Best Nursing Tank with Built-In Bra: 6 Products To Make You More Confident


Don’t let your postpartum body stop you from wearing a tank top.

Since regular tank tops can make you uncomfortable while breastfeeding, a special version is designed as an alternative.

We’re talking about nursing tanks.

When it comes to supporting the chest area, however, some tanks for breastfeeding are too loose. You wouldn’t be too confident wearing one in public.

Luckily for you, we know exactly what you need. It’s time to introduce the best nursing tank with built-in bra.

Our Pick: Kindred Bravely Nursing Tank

The ideal tank top for breastfeeding should be versatile. With that factor in mind, we highly recommend Kindred Bravely Nursing Tank.

This product can be worn casually for lounging and sleeping at home. It can even be worn under your work clothes in case you’d pump milk in the office. The built-in bra has a lot to do with that advantage.

It turns out that the shelf bra has cups you can easily drop down for easier access. To put them back on, simply clip the cups to the bra’s strap.

As a plus, the cups’ pads can be removed whenever you want. The bra’s style won’t even form a “uniboob,” which is a big deal for fashion-conscious women.

Moving on, let’s talk about something crucial. We should never forget about comfort.

This nursing tank is super-soft that anyone could easily assume it’s made of cotton. Its actual composition is actually 93 percent nylon and seven percent Spandex. We didn’t expect it either!

The main reason for the unexpected fabric blend is elasticity. This tank top has a really spacious section for the hips and a postnatal tummy. It is also quite long for a more flattering figure.

Runner Up: HOFISH Nursing Tank

Here’s another nylon-Spandex option. Because of the elasticity of HOFISH Nursing Tank, it can be worn from early pregnancy to postpartum. The seamless design and adjustable straps also help a lot with the product’s versatility size-wise.

Just like the top product, this one has drop-down cups as well. It promotes one-hand access for quick breastfeeding or pumping.

However, the cups don’t have pads. This product only aims light support to prioritize comfort. If you prefer that feature, then this tank top is an excellent option for you.

Also Great: Bralido Nursing Tank

If you prefer a more defined built-in bra, you might like Bralido Nursing Tank. The entire bra is molded to perfection for total support. And, the best part, it’s still super-comfortable because of its double layer cotton material.

Even the entire tank top has an irresistible shape. It has an empire waistline to enhance your style and figure. That’s why it’s a nice choice for working out.

When it comes to the drop-down cups, they can securely hold nursing pads to keep you dry and confident all day long. Some built-in bras are too loose, which allows the nursing pads to rub and irritate the skin.

Also Great: Rumina Pump&Nurse Nursing Tank

Now, here’s something different. If ever you’d go for hands-free pumping, you should consider buying Rumina Pump&Nurse Nursing Tank. Despite the extra feature, the tank top is still tight-fitting.

Also, the concealed nipple access will never ruin your style. More importantly, it will securely hold the pump and bottle.

Also Great: Momcozy Bamboo Fiber Nursing Tank

Looking for a more skin-friendly version? Then you might prefer Momcozy Bamboo Fiber Nursing Tank. Its genuine bamboo fabric ensures ultimate comfort.

One of the best things about bamboo fiber is its weightlessness. It is so breathable that you’ll stay cool on a hot summer day. It is also hypoallergenic since it doesn’t contain allergens.

Aside from bamboo, this product also contains nylon and elastane. That means it’s still elastic to flatter your body at any stage in your pregnancy.

Budget Pick: Leading Lady Nursing Camisole

While other options are focusing on elasticity, Leading Lady Nursing Camisole prioritizes comfort. With only eight percent Spandex, this tank top contains 92 percent cotton.

Despite its material, this product has drop-down cups. It is still a good choice for convenience. The built-in nursing bra also means that this tank can still support your chest.

How to Select the Best Nursing Tank with Built-In Bra

Before choosing the best nursing tank with built-in bra, we considered first the top five factors every mom should know. Find out why the fit, comfort, support, convenience, and style should be your priorities as well.

  • Fit

    Let’s focus first on the chest area. The rule of thumb is to ensure that the cups have enough space for nursing pads. These pads are essential to absorb milk during sudden leakage.

    Since nursing pads have the tendency to irritate your skin due to constant rubbing, make sure that the built-in bra still has a snug fit. It’s a matter of balance, so be a meticulous buyer.

    When it comes to the overall fit of the nursing tank, the key here is to pick something stretchy. Elasticity is important so you can wear the tank top from pregnancy to postpartum. No wonder most nursing tanks are made of nylon and Spandex.

  • Comfort

    Watch out for nursing tanks with straps that might dig into your skin. You should consider adjustable straps to avoid returning the product just because of discomfort.

    The material is a big deal, too. Good thing that nylon and Spandex are smooth, lightweight, and breathable.

    Come to think of it, cotton and bamboo fiber are actually better choices for comfort. They’re much softer. However, they’re usually not elastic enough for versatility and support.

  • Support

    Speaking of support, it’s time to focus on the built-in bra feature. Aside from seamlessness and the absence of underwires, the bra should have a snug fit as well. Heavier breasts due to milk production need more support.

    Here’s a tip to test if the built-in bra has a good level of support. Once you try on the nursing tank, make big movements.

    You may stretch your arm in different directions. Leaning forward and walking around the area can also help. If you feel that your breasts are perfectly stable during the test, it means that the nursing tank’s support level is perfect for you.

  • Convenience

    Just like nursing bras, a tank top for breastfeeding should have drop-down cups, too. This feature is important to let you nurse your child in public effortlessly.

    Cleaning convenience is also a big deal. As long as the nursing tank can be washed in a gentle cycle, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of regular hand-washing.

  • Style

    This factor is all up to your sense of fashion. If you like dark colors, so be it. That’s actually convenient because most nursing tanks are black.

    Meanwhile, a lot of women are so repulsed by the idea of a uniboob. We can’t blame them; a uniboob is very unflattering, especially for larger breasts.

    To totally avoid having a uniboob, pick a nursing tank that has a well-defined bra. A lower neckline is also a nice touch.


Considering the five factors listed above, we ultimately selected Kindred Bravely Nursing Tank as the top product. Being the best nursing tank with built-in bra, mothers everywhere will surely appreciate the level of comfort and support it brings.

If you’re going to use an ordinary nursing tank, make sure that your bra will fit you perfectly. Allow us to teach you how to measure maternity bra size.