6 Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts You’ll Be Happy to Own


Breastfeeding can be a hassle when you’re not wearing the right bra, don’t you think?

Ordinary bras focus too much on support which unfortunately becomes a tricky thing to handle when you need to breastfeed in public.

What you really need as a breastfeeding mother is a bra with cups that you can easily hook and unhook. You may also choose one with crisscross cups that you can simply move aside. As long as you don’t have to remove the entire bra, you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for breastfeeding bras in bigger sizes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best nursing bras for large breasts:

Our Pick: iLoveSIA 3PACK Seamless Nursing Bras

Made of 92 percent nylon and eight percent Spandex, iLoveSIA 3PACK Seamless Nursing Bras have the right blend of comfort and elasticity to perfectly fit bigger breasts. They are breathable because of its buttery-soft fabric that’s tight enough to support your chest. Their straps are adjustable, too.

Since we believe that nursing bras should have no underwires, this product perfectly fits our standard. It also has cups that can be easily dropped with just one hand which makes it an ideal choice. Don’t worry about the clips; they are discreet enough so other people won’t have to see them underneath your top.

There’s no need to worry about the visibility of your nipples or nursing pads as well. The cups of this breastfeeding bra have foam inserts. You can definitely remove the foam cups if you want to.

Runner Up: Kindred Bravely 2PACK Nursing Bras

Because of the extremely soft fabric called French terry, Kindred Bravely 2PACK Nursing Bras are super-comfy. Plus, they don’t have underwires. Instead of hooks, clips, or clasps, the cups are arranged in a crisscross pattern for support and easy pull-away access.

To enhance support despite the absence of an underwire, this product uses an elastic band that won’t pinch your skin and constrict your chest. It can grant you complete freedom of motion whether you’re doing errands throughout the day or sleeping at night. In addition to comfort, it is made of 92 percent bamboo rayon and eight percent Spandex.

Speaking of bedtime use, this nursing bra is really useful for nighttime breastfeeding sessions. It can also keep your clothes dry from sudden milk flow since you can put nursing pads under the cups. After the whole struggle of day and night breastfeeding, feel free to use this product as a yoga bra.

Also Great: Lataly Pack of 5 Nursing Bras

Another option made of nylon and Spandex, Lataly Pack of 5 Nursing Bras are very comfortable. They will perfectly support your breasts, thanks to their secure hook and eye closure. Of course, they don’t have underwires and distracting clips.

This product also promotes one-hand access because of its cups that you can drop instantly. It will definitely let you breastfeed in public especially if you have a nursing cover for privacy.

Also Great: Junlan Plus Size Nursing Bra

With its soft cups that can fully cover your breasts, Junlan Plus Size Nursing Bra is an excellent choice for comfort and support. Its elastic band is wider than what other products have. That’s why you can still get active with this bra.

Another feature for comfort and support is the product’s racerback. It will make your back stable despite your breasts getting heavy due to maternity. As a plus, to improve your form when you wear formal clothes, it has soft side slings to keep your breasts from sagging.

Also Great: Daisity Pack of 3 Seamless Nursing Bras

Having wider sides, Daisity Pack of 3 Seamless Nursing Bras are good at providing support. They are also made of nylon and Spandex to enhance comfort. Their pull-on or hook and eye closure contribute to stability.

As expected with the design of its cups, this product gives one-hand access for public breastfeeding. Its cups are also removable for convenience and molded for better form.

Budget Pick: LYSHION Nursing Bra

Replacing the pads of LYSHION Nursing Bra is super-easy because they’re removable. You can absolutely use this bra for years, even during pregnancy.

Having two percent more Spandex than some products here, this product boosts elasticity for comfort and support. Even the cups expand to fully support your breasts. They stay soft for a more natural feel.

How to Select the Best Nursing Bras for Large Breasts

The following are factors we considered before creating our list of the best nursing bras for large breasts:

  • One-Hand Access

    It is really crucial for a nursing bra to have cups that can be dropped quickly with just one hand to keep your baby from waiting too long when it’s time for feeding. Even better, you must also be able to refasten the cups single-handedly since you’ll still be carrying your child with your other arm. In addition, the discreet clips must be big enough so you can unhook them without looking.

  • Support

    Even after dropping the cups, your nursing bra should still be able to support your breasts. Since we don’t want underwires, the support beneath your breasts must be an elastic, soft band instead.

  • Cups

    There are pros and cons about cups that drop all the way. Since experts will always recommend skin-to-skin contact to ensure a good latch, exposing your baby to both of your breasts will trigger feeding instincts. However, you’ll probably have a hard time putting the cups back into place afterward.

    On the other hand, if you can drop only one cup at a time, it’ll be more convenient overall. But, it limits the bond between you and your baby.

    Regarding the material, the cups should be breathable. Cotton is a really good material when we talk about breathability but it can’t handle moisture well. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to settle for synthetics, such as nylon, which dries fast and keeps the skin cool.

  • Fit

    Never settle for a nursing bra that’s too tight for you. Since it is inevitable for your nipples to suddenly release milk if you’re in your breastfeeding months, you might suffer from infection if the bra’s fabric sticks to your skin too much.

    To help you achieve the perfect fit, check the nursing bra’s back part. See to it that it has several hooks to surely handle massive changes when it comes to the size of your breasts.

  • No Underwire

    We can’t stress this enough – don’t ever choose a bra that has an underwire if you’re breastfeeding. Aside from discomfort, it can restrict your milk ducts or tissue found in your rib cage and armpit. It may affect your production of milk.


After considering the need for one-hand access, wider support areas, breathable and functional cups, good fit, and zero underwires, we selected iLoveSIA 3PACK Seamless as the top product among the best nursing bras for large breasts.