Best Pet Costume


Whether you’re going to a dress-up party, a competition, or an early preparation for Halloween, it’s good to know how to choose the right pet costume for your furry baby. Pets are adorable when dressed but you need to make sure that they’re comfortable in their pet costume and this guide will help you take note of how to choose one that would look great but not make them feel uncomfy.

Just like anything, there are advantages and disadvantages of dressing up your pets. Here are some pros and cons of dressing up your dog. If you’re traveling with them to your event, take a look at this best dog backpack and best cat carrier that you can use. This guide on the best cat bed will help you pick a bed to make sure they’re well rested. And this best dog house will help you find a suitable home for your canine.

So how do you choose the best pet costume? Our list includes the best options for you to make your choice.

Our Pick: Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection

Number one on our list is the Rubie’s Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume. With the recent hit of Wonder Woman, this will make your pooch really popular. You can select from characters from DC and these are officially licensed by Warner Bros. This will get your dog ready for parades, parties, or just make your regular walk more fun and interesting.

This set includes a dog headpiece and print costume dress. It has a medium size that fits up to 17 inches for the chest and 15-inch neck to tail.

Runner Up: Namsan Puppy and Cat Cosplay Peacock Costume

Our second choice is the Namsan Puppy and Cat Cosplay Peacock Costume. This includes a pet navy hat and a navy suit. It’s great for cats and also for small dogs. This pet costume is perfect for party competition and shows. It’s suitable for small to medium size dog or cat. The great thing is that the neck is adjustable and it fits even smaller breeds.

It does not have a body enclosure so your pet will be able to move around freely. It will not suffocate them or make them feel uncomfortable.

Also Great: RosyLife Lion Mane Wig for Dog and Cat

If you just want something for them to wear on their head, this Lion Mane Wig for Dog and Cat Adjustable Washable is perfect. It’s great for Halloween or other holidays. The wig is made out of fur and polyester. It’s a cool pet costume that would also be great for festivals. It is smooth, soft and durable so your pet can wear this multiple times.

Another great thing is that it’s washable so you can keep it clean at all times. Simply wash with warm water and air dry. It will also keep them warm in winter.

Also Great: Mikayoo Pet Halloween Costumes, The Cowboy

If you feel like dressing up for the Wild West with your pet, this Mikayoo Pet Halloween Costumes, The Cowboy is a great option. It will surely draw people’s attention to you and your pet. This pet costume includes a hat and clothes. The great thing is that they’re machine washable so it’s very easy to clean and your pet can wear them again and again on different special occasions.

The material is polyester fiber which is very comfortable to wear. This is important because your dog or cat should not be irritated with their outfit.

Also Great: DELIFUR Pet Costume Pet Suit Cowboy Rider Style

Another wild west worthy costume is the DELIFUR Pet Costume Pet Suit Cowboy Rider Style. It includes a cowboy’s hat and a triangular binder that you can put on and take off. The pet costume is made of polyester and non-woven fabric that is soft and breathable. It has a rider on top that will look like it’s riding your pet’s back and will turn him into a humoristic horse.

Expect laughter and adoration as you walk with your pet in this costume. This is great for pugs, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, corgis and others.

Budget Pick: CatYou Pet Japanese Kimono with Bowknot

A simple and affordable yet still elegant option is the CatYou Pet Dress Up Costume Japanese Kimono with Bowknot. This is a soft outfit that will keep your pet comfortable and relaxed through any event or party. This is best for parties, parades, photo shoots or play dates. The great thing is that this pet costume can be for dogs or cats that are small to medium size.

If you have more than one pet, they all can take turns wearing it. It has nice attractive colors that will surely make your furry baby stand out in the crowd.

How to Choose the Best Pet Costume

Choosing a pet costume is not only about the looks. It should also be comfortable and most of all, safe.

  • Mobility

    One of the most important things you need to ensure is that your pets are still mobile. Make sure that they can still move freely without any pain or discomfort. The pet costume should fit well and remain securely in place. Tight clothing can impair circulation. On the other hand, if the pet costume is too loose, it could tangle up and your pet might trip over while walking.

  • Vision and Hearing

    You need to make sure that their eyes and ears are not covered so as not to impair their vision and hearing. They need to be able to walk properly and easily hear your voice through the costume.

  • Choking Hazards

    Check the outfit if it has any small items that they might choke on and make sure to remove them if you cannot fully and closely supervise.

  • Ventilation

    It’s also important that your pet is not too warm inside the pet costume or it could seriously harm them. Warm clothes may be suitable for winter.

Always keep an eye on your dog or cat while they’re wearing their pet costume.