Best Oven Mitt


Baking is fun but not when you get burned so it’s important to use the right oven mitt to protect your hands. There are different types of mitts using different materials. They each have their own designs and styles. It’s also important to keep safety in mind because it’s prone to fires and other hazards. This oven and stove top safety guide are good reminders.

For cooking on the stove, you should invest in good cookware and here is a guide on the best pots and pans to help you pick the right set. Baking pans are also important to achieve the best results and you can check out this guide on the best cake pan. You can also use smaller items to come up with good dishes like this best Belgian waffle maker.

So how do you choose the right oven mitt to use in your kitchen? We’ve picked out the best options that you can review so you can make the right choice.

Our Pick: Aicok Oven Gloves Non-Slip Kitchen Oven Mitts

Number one on our list is the Aicok Oven Gloves Non-Slip Kitchen Oven Mitts Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves. It features 100% quilted cotton and has a thick layer so its heat resistant, up to 400 degrees F. This oven mitt has an outer silicone that is BPA free and is safe for touching food. You don’t have to worry about contamination. It is nonslip and it improves the speed of operation.

It has the latest nanotechnology so it’s very efficient in handling the heat. It’s a great fit and comes in just the right size for your hands.

Runner Up: DII 100% Cotton, Terry Oven Mitts

Second on our list is the DII 100% Cotton, Terry Oven Mitts Heat Resistant, Machine Washable. This oven mitt offers full protection for your hand and wrist when handling hot items straight from your oven. It is quilted so it offers great durability and flexibility. This will let you have a better grip on your hot baking pans. It measures 7 by 13 inches and is machine washable.

It’s great for everyday use. The set includes two oven mitts and each has a hanging loop for easy storage. You can easily and safely remove dishes from the oven.

Also Great: Homwe Professional Silicone Oven Mitt

For those who prefer silicone material, the Homwe Professional Silicone Oven Mitt with Quilted Liner for Extra Protection is a great option. It offers optimal protection without sacrificing flexibility. These mitts will protect you from burns and scalds during all of your cooking activities. It boasts of a soft quilted liner that prevents steam scalds while cooking even on the stovetop. Its heat resistant is up to 450 degrees F.

It will also spare your forearms from burns that can occur when your outdoor grill experiences a flare up. It’s ideal for baking, grilling, and other cooking activities.

Also Great: Life Quintessentials Black Silicone Oven Mitts

If you want professional quality, the Life Quintessentials Black Silicone Oven Mitts Professional Heat Resistant is a great choice. It has a high-quality silicone outer shell and a soft quilted lining that is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This oven mitt offers superior protection and comfort for your hands. It is heat resistant up to 482 degrees F. The silicone outer shell is completely waterproof.

This means that you will not have hot water burns or steam burns. It has enough length to cover your arms for far-reaching grease from the oven rack.

Also Great: Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitts

A unique and fun design is the Fred Bear Hands Oven Mitts, Set of 2. This oven mitt is made from insulated cotton so it’s very efficient. The paw pads have a heat resistant silicone construction so you can easily handle hot food. The set includes one right and left bear paw mitt. It’s a cool design that would look good in your kitchen.

It combines fun and functionality. The mitts have a great coverage that is suitable for suitable for all hand sizes.

Budget Pick: Nachvorn Oven Mitts, Premium Heat Resistant

For those who are on a budget, the Nachvorn Oven Mitts, Premium Heat Resistant is a good option. It can withstand the heat when cooking, baking and grilling. This oven mitt has high-quality thick cotton and polyester that offers superior protection and comfort. It’s perfect for all cooking uses including barbecues and ovens.

It features an 11-inch long oversize sleeve that covers most of your forearms. It’s easy to wash and store with it’s loop attachment. This offers excellent gripping and has a beautiful design.

How to Choose the Best Oven Mitt

An oven mitt is an important investment especially if you cook and bake regularly. There are different materials and sizes and choosing one would depend on your cooking styles as well.

  • Silicone

    Materials matter when choosing an oven mitt. Though a lot of them are suitable, some are more efficient than others. Silicone is great for resisting heat. It also makes the mitt water resistant so it can prevent burns when carrying a hot pot filled with boiling the liquid. It also resists stains.

  • Cotton

    While it’s not as optimal as silicone, cotton is also a good material for an oven mitt. It has to be a thick layer so it can protect you from the heat.

  • Anti-Skid Design

    The design of the mitt is also important because it can prevent skids or slips. This is critical when handling slippery pans that can accidentally tip over.

  • Loop Attachments

    It’s also important to store your oven mitt properly. A loop attachment will allow you to hang the mitt nicely on your kitchen wall hangings.

  • Coverage

    A good oven mitt should also be able to cover your forearm. It’s not only the hands that need protection. Your forearms will be exposed to the steam so it’s also vulnerable.

You should also think of your convenience in maintaining your oven mitt and keeping it clean so it will be great if it’s machine washable and easy to dry.