Best Outdoor Baby Gates


If you are going to purchase an outdoor baby gate, you need to be very patient and you are required to conduct thorough research before making any decision or finalizing the one you are going to get. You need to keep in mind the areas where a particular gate is going to be installed and you must look for the one capable of protecting the area you want to be restricted.

Also, it is important to note here that a gate that is already employed by you at some other area such as near the stairs or close to high voltage electric appliances, doesn’t necessarily works as perfectly for you outdoors as it does while installed somewhere else. Every area has its own criteria for efficient baby gate and you must observe the area closely where you are intended to install an outdoor baby gate, to fully understand the requirements for that particular area.

Best Outdoor Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceHeightMaterial TypeOrigin
Supergate by North States Industries4.5$31 inchesMetalChina
Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate4.5$$36 inchesBronze metalUSA
Outdoor Child Safety Gate by Cardinal Gates4.5$$$-MetalChina
Supergate Deluxe4.5$$30 inchesMetalChina
Baby Gate for Outdoors4.5$$$Available in 53 inch and 64 inch sizesMetalChina

Important Factors to Consider

Outdoor baby gate is an extremely important product related to your house as it is incorporated to ensure or at-least enhance the protection available to your little child. Following are the main things that that you must consider while purchasing an outdoor baby gate.

  • Mark the Boundaries

    Always calculate the distance between the boundaries of the baby gate because obviously you are going to restrict access for a particular area and this objective can only be achieved if and only if the baby gate is wider enough to cover the whole area, otherwise it will have gaps at sides which can cause harm to your child.

    Also, if the baby gate you are purchasing is quite wider than the area you want to restrict, then again, you’ll have problems installing the gate at your desired location. Making all the necessary calculation before making a decision will surely help in avoiding such problems. Consider buying a suitable size of Baby Gate for Outdoors

  • Incorporate Help

    Although, the best thing is to keep your child under your own observation and there is no substitute for this but it is also a reality that you can’t keep your baby in front of your eyes round the clock and this frequently happens that you are not present with your child and your child is free to move and to do whatever he/she wants to do. Therefore, you must try to incorporate the stuff that helps you in adjusting your space. Covers and guards along with suitable monitors can provide significant help in this regard.

  • Thoroughly Inspect the Space

    Never forget to have a thorough look at the place where you are intended to deploy the outdoor baby gate. Your purpose should be to make all necessary measurements and to identify the features that are required to be present in a baby gate to properly secure the particular area.

    Try to identify objects that can cause harm such as sharp-edged furniture, electric plugs, trip-causing rugs, electric wires etc. This thorough observation will help you identify the proper spot where you should deploy the baby gate to get maximum benefit and protection. Supergate Deluxe can help in securing areas of various sizes and types.

  • Type of Baby Gate

    You can choose between different types of gates but mainly baby gates are classified into following different types.

    The pressure-mounted or spring-loaded gates have the capability to securing into the doorway once an individual press them down and lock these gates in place. They are often considered to be a terrific choice for moving between doorways because of their capability to fit in areas of variable width and also because of the fact that they are extremely easy to transfer. Summer Infant Extra Tall Gate is one of the top selling pressure-mounted gates.

    Hardware-mounted gates offer enhanced security and durability. They are frequently employed at the tops of the stairs and to restrict/protect low window openings. Also they serve the purpose of securing and blocking unique openings and off angled gaps.

    There is another type of baby gates that sometimes referred to as walk-through gates. These gates incorporates the feature of opening and closing in a very short time, thus they are highly well suited in cases too many people are frequently required to be passed or travel through the area. Employing these gates in such situation can provide much benefit and comfort.


There are a number of factors that are required to be considered before making a decision regarding the purchase of an outdoor baby gate. But the most important thing you need to do is to visit the area and observe it thoroughly to identify your requirement exactly and then you can survey the market to find the best product that fulfills all of your requirements.

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