Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations


Oh yes, we all can’t wait for this summer to end and fast forward to fall where we can finally put out some outdoor Halloween decorations in our homes. This is a fun tradition that is coming up again soon. There are different decors that you can put out aside from dressing up in costume and it sure does spike up the season.

People have been celebrating Halloween for a long time and it has evolved from just carving pumpkins to dressing up and going trick or treating. Here are some fun facts about the origins of Halloween. For pet owners, it is now also popular to dress up your pets and take them to your party or trick or treat. These are the best pet costumes that you might consider dressing them up with. For setting up your outdoor furniture, you can add this best patio umbrella to protect it from different weathers.

So which outdoor Halloween decorations should you put in your yard? It depends on the size of your space and the look you want. And we’ve compiled a list of your best options.

Our Pick: Mystery House Spooky Flashing Eyes

Our best choice is the Mystery House Spooky Flashing Eyes Assorted. Simple yet efficient, this will look really cool on any front yard or garden, and can surely spook out some of your friends. The set includes 3 different flashing eyes. Each eye flashes individually and the eyelids rotate for special effects. The great thing is that the eyes are adjustable.

These outdoor Halloween decorations have an end to end connectors that allow up to 3 sets to be connected together.

Runner Up: Forum Novelties Gothic Vampire Head Prop

Our next best choice is the Forum Novelties Gothic Vampire Head Prop. This is for serious decorators who really want to take it up a notch and spook out visitors. It’s a cut off the head of a gruesome gothic female vampire. These outdoor Halloween decorations are made of latex and feature detailed sculpt of the vampire’s face.

The great thing is that it is very lifelike. The kit includes glasses with spring eyeballs, extra eyeballs, and 20 humorous business cards.

Also Great: Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider With LED Eyes

For those who like creepy critters, here is a giant one for you. The Fun Express Realistic Hairy Spider With LED Eyes is a huge hairy Halloween spider. It features 30-inch legs. These outdoor Halloween decorations feature red LED eyes that light up. It requires 2 AA batteries. It’s perfect for your back or front yard and will go well with accessories like spider webs that you can make on your own.

It’s a spine tingling creepy spider, perfect for nighttime since the eyes light up. It will be perfect with your jack o’ lantern as well.

Also Great: Gifted Living Peek a Boo Ghost Halloween Tree Wrap Decoration

If you have trees in your yard, you can transform it into a perfect scare weapon with the Gifted Living Peek a Boo Ghost Halloween Tree Wrap Decoration. It’s a durable fabric ghost that is a great addition to your outdoor space for the weeks leading to Halloween. These outdoor Halloween decorations can be hung or wrapped around a tree to add some playful fun to your yard.

The great thing is that it’s also suitable for indoor use as well. So you can actually have more than one of these and have some outside and inside.

Also Great: Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Legs Prop

For the fans of Oz and its characters, this Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Legs Prop is a great thing to display outside your house. It’s a very simple outdoor Halloween decorations that are stuffed legs wearing the iconic ruby slippers from the story. It is easy to set up. You can stick it out of your front walls or beneath so that it looks like someone is trapped under the house.

This is great for kids and will be a fun décor for adults to see. It doesn’t have lights so this is better for daytime.

Budget Pick: LTD Halloween Pumpkin Bunting

A great economical choice that will still look great on your patio is the LTD 1 X Halloween Pumpkin Bunting. You can hang these outdoor Halloween decorations across your fence or porch railing. It will be an instant seasonal décor. Each section of the bunting has a friendly pumpkin with a slightly different shade. It’s not so scary and it’s friendly so kids will love this décor.

The bunting measures almost 5 feet long so this will cover quite a good amount of space. It’s made of polyester and is durable.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Choosing your outdoor Halloween decorations depends on your outdoor space, the effects that you want to do and your audience. Is it kids? Or is it mostly for adults? If you want to impress and really be able to scare people, you would need more realistic decors.

  • Wreaths and Wall Hangings

    One of the easiest things to add to your porch or patio is wall hangings and wreaths. They’re also not very expensive. The great thing is they add more of the autumn feel. And there are a lot of themes that you can work on.

  • Functional Decorations

    The best type of outdoor Halloween decorations are the ones that are also functional. Though most functional displays are better indoors like towel holders. But you can also have some outside like lamps or umbrella holders.

  • Safety

    Something that you need to keep in mind when you are setting up your outdoor Halloween decorations is the safety of your house, the kids, and the neighbors. Do not leave candles or anything flammable unattended. If you use candles to light up your pumpkins, make sure to blow them off when you go to bed. Do not create obstacles on stairs and steps when you put your decors out.

  • Add Simple Touches

    Sometimes, the difference between a good décor and great one is a simple touch. If you put out scary masks or spiders, for example, a great simple touch would be to add some webbings or fake blood.

Over the years, you accumulate your outdoor Halloween decorations that you buy every year. So make sure to buy durable ones so you can reuse them every year.