Best Phone Case


Electronic devices like smartphones are prone to scratches, cracks, and submersion due to the risk of clumsy handling.  To avoid buying a new phone or wasting money on repairs, people are resorting to phone cases that can help protect their device from possible impacts and abrasion. Waterproof phone cases are also popular nowadays for continuous snapshots while swimming. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best phone case in today’s market.

Our Pick: JETech Apple iPhone 6/6s Shock-Absorption Anti-Scratch Case

JETech Apple iPhone 6/6s Shock-Absorption Anti-Scratch Case is made of fused TPU and PC for total protection of the device from top to bottom. It has air cushions in every corner. Its shock absorption feature is pretty advanced for such a slim phone case. As expected, all the features and controls of the phone can be accessed using this product. There are obviously accurate cutouts for ports, speakers, and the camera. The clear back part is perfect for artists who want to design their modern smartphone without actually affecting the device’s surface.

Runner Up: Mpow IPX8 Universal Waterproof Clear Phone Case

Mpow IPX8 Universal Waterproof Clear Phone Case guarantees full waterproof feature, proven by its IPX8 certificate. It makes the phone totally submersible. It is perfect to use while swimming, showering, or bathing in a relaxing bathtub. How is this possible? This phone case has a slim, transparent cover to let you use the touchscreen feature of the device. Aside from the touchscreen bit, you can also take pictures underwater while your phone is inside this product.

Despite the impenetrable covering, the opening is too easy to open and lock in literally just a snap. The waterproof feature makes this phone case versatile in protecting the device from dirt, sand, dust, and snow.

Another important feature is how compatible this waterproof protector is for phones up to six inches in height. You can also put your credit cards, documents and cash inside which is useful for people who go to the beach or pool alone.

Also Great: Matone Apple iPhone 7 Plus Crystal Clear Shock Absorption Case

Matone Apple iPhone 7 Plus Crystal Clear Shock Absorption Case has a unique design that gives bonus protection in an interesting way. It contains raised, 3D-like sections surrounding the screen and the camera to keep these two components safe from direct contact on a flat surface, especially when you get absent-minded and harshly place your phone on solid furniture. This phone case is so lightweight and simple to look at.

Also Great: Supcase iPhone 7 Plus Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Case

Supcase iPhone 7 Plus Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Case perfectly follows the form of the device. It has a minimalist design with smooth edges and attractive color choices. The phone’s sensitivity will never be compromised despite this product’s tough bumper.

Also Great: Tribe Water Resistant Adjustable Cell Phone Armband Case

Tribe Water Resistant Adjustable Cell Phone Armband Case is composed of high-quality neoprene that is soft enough to bend, twist and flex without wearing out the shape. Its materials are environment-friendly, proven by its approval from SGS. This phone case stays steady and durable no matter how extreme your activity is such as running a marathon and finishing a harsh workout. It can fit arm sizes from eight to 16 inches. Aside from the phone, it can also contain your keys for convenience during outdoor exercises.

Budget Pick: JOTO Universal Waterproof Cellphone Case

JOTO Universal Waterproof Cellphone Case has a free neck strap so you can still move freely during water sports activities. It is probably the most affordable option among effective waterproof phone cases.

How to Select the Best Phone Case

To select the best phone case for your device, consider the following points:

  • Protection

    If you want extreme protection for your phone, a rugged case is the best match for you. Also known as armor case, this type features double thickness for your phone. The risk of damage is minimal because of its air pockets and reinforced corners. Rugged cases are water-resistant and dust-proof with their tempered glass feature, which contributes to the overall armor of your phone. They also have an easy-grip feature, especially for wet hands.

    However, a rugged case can be difficult to slip in your pocket due to its size and weight. The phone’s buttons can even be stiffer when pressed. Also, touchscreen sensitivity is compromised because of the bulky exterior. It is the bulkiest and heaviest type of phone case.

    If you still want extra protection for your phone but dislike the extra bulk, consider tough cases as your option. Tough cases have a combination of hard polycarbonate outer layer with soft rubber inside. They provide cushion support that absorbs shock and prevents damage. Some of them can still be a little bulky and heavy, but there are tough cases now that provide less weight because of consumer demand.

    Now, if you really cannot handle the bulk in your pocket or the concealment of your beautiful phone, just opt for slim or basic cases. This type of case is commonly made from silicon or rubber. It is a good choice for people who prioritize style over protection. Soft and hard slim cases both have a wider variety of designs and colors, ranging from colorful to transparent. They are cheap and easy to remove when you feel like changing cases. Slim cases with a hard back cover and a thick bumper can undoubtedly give your phone decent protection from unexpected drops.

  • Folio vs. Flip

    Phone cases with front covers, usually made of authentic or synthetic leather and other hybrid materials, are called folio cases. This case has a hard shell or bumper inside with a front covering that provides basic protection to your phone’s screen. It is stylish and lightweight. Some folio cases have a wallet-inspired design that has a card and cash slots, perfect for people who do not like bringing bags when they go out.

    Flip cases, like a folio, also have front covers. Unlike folio cases, however, their cover can be bent to act as a stand when flipped diagonally for a wider display.

  • Waterproof

    There are phones built to be water-resistant or waterproof. But, for phones that cannot survive underwater or accidental submersion, look for waterproof cases. A waterproof phone case is usually made of a hard plastic design with a bumper and water-sealed O-ring. It allows you to use your phones even when your hands are wet or underwater. Since it is securely covered, its touch sensibility decreases. Obviously, waterproof cases are almost impossible to use for phone calls because the sound is contained by the cover.

  • Additional Features

    Some cases have bonus features aside from protection and style. Slim cases with a kickstand at the back are handy for people who like to watch videos using their phones. Cases with rings are also popular these days. Rings are usually sold separately, but some cases have built-in rings at the back for better grip and support especially for wider phones.


To ensure the best phone case for your device, always try it on before buying. Also, ask about the specific phone models compatible with the case’s design and size. However, this is only applicable in actual stores. When you purchase a phone case online, you might have to rely on the product description alone. Actually, some manufacturers allow returns, so you may take advantage of that if your phone does not fit inside the case. Before hitting the store, keep in mind that a phone case must be excellent in protecting your phone without compromising convenient use.

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