The Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain


Working on a desk for hours can be a pain in the neck (literally). Even though it’s best to stand up from time to time, you should also pay attention to how you sit. To help you achieve proper posture while sitting, we’re here to show you the best office chairs for neck pain.

Our Pick: BestOffice Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair

Don’t be surprised that a gaming chair is our top choice. Some gamers spend days facing their computers, which requires chairs with higher levels of comfort. Luckily for you, BestOffice Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair is also designed for desk workers.

This cool office chair is covered with extra-soft thick padding made of breathable PU leather. As a plus, it has a headrest pillow and a footrest for a more relaxing day in your workplace. These features prove how insanely comfortable this chair is.

Since people come in different sizes and preferences, this product is adjustable. You may adjust its lumbar support. You may even fold its footrest if you want.

If you want to take a nap, just recline the chair until it achieves 180 degrees. It obviously turns into a small bed. Just make sure to lock the position to avoid accidents.

Office chairs are known for their mobility, too. To enhance that feature, this 360-degree swivel chair has smooth wheels to minimize noise and wobbly movement. Of course, the base part is also extremely durable, thanks to high-quality metal.

You shouldn’t forget about the assembly as well. What if your office chair is too tricky to install? That might affect its supposedly comfortable features.

Good thing that this option comes with a complete set of necessary hardware and tools. It also has a reader-friendly instruction manual. Its average assembly time is only 10 to 15 minutes.

Runner Up: HON H5705.GA10.T Volt Office Task Stool

Sometimes, the answer to your neck problem has something to do with your arm placement and lower back. If your shoulders and lower back aren’t relaxed, it can affect your neck. That’s why HON H5705.GA10.T Volt Office Task Stool highlights the curved lower back support and adjustable armrests.

Once your armrests achieve the right height for your body type, your neck isn’t the only part saved from a strain. That also leads to shoulder and back pain relief.

Wait, why is it even possible for some people to dislike headrests? Well, headrests can be distracting for women who always wear a ponytail or bun.

Also Great: DXRacer DOH/RW106/NR Office Chair

Another hybrid product for gamers and desk workers, DXRacer DOH/RW106/NR Office Chair has cushions on the headrest and lumbar areas. Those two sections are the most crucial for relieving neck pain.

The backrest is also taller than a standard office chair to support your neck and spine. It can be adjusted, obviously.

Proving that proper arm placement is a big deal for comfort, this product has a feature called 3D Straight armrests. It can keep your wrists and shoulders relaxed.

Just like racecar seats, this office chair is covered with a breathable and durable mesh-PU blend.

Also Great: Sihoo Ergonomic Office Computer Chair

Now, let’s proceed to something unique. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Computer Chair has a rare backrest design. It has a “double S-shaped” structure for its own version of neck and waist support.

The shape might seem intimidating to you, but it actually meets the standards of the Ergonomics Application Association. With the human dynamic digital model as its inspiration, the design aims to keep the ridge backrest and human spine closer to eliminate pressure.

Surely you’re curious about the materials present in this product. You’re looking at a chair made of steel frames, mesh cloth, and compound silent Oxford cloth. That’s why it’s durable, breathable, and soft.

Also Great: MBOO Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Breathability is the strong suit of MBOO Ergonomic High Back Office Chair. It is ventilated because of its mesh backrest. Don’t worry about how big the mesh area is; it’s very durable for total support.

More about the backrest, it is contoured to perfection for your lower back’s comfort. That contributes to the overall prevention of strain or pain anywhere on your body.

When you adjust this chair to recline, use its knee-tilt function so you can still keep your feet on the floor. Even the armrests have a special feature for additional adjustments. Unlike most office chairs, you may adjust its width.

Budget Pick: Stand Steady ProErgo Office Chair

If you only have mild neck pain, a limited budget, and a desire to improve your posture for long-term relief, Stand Steady ProErgo Office Chair is perfect for you. Using it may be tricky at first, but it has three height settings to match your body.

To make things easier, the mesh cushion is thick and soft. Comfort can really go a long way.

Just like normal office chairs, this option has four casters or wheels. It can easily transport you from one point to another in your desk area.

This unique chair is small, but it’s extremely durable because of its metal base. It can support weight up to 250 pounds.

How to Select the Best Office Chairs for Neck Pain

We considered four factors in order to come up with a list of the best office chairs for neck pain. Support, comfort, durability, and design ensure the highest quality.

  • Support

    Even though some office chairs focus on lumbar support for total relief, it’s best to settle for something that has a headrest. A headrest will keep your neck stable in a comfortable position. Just make sure that it’s adjustable so it will be perfect for your height.

    To enhance support, a built-in pillow can be helpful. Aside from comfort, it can improve stability.

  • Comfort

    Speaking of comfort, the headrest shouldn’t be the only adjustable feature. You should also think about the backrest’s angle and the armrests’ height. High-quality material is useless if the chair isn’t perfect for your physique.

    What makes a good material, anyway? Simple: it should be soft, breathable, and easy to clean. No wonder mesh and car seat leather are popular materials for office chairs.

  • Durability

    Nobody wants a squeaky, wobbly office chair. That’s why durability is a big deal. A quiet chair with great stability always has a thick metal frame.

    Be extra careful with mesh chairs, too. The mesh sections should be resistant to wear and tear.

  • Design

    If you’re going to buy multiple office chairs for a certain workplace, the design is important. Black chairs are common since they go well with everything.

    Gaming chairs are the best when it comes to neck support and comfort, but they’re usually expensive and casual-looking. That’s why companies don’t invest in this type of chair. However, if you work in your own home office, feel free to buy one.


BestOffice Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair lands the top spot among the best office chairs for neck pain. It is technically a gaming chair, but its level of support and comfort is perfect for hours of desk work.

Since we’re talking about office products, you might like to consider using a standing desk. Find out why it’s beneficial for your health.