The 6 Best Nursing Covers for Breastfeeding On The Go


Nothing should stop you from breastfeeding your baby anywhere, even in public places. After all, your number one priority should always be your child’s health, right?

That’s why you need a nursing cover. It’ll help you keep your hoo-hoo from getting unwanted attention while you keep your baby’s hunger away. But what makes the best nursing cover?

Take a look at our top product and see for yourself!

Our Pick: Pobi Baby Multi-Use Cover

Since a nursing cover is typically made of fabric, it easily touches the baby’s skin. Mothers also tend to cover their child from head to toe. So, the baby will definitely inhale whatever’s on the cover.

Good thing that Pobi Baby Multi-Use Cover is a rayon blend material that’s free from BPA, latex, lead, and phthalate. Other than protecting the baby from toxic materials, it can also protect the child from germs, bugs, wind, and sunlight.

While most of its competitors are not large enough, this stylish product will provide a spacious haven for your child. It is also stretchy so you can quickly secure it over your baby’s car seat. Even better, it is very soft and keeps your baby cool inside.

Runner Up: PPOGOO Nursing Cover

PPOGOO Nursing Cover has a unisex design which makes it a perfect gift for baby showers. It also keeps you from going back to square one if you’re having another baby. You may definitely use it for your next child whether it’s a boy or girl.

This breastfeeding cover is convenient, too. You can monitor your baby without any hassle. You can also easily access everything inside the cover when needed.

Lastly, storage is a breeze for this nursing cover. It is so compact when folded that it can fit inside small pouches or bags.

Also Great: Qunqi Star Breast Feeding Nursing Cover

If you prefer genuine cotton as the main material, then you might like Qunqi Star Breast Feeding Nursing Cover. It also has its own carrying case for travel purposes. As a multi-use type, it can serve as a baby blanket, too.

This product has two straps that can be easily adjusted around your back or neck. It even has a special area wherein it forms a bend so you can totally see your baby.

Also Great: Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover

It goes without saying that you need to burp your baby after your breastfeeding session. There’s no need to reach for a burp cloth anymore because Kids N’ Such Nursing Cover has it already. It is sewn right into the cover.

This product is so wide, just like an apron. You know what that means; no more paranoid glances to ensure that nobody can see what you’re doing.

Also Great: Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover has a unique Rig Flex neckline to hold the fabric away from the baby. That leads to a more generous air flow.

This product has two hidden pockets. Inside, the terry cloth pockets can store your burp cloths, nursing pads, and other small necessities.

Women of all shapes and sizes can use this breastfeeding cover. In addition, busy moms will surely like this product because it is machine washable.

Budget Pick: IntiMom Nursing Cover

Despite its extreme softness, IntiMom Nursing Cover is very durable. It doesn’t even matter if you’re going to use the washer regularly. The fabric will stay intact.

Some nursing covers form wrinkles after washing them. Fortunately, this product maintains its shape, thanks to its special neck ring. No more ironing; that’s for sure!

How to Select the Best Nursing Cover

In choosing the best nursing cover, we have to consider some factors to ensure that we introduce the correct top product. Allow us to share with you our criteria:

  • Material

    Since nursing covers are mostly made of fabric, considering the right kind of material is our priority. We’ve noticed that cotton and rayon are very popular for manufacturing breastfeeding covers. Of course, each of them has their own pros and cons.

    First, let’s discuss the advantages of cotton. It is a natural fabric made from cotton plants. Compared to rayon, it has a lower risk of chemicals. It is known for its coolness and durability.

    Unfortunately, cotton fabric wrinkles too much. It is not ideal for cold weather. Lastly, it doesn’t create a smooth drape, which is needed for nursing covers in the first place.

    The best nursing cover on our list is made of rayon. Rayon is a semi-natural fabric. It comes from plant cellulose then manufactured artificially to attain some consumer preferences.

    Because of rayon’s flowing quality, it is perfect for making nursing covers. A rayon nursing cover will fully conceal everything you want to hide during breastfeeding. Intense softness is the main reason why rayon flows beautifully.

    Just don’t purchase cheap rayon covers to avoid toxic chemicals. A good rayon fabric doesn’t contain phthalate, lead, latex, BPA, and other similar substances that can directly affect your baby’s health.

  • Thickness

    An ideal nursing cover is thin for comfort but also thick enough to protect the baby from sunlight, wind, bugs, germs, and other environmental factors. After all, nursing covers are not only used for breastfeeding. They can also be used as sunshades or covers for car seats and strollers.

  • Size

    Nursing covers should be tall and wide enough to cover your whole torso even while standing. Luckily, all products on our list ace that factor. However, they differ when we talk about usage.

    Some breastfeeding covers can disguise as infinity scarves when not in use. How cool is that? But, you need to master how to use one so you won’t have a hard time wrapping yourself in public.

    On the other hand, other nursing covers look like aprons. They are definitely more convenient. However, you need to store them immediately after use if you don’t want people to see you wearing an “apron.”


We highly recommend Pobi Baby Multi-Use Cover as your new nursing cover. It smoothly drapes around you to ensure that you will be fully covered. It can also be the most stylish option for most moms.