Best Pasta Maker


Making pasta at home is not just for practical and health reasons, it’s a lot of too so it’s important to invest in a good pasta maker. Prices can go up pretty good so you want to make sure that you choose one with all the right features. Pasta is a great versatile food and you can do a lot with it. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Here are 11 facts you probably didn’t know about pasta.

There are many theories concerning the origins of pasta. A lot of research point to Marco Polo who introduced it to Italy when he returned from China in 1271. Here is a short overview of the history of pasta. You can usually store them for a long time but you need to have the proper container. Take a look at the best food storage container.

So how do you choose the right pasta maker for your kitchen? There are a few types that you can choose from and we’ve listed the best options to help you.

Our Pick: Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Stainless Steel

Number one on our list is the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Stainless Steel, Silver. It rolls and cuts pasta dough for making traditional Italian pasta that you can do at home. This pasta maker produces authentic homemade pasta and it’s easy to use. The rollers have a rough surface that makes porous pasta that absorbs the sauce. The handle allows for easy processing of the dough and is adjustable to 10 positions.

You can choose the thickness of your pasta to suit whatever dish you are trying to make. It includes the pasta cutter, hand crank, and clamp as well as the instructions.

Runner Up: CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

Next on our list is the CucinaPro Imperia Pasta Maker Machine. It’s a traditional pasta roller that lets you make fresh pasta at home. This is a great practical machine that has a solid stainless steel construction and a wooden cranking handle. You can make fettuccine, farfalle, or conchingle and you will also get a pasta recipe book. You can choose the thickness of your pasta and set the right consistency.

The machine includes a double cutter for spaghetti and fettuccini. It has an easy lock adjustment dial and a wood grip handle to make it easy to crank the dough.

Also Great: VonShef 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

A great versatile option is the VonShef 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker with 3 Cut Press Blade Settings. It’s perfect for a range of fresh homemade pasta dishes. This is fully adjustable for different thicknesses of pasta so you can customize your dish. It’s also great for kneading and rolling. The set includes a table clamp to hold the machine in place. It also comes with a pasta measuring tool.

It has a sturdy and stylish retro design so this will look great in your kitchen and give it a retro feel. It’s perfect for making a range of fresh homemade pasta dishes.

Also Great: Philips Pasta Maker

If you want something that’s automatic, the Philips Pasta Maker is an excellent quality machine. It lets you make fresh and flavorful homemade pasta easily. It features advanced engineering and robust material that can exert 1600 pounds force on the dough during extrusion. That means the process is fast in only 15 minutes. It produces great texture and taste.

The machine features automatic mixing, kneading, and extruding. Choose a program and press the start button to get the machine to automatically work in one go.

Also Great: Gourmia Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker

Another electric model is the Gourmia Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker. You can make fresh pasta in as little as 5 minutes. It features a high power motor capability that will accurately mix, knead, and shape your dough with a five-minute timeframe. The smart engineering allows for a smooth process with discrete motor functionality. It includes 6 pasta making die discs.

The process is easy and mess free. Its removable mixing bowl, as well as the built-in disc storage, are easy to use and quick to clean. It produces a variety of your favorite pastas in a single step process.

Budget Pick: Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

A great affordable manual alternative is the Ovente Vintage Stainless Steel Pasta Maker, Polished Chrome. It lets you create authentic and delicious pasta at home. The machine is made from high quality and food grade carbon and stainless steel so it’s sturdy and your food is safe. You can adjust the dial into 7 positions to flatten the dough and choose the thickness of your pasta.

The double pasta adjustment lets you make spaghetti and fettuccini. It comes with a stainless steel hand crank with a plastic handle so you can let the pasta roll and turn it into different types of pasta.

How to Choose the Best Pasta Maker

Choosing a pasta maker depends on the type of pasta you want to make and your preferences in the pasta making process.

  • Manual

    One type of pasta maker is the manual. It doesn’t require electricity and it usually comes with a hand crank that you have to turn in order to flatten your pasta dough to create a pasta. You feed the dough through the rollers of the machine. It gives you control over the thickness of the pasta so it’s great if you want to do a variety of pasta dishes.

  • Electric

    The other type is an electric pasta maker. But they turn the dough into thin pasta sheets or strips with the help of a motor. Some also knead the dough for you. Electric models can get pretty expensive so they’re not advisable if you will only make pasta occasionally.

  • Adjustable Thickness

    Whatever type of machine you choose, if you intend to make more than one type of pasta and you need different thicknesses, you should make sure that it has an adjustable dial.

  • Pasta Shapes

    You should also look for the option to make different pasta shapes.

  • Accessories

    It would also be a great addition if the pasta maker includes accessories like pasta cutters, clamps, and tools like pasta measuring tool.

Your pasta maker should also be easy to clean since you would be using it for food and you need it to be sanitary.