Best Outdoor Electric Smokers


Outdoor smoking is an almost effortless style of outdoor cooking that does not require you to do frequent tending, turning or basting. Moreover, this is the kind of smoking that infuses an extraordinary flavor into every piece of meat you cook. Smoking food at home is easy with the best outdoor electric smokers.

Best Outdoor Electric Smokers Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct Weight (Pounds)Cooking Capacity Per LoadMaterialColorHeating Element (watts)Number of Cooking Grills/ RacksHeavy-duty rubber castersDurable metal stand
OSES4.515324280 sq. inchesMetalGrey1,250Two NoYes
Char-Broil 11201677414049.6504 sq. inchesPorcelain-coated woodBlack 1,500Three NoYes
Masterbuilt 200709104.517753730 sq. inches SteelBlack 800Four NoNo
Smokin-It #152996222 lbs.100% 18 gauge, 201 Stainless steelStainless steel400Two YesNo
Smokin Tex Pro 14004.55399338 lbs.All stainless steelStainless steel700Three YesNo
Smokin-It #34.542913745 lbs.All 18 gauge 201 non-magnetic stainless steelStainless steel1,200Four YesNo
Smokin Tex 11004.53495023 lbs.Stainless steelStainless steel350Two YesNo
Smokin-It #24.54298635 lbs.Stainless steelStainless steel700Four YesNo

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Electric Smokers

The best outdoor electric smokers are the ones that provide you with all favorable outdoor smoking features. Your purchasing decision is supposed to be guided by the known performance of the unit you choose.

The Design of the Smoker

There are actually three basic designs that most electric smokers are made of, including vertical, cylindrical, and cabinet. Most vertical and cabinet electric smokers have a door on the front side, while the cylindrical-tower designs have a top lid for sealing off the smoker, and most of them have a handle attached on top.

The electric smoker you settle for should have a reliable design, one that is sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, the best electric smoker for outdoor smoking should be made of durable material. Most electric smokers are normally made of steel, stainless steel, or cast aluminum. Some of the steel electric smokers have an alloy or painted surface for improved performance.

Therefore, you can opt to choose a unit made of steel, stainless steel or cast aluminum. Steel and cast aluminum electric smokers are known to be sturdy; however, stainless steel electric smokers are resistant to corrosion, and they are well-insulated.

Cooking Capacity per Load and the Heating Element

The best outdoor electric smokers should provide you with adequate cooking capacity. The cooking capacity can be in terms of pounds or square inches. The cooking capacity should not be less than two hundred square inches, and not less than twenty pounds. The best unit will provide you with at least two cooking racks.

With such a capacity, you will be able to smoke large amounts of food, at times even fifty pounds. You can actually smoke your turkey, vegetables, and chicken, among other things at once. You should pay attention to the heating element of the unit you want to buy.

The best outdoor smoker should have a heating element that produces enough heat for the operation of the smoker. In addition, the heating element is not supposed to leak any heat, making the unit energy efficient. Also, the best outdoor smoker is the one with a heating element that is easy to replace.

Other Essential Features

Good electric smokers for outdoor smoking should be fitted with temperature control. The best temperature range should lie between 100°F and 450°F. This range will allow you to cook your food accordingly. For instance, you can conveniently cook a strip of meat at a lower temperature, and a large beef brisket at a high temperature.

This allows you to save energy and cut on electricity cost. The temperature control, along with timer allows you to manage the cooking process; you do not need to check on the smoker every now and then. Choose a unit that has a strong support base, the base may be made of durable metal stands or heavy-duty casters.


Once you decide to buy outdoor electric smokers, you do not need to do a lot of research. The few things that you need to know to include the design, cooking capacity, heating element, temperature and time controls, among other things. You should consider an electric smoker to be the best for your outdoor smoking if it meets all your smoking requirements. The most crucial requirements have been discussed in this document. Outdoor smoking is supposed to be extremely easy; therefore, any unit you engage should be easy to assemble and operate.

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