Best Pet Stroller


Whether you’re traveling a long distance or just going to a walk in the park, a pet stroller is very handy and will make travel more convenient for you and your pet. You can use it on the beach when you’re jogging, shopping in the mall, and many other circumstances. There are different types of pet strollers and they’re suitable for different types and sizes of pets.

If you’re bringing your pets with you in the car for a longer travel, you must make sure that you are well equipped. Make sure that you hydrate them and bring their essentials. Here are some traveling with pets tips. For your kitties who stay at home, they should have a warm soft bed and this guide on the best cat bed will show you your best options.

You should also keep them clean at all times. Here are the best dog shampoos for your consideration. Toys are great for their behavior. Take a look at the best dog toy that you can choose from.

So how do you choose what pet stroller is right for your furry friend? This list includes the best selections with varied styles and designs.

Our Pick: OxGord Pet Stroller

Our top choice is the OxGord Pet Stroller Cat / Dog Easy Walk. It’s sturdy, safe and comfortable to use both for you and your pet. You can take your pet shopping, walking down the block, or go jogging. It’s lightweight and meets stroller safety standards. The ventilation mesh screen windows keep bugs out so your pet is safe. It has a large undercarriage storage compartment for pet supplies.

This stroller features a retractable waterproof rain hood. It has an easy entry both on the front and rear so you don’t have to struggle to get your pet in and out of the stroller.

Runner Up: VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Our next top choice is the VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller for Cat, Dog and More, Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart. It provides first class travel for you and your pet. It’s a durable 4 wheel stroller that makes for a safe and smooth ride. It features three zipper access points for you to conveniently get your pet in and out of the stroller. It has a spacious interior and a padded foam bottom so your pet is comfy.

The front windows and back window have mesh so that they’re fully breathable. It also creates a great viewing for your pet. Its top mesh window allows you to easily keep an eye on them inside.

Also Great

Another great model is the Pet Gear Roadster Pet Stroller for Cats and Dogs. It features a large protective pet compartment and the stroller height is adjustable. The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to push the stroller around. The internal pad with waterproof tray makes if comfortable for your pet to stay inside and is also easy to clean. It has an interior safety tether so they don’t jump out.

This stroller is suitable for large dog breeds and for pets up to 100 pounds. It’s a bit more expensive than other models but has great quality. It has an easy fold mechanism for easy storage.

For even bigger pets, the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller for cats and dogs is a great option. The pet compartment is large and your big furry friend can freely sit and move inside. They are not cramped or uncomfortable. The stroller height is adjustable to handle so it’s convenient for you as well. This pet stroller helps avoid stress on your pet’s body and it functions as a crate on wheels.

The tires add extra comfort to your pet and provide an effortless stroll. You will be able to lock the front wheels and will be stable when you’re jogging or traveling over rough terrain.

For those who have more than one pet, the OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller Cat / Dog Foldable 4-Wheel Travel Carrier Carriage is an excellent choice. This pet stroller features multiple mesh screens with zippers for easy access. It’s breathable and will protect your pets from insects as well as provide adequate ventilation. The stroller includes a cup holder for refreshment.

It also has an undercarriage for toy and snack storage or any pet supplies that you want to bring. It improves your pet’s health and yours by encouraging an active lifestyle.

Budget Pick

A great affordable alternative is the Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller, Compact, Large Wheels, Lightweight. This is great for smaller pets. It has large 6-inch wheels for easier strolling. It’s lightweight, comes fully assembled, and portable. This pet stroller folds into an ultra compact size in only seconds. The stroller height is adjustable to handle. It’s great for pets up to 15 pounds.

The front has a mesh cover to protect your pet from insects and other elements but can also be open so they have better viewing while inside. It easily fits in the back of your car.

How to Choose the Best Pet Stroller

Choosing your pet stroller is not only about the size of your pet. You also need to think of the activities you intend to do while bringing your pet with you.

  • Size

    If you have a larger dog or cat, you are going to need a bigger stroller. Choose the ones that have wide bottoms because your pet needs to be able to move freely while sitting in the stroller. Smaller breeds are okay with smaller compartments.

  • Wheels

    You need to consider where you’re going to take the pet stroller to a stroll. If you have rough terrains on your neighborhood, you would need bigger and more durable wheels.

  • Mesh Cover

    This is not only to protect your pet from insects and other elements. If your pet likes to jump, it will be good to keep the mesh on so they don’t accidentally jump outside. You should also make sure that the air circulation is good and that they are well ventilated.

  • Portable

    If you’re going to bring the pet stroller around in your car, it should be easily foldable and be compact enough to fit in the back.

  • Cup Holders and Compartments

    It will be very convenient if the pet stroller includes some cup holders for your refreshments, furthermore a spacious compartment where you can put treats and pet supplies.

Remember that buying a pet stroller is an investment so consider the quality when choosing between different prices. A durable and high-quality stroller will last you a long time and is a greater value in the long run.