Best Onion Goggle


Do you always shed tears when chopping onions? Have you thought of getting an onion goggle to solve this problem?

When sliced or chopped, the chemical reaction produced by amino acids in onions results to formation of sulfuric compounds. Sulfuric compounds vaporize from sliced onions and they irritate the tear ducts of the eyes. As a result, we can’t control shedding tears when chopping onions even though there is nothing present to be emotional about! Fortunately, onion goggles are invented to protect the eyes from the tear-jerking vapors of onions. This ingenious accessory became one of the most popular kitchen items in the past years especially for those who are extra sensitive to onions.

Our Pick: RSVP International Onion Google

After testing and reviewing 20+ pairs of popular onion goggles, it is our editor team’s opinion that RSVP International Onion Google is the best option for its quality and value. It has a durable foamed eye seal that protects the eyes from irritating onion vapors. Its lenses are also anti-fog which is convenient if you need to wear the goggles for extended periods of time. Its unisex flexible design made it perfectly fit for most face shapes. It is available in six different colors.

Runner-Up: Haixun Professional Onion Goggles

Haixun Professional Onion Goggles is the second most rated onion goggle in Amazon, next to RSVP Onion Goggles. Haixun has foamed eye seal frame and the lenses are made from anti-fog plastic material. The lightweight PC frame and rubber end tips made this onion goggles comfortable and durable for everyday use. It is available in black color only.

Also Great

Pefore Kitchen Onion Goggles has foamed eye seal and anti-fog lenses. Its ComfortFit design made the goggles breathable to use but remains well-sealed for most facial shapes. It is available in two colors.

Mountain Peak No-Fog No-Tears Onion Goggles has high density foam for eye seal protection. Its lenses are crystal clear and anti-fog as well. Although the foam seal doesn’t fit perfectly for certain face shapes, it is still effective in protecting from onion vapors for quick onion chopping tasks. It is available in four different colors.

KitchenInstrument Onion Goggle is popular for its flexible frame. Its foamed eye seal conforms well with facial contours to protect from onion vapors. However, the lenses are not anti-fog and may become blurry with extended hours of usage.

Budget Pick

If you are looking for the best value for your money, Delidge Onion Goggles is the perfect choice for you. It is the most affordable one among all other brands of onion goggles. You can have comfortable foam-sealed and anti-fog onion goggles for a price nearly half of the other brands around. It’s worth considering if you just want a cheap but effective remedy for onion chopping.

How to Select The Best Onion Goggle

There are many variations of onion goggles in the market. Here are some important details you should consider:

  • Fit

    Onion goggles are just like any other eyeglasses. It’s essential to find the perfect fit for your facial contours so you can be comfortable in wearing them. This detail is also important to ensure the effectiveness of the goggles in protecting your eyes from onion vapors.

    Most onion goggles are made flexible to fit any face shape. But still, some people with extreme facial contours will have difficulty in finding the perfect fit. Always read the size and dimension details thoroughly. Read through the product reviews as well to learn what other people say about its fit.

  • Lenses

    onion goggles are made with plastic lenses to make them lightweight and easy to clean. Onion goggles conceal eye area and by wearing them for long periods of time, the lenses can get blurry from your own eye moisture. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider getting onion goggles with anti-fog lenses. It will cost you a little more but it is worthy for the added comfort.

  • Durability

    all onion goggle frames are made from plastic. To make sure the frame is durable enough for repeated usage, check for the little specs. Is the frame bendable? Are the tips covered with rubber? It can be tricky to check for these details when shopping online but reading feedbacks from those who have tried it will be helpful.

  • Foam

    the secret of onion goggles in shielding your eyes from onion vapors is the foamed eye seal attached around the lenses. It should be comfortably soft but still dense enough to prevent onion vapors from seeping through the goggles. Check the foam material from the product’s specifications and look for high density specifications.

  • Design

    considering aesthetic design is not as important as other functional specifications. However, this little detail can be important if you are buying the goggle as a gift. Other people are ashamed to wear an onion goggle because of its unusual design. With the thick foam seal around the goggles’ frame, some people feel funny in wearing them.

    Balance style and efficiency in considering the onion goggle’s design. Do not forsake the goggle’s efficiency in serving its purpose over aesthetic design.  Most onion goggles are also available in different colors which is great for those who prefer particular colors for their kitchen items.

  • Accessories

    onion goggles don’t need to have many accompanying accessories. However, it will be convenient if the goggle will come with a handy case and a cleaning cloth. Some brands also offer attachable cords for the frame so it can be pulled to adjust the onion goggle’s fit. This accessory is helpful in securing a good fit in your face.