Sauder Orchard Hills Night Stand includes a drawer with safety stops and metal runners. Assembling it is a breeze, considering how complicated this product looks. It will only take less than an hour. It is also unique because of the T-lock drawer design. This nightstand has an elegant wood finish.

Also Great: Prepac EDC-2428 Fremont 2 Drawer Open Shelf Tall Espresso Nightstand

Prepac EDC-2428 Fremont 2 Drawer Open Shelf Tall Espresso Nightstand has a homey look because of its antique knobs with a bronze finish, a base panel that has a beautiful arch, side moldings, and a top surrounded by curved edges. In general, since this furniture type usually stands close to a sleeping person, there is a risk of painful bumps caused by sharp edges. Good thing that this product resorted to a curved design. More about the product, it has sides made of genuine wood. That is quite rare for affordable nightstands because they typically have synthetic wood for all sections. Going back, the material is covered with clear lacquer for longevity and aesthetics. You can even enhance it with furniture polish. Lastly, this nightstand is sturdy due to a good MDF backer.

Also Great: Mainstay Set of 2 Pair MDF End Tables Bedroom Nightstands

Mainstay Set of 2 Pair MDF End Tables Bedroom Nightstands are perfect for couples. This product is value for money since one affordable purchase can already make two people happy. Meanwhile, the maximum weight capacity of the top is 50 lbs. That means you do not have to overthink about what to place there.

Budget Pick: Furinno 10004EX/BR End Table Storage Shelf Bin Drawer Night Stand

Furinno 10004EX/BR End Table Storage Shelf Bin Drawer Night Stand is stylish for design-conscious people, especially those who are on a budget. It is so compact that it will only need a little space near your bed.

How to Select the Best Nightstand

How can you identify which the best nightstand for your needs and preferences? Here is an easy guide on choosing nightstands:

  • Size

    Typical nightstands are small, resembling mini tables. While many people think about storage first since nightstands are meant for their books, gadgets, glasses and other bedtime necessities, the rule of thumb is to buy a nightstand that is roughly the same height as the bed. What good is to have a nightstand with several big storage areas when you have to sit up just to get something from the top’s surface? The ideal height for nightstands is 24 to 28 inches to balance reach and storage capacity. In terms of width and depth, you are free to choose based on your preferences. But, never forget about balancing space inside the room.

  • Storage

    It is important to make a mental note about what you usually do before sleeping. Do you read a book until you get sleepy? Are you particular about preparing a glass of water in case you wake up in the middle of the night? Both of these questions are actually crucial in deciding whether to prioritize drawers and shelves. If you love reading before sleeping, choose nightstands with a wide shelf. Meanwhile, having water beside the bed is a risk for gadgets like smartphones and tablets. In this case, a drawer is crucial. A wider nightstand can be a solution, too. Just make sure that the glass of water is placed far enough that you cannot reach it easily.

  • Design

    The trend in designing any room is to mix and match everything. Even the softest kind of rug can be the last option if its color is too distracting for the area. With nightstands, it is ideal that one should work aesthetically with your bed. These two things must complement each other if you want a beautiful bedroom. Wood finish is the best because it looks good with both light and dark colors. Just make sure to clean wooden furniture well for a more attractive shine. We even have five cost-effective ways to do that.


We selected Casual Home USB Port 24.5-Inch Night Stand as our top product because it is surprisingly modern. The nature of nightstands is too simple that this product takes home decor to a whole new level just to wow the audience. Behind the traditional wood finish look, this nightstand has a hidden charging station. How cool is that? Meanwhile, before considering a product as the best nightstand for your needs and bedroom, think about the furniture’s size, storage features, and design. Remember that a nightstand should be easily reachable, have sections for your bedtime rituals, and look fantastic beside your bed.

In case you have outdoor furniture as well, it is best for you to learn the best covers specially made for it. Never expose furniture to extreme weather conditions.