The 6 Best Nursing Pads for Sensitive Skin


The right nursing pad can keep you comfortably dry. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might think twice about buying one for yourself.

Even if your skin is too delicate, you shouldn’t stop yourself from wearing nursing pads.

Good thing that there are a lot of hypoallergenic breast pads available. They can absorb leaking milk properly without irritating your skin.

Now that you’re excited to buy a set, here are the best nursing pads for sensitive skin:

Our Pick: Kindred Bravely Washable Nursing Pads

One factor that triggers irritation is the constant rubbing of nursing pads in the bra. This is often caused by ineffective form. With Kindred Bravely Washable Nursing Pads, however, each one is shaped to perfectly fit most breastfeeding bras.

Don’t worry about other people noticing your nursing pad; that will never happen with this product. It has the right size and level of thickness. Some brands actually produce pads that are too thick, thin, big or small which are highly discouraged by experts.

Forget about disposable nursing pads; you have to choose washable or reusable options like this product. These pads stay soft since they’re usually made of cloth, unlike disposable ones that are typically made of synthetic materials. Even better, cloth pads are excellent at absorbing milk.

Runner Up: BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

With its blend of 80% bamboo cotton and 20% polyester, every piece from BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads perfectly balances comfort and functionality. It is so soft that you can compare it to the pristine skin of babies.

This product will not only protect your sensitive skin; it will also keep your breasts clean in case of a sudden breastfeeding session.

A value for money choice, this set of nursing pads comes with its own small machine-friendly laundry bag, a handkerchief for easier wiping, and an organza bag that you can bring anywhere.

Also Great: Baby Zelis Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Nursing pads made of organic materials are perfect for moms with sensitive skin. That’s why Baby Zelis Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads are included on this list. Their bamboo material is not only highly absorbent; it is durable as well.

You can definitely use your washer to clean this product. These nursing pads will not get damaged because of their machine-washable material and design. In fact, the only thing you’ll get with the constant washing of these pads is a softer bunch of still-absorbent pieces.

This set of nursing pads is one of the most absorbent options nowadays. There’s no need to worry about leaks and soggy pads anymore. If you’re using nipple cream, it won’t affect the performance and quality of this product.

Also Great: LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads

Another discreet and breathable option, LilyPadz Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads are a must-have. They have their own version of maintaining dryness in the bra. What they’re focusing on is leakage protection rather than absorbing the milk.

In fact, you may use this product without any bra because of its silicone material which will surely stick to your skin. You can even go swimming while wearing these pads since they’re not made of cloth.

If you’ve read about the disadvantages of silicone nursing pads on sensitive skin, you can consider this product as an exception because it is guaranteed to be made of pure medical-grade silicone.

Also Great: Hicoco Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Aside from their natural soft material, Hicoco Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads are also antibacterial. That’s all because of their bamboo fibers. Bamboo is known for its antibacterial properties.

This product has a smart design. Each piece has two special layers. The middle layer is made of microfiber for ultimate absorbency while the outer layer is TPU lamination to prevent leakage.

Other than the fact that these nursing pads are effective for daytime use, it is important to note that they’re also good at preventing excessive leakage while you’re sleeping. Despite heavy use, since these pads are washable, you won’t have to buy another set over and over again.

Budget Pick: Mommy Knows Best Nursing Pads

Even though Mommy Knows Best Nursing Pads are extremely affordable, they’re bigger than the standard size. This feature is essential for moms with a bigger cup size.

It is also amazing to highlight how light and silky these nursing pads are no matter their size. They have insulating properties to easily evaporate moisture from the skin. This leads to breathability, especially on hot days.

Lastly, these nursing pads are anti-fungal and resistant to odor. This is a huge factor that makes them hypoallergenic.

How to Select the Best Nursing Pads for Sensitive Skin

In case you haven’t noticed, all products on our list are reusable or washable nursing pads. We don’t recommend the disposable type when it comes to skin protection. Find out why the best nursing pads for sensitive skin should be washable!

  • Hypoallergenic

    Most reusable nursing pads are made of bamboo and other types of organic fabric. Because of this, they’re hypoallergenic which is even more useful if you have to use nipple cream all the time. Nipple cream usually doesn’t stick to washable pads, unlike when it makes contact with disposable ones.

  • Soft

    Nursing pads made from bamboo are unbelievably soft. Other than that, they’re also smooth to touch. Both of these features ensure comfort even when you’re moving a lot.

    In addition, the usual silky texture of bamboo nursing pads can last for years. It doesn’t change easily even with frequent washing.

  • Absorbent

    Moisture is definitely an ultimate factor to skin irritation when you’re frequently wearing nursing pads. What you need is a material that can instantly absorb leaking milk and that’s bamboo fabric.

  • Breathable

    Skin irritation can be triggered by extreme temperatures. If you’re sweating a lot during summer and suffering from intense skin dryness in winter, your breasts and nipples experience discomfort.

    With reusable nursing pads made from bamboo, they can keep you cool in hot days and warm enough during cold seasons.


Out of all the best nursing pads for sensitive skin, we selected Kindred Bravely Washable Organic Nursing Pads as the top choice. The product’s hypoallergenic properties, softness, level of absorbency, and intense breathability are hard to beat.