Best Pepper Spray


Whether you’re walking outdoors at night or commute every day in high crime areas, it’s always good to carry protection like a handy pepper spray. It’s a simple and reliable weapon that doesn’t require much skill. It also would not hurt your opponent too much that could cause you to get in trouble in case you use it by mistake. You also have lower risks of getting into an accident while carrying it.

But you should not only rely on tools to protect yourself against those with ill intentions on the streets. You should know some basic self-defense and always be alert. Here are the best self-defense awareness tips that could save your life. When traveling longer distances and you don’t want to go by foot nor by car, it’s best to go by bike and here is a guide on the best hybrid bike.

So how do you know which pepper spray to choose? We’ve made a list of the best selections with varied formulas and mechanisms.

Our Pick: Sabre Key Case Pepper Spray

Topping our list is the Sabre Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring. Its quick release key ring means that your spray will be easily accessible even if your keys are in your car’s ignition. You will have your keys in one hand and the spray on the other so you can act quickly in dangerous situations. It has a maximum strength formula and has a 10-foot range.

This spray has a 4-year shelf life so you can store if for a long time without using if you have no need for it yet. It features powerful stream delivery to prevent wind blowback.

Runner Up: SABRE Red Pepper Gel

Running second on our list is the SABRE Red Pepper Gel. It features police strength so your target will really be immobilized. Its pepper gel formula prevents wind blowback so only your target will experience the effects. It is also safe to use indoors. This pepper spray offers 20% greater range or 18 feet, which means you are protected at a safer distance.

It’s easily accessible and includes a belt holster so that the pepper gel is ready at a moment’s notice. It contains 18 bursts. The flip top safety mechanism prevents accidental discharge.

Also Great

If you want something that feels more authentic, the Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pepper Gun looks and feels like you’re pulling a real gun. It provides distance defense with convenient point and shoots accuracy. Its advanced delivery system sprays a power of OC pepper spray up to 20 feet away and you can shoot from any angle. The cartridges are easy to load so you can easily refill it when you have to.

This spray is made with natural peppers or OC which means Oleoresin Capsicum. It causes an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes, and throat upon contact.

For those who run and jog a lot and feel unsafe on their trails, the Guard Dog Security InstaFire Xtreme Pepper Spray with Knuckle Defense for Runners/Joggers is a great defense. It features dual defensive self-defense hand sleeve for distance and impact while allowing you to stay active. The rubber knuckles are reinforced for impact in case you need to protect yourself with your hands.

This spray allows for quick and accessible function and fires up to 16 feet. The UV identifying dye helps law enforcement identify your target if they are called in for questioning.

If you want it to be more discreet, the SABRE Personal Safety Kit – Keychain Pepper Spray is a great choice. It includes a personal alarm that provides a loud, attention-grabbing alarm when you separate it from the keychain. This creates the disruption you need to alert people that you need help. It’s easy to access. You can attach it to your keys, bag, or backpack and pull it out when you need to.

It’s compact, discreet, and effective. This is a consistently potent and powerful spray and they will also provide you with free training videos to prepare you on how to protect yourself.

Budget Pick

A great affordable alternative that does not compromise quality and safety is the SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray – Police Strength. This compact and easy to use spray combines red pepper, CS military tear gas, and UV dye for maximum stopping power. This is great for those who do not like the keychain attachment. It has an impressive 10-foot range and includes 35 bursts.

The delivery is a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback. You can easily clip and secure it to your belt, pocket, or inside a backpack. The twist lock safety top prevents accidental discharge.

How to Choose the Best Pepper Spray

Choosing a pepper spray requires you to think about your attacker. You need to anticipate where they’d be coming from and how you’re going to defend yourself, from how far away and what other things you might need like an alarm or a UV dye.

  • Formula

    First, you need to know the formula or chemical composition. OC or Oleoresin Capsicum is spray made from chili peppers. While CS and CN are no longer pepper sprays and are considered tear gas. Depending on what’s legal for you to carry around in your area, you might want to stick to the OC formulation so you don’t get in trouble.

  • Size

    Your pepper spray should be easy to hide but also easy to access. There are sprays that look like key chains so that unsuspecting attackers would not easily know you’re carrying one.

  • Stream

    You also need to look at the spray pattern. One of the most common spray patterns is the stream which sends a large amount of spray through a small opening for a short amount of time. It has a long range and you will have a safer distance and will not likely be affected by the wind. But you need to be very accurate in your shot to get it to your attacker’s face.

  • Mist

    This pepper spray pattern exits the canister in a cloud like an aerosol spray. The particles are finely dispersed in the air and your attacker is more likely to inhale the active ingredient. He will find it difficult to breathe and have a burning sensation in his throat. This is very effective but does not have a very long range.

  • Foam

    A foam formulation pepper spray pattern comes out in a pattern similar to shaving cream. Its disadvantage is that it has low respiratory effects and is slow to take effect on the skin and eyes. It also lacks range.

Choose the right size that you can easily carry in your bag and make sure that it’s easily accessible.