Best Photo Album


Life’s best scenes are often preserved through photos. Precious moments like birthdays, graduations and even simple get-togethers are always captured by a camera’s lens.

Picture-taking has been an undying tradition for almost every household around the world. It does not even matter anymore if the photos are developed from film or copied from your modern smartphone. The important thing is that pictures are developed or printed to be kept in photo albums that can stay with the family for several generations.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best photo album in today’s market.

Our Pick: Pioneer Photo Albums Fabric Frame Cover 200 4×6 Pockets

Pioneer Photo Albums Fabric Frame Cover 200 4×6 Pockets has a rounded spine similar to books for better aesthetic and durability. Just by its fabric cover alone, you can already feel nostalgic as soon as you see it. Why? The cover contains a frame either for your favorite picture or a photo that can represent the whole essence of the album.

This photo album can hold 200 4”x6” pictures. It has unique bi-directional pockets for the ability to hold both vertical and horizontal photos. You can design the content by writing some creative or heartfelt words along the memo section beside every photo pocket. This product is meant to keep photos for an extremely long period of time without compromising quality because of its materials that are free from PVC, lignin, and acid.

Runner Up: Galison Vintage Camera Photo Album

Galison Vintage Camera Photo Album has a classic leather look, perfect for old pictures of your grandparents and parents. It celebrates the aesthetic quality of glossy square pictures that are black and white with pinkish edges. It is portable and sturdy which makes it helpful when you need to transfer to another home. Despite its smaller size compared to usual photo albums, it can still hold 36 6”x4” pictures.

This product is a great gift for all ages with a sentimental, old soul or a taste for vintage everything. It also promotes a secure compilation of photos because of the button and loop to keep the album shut when not in use. You will surely be proud displaying this photo album in your living room for all guests to see.

Also Great: Kiera Grace 200 4×6 Photo Album

Kiera Grace 200 4×6 Photo Album has crystal clear pockets for vivid pictures. It reserves two frames on its hard cover for a more attractive way to show off a couple of your favorite photos. It also has a dust jacket to protect all your pictures from possible layers of dirt.

Budget Pick: MCS 100 Pocket Big Max Embossed Family Album

MCS 100 Pocket Big Max Embossed Family Album is probably one of the few photo albums that look exactly like books. The front and back covers are so attractive because of the embossed prints and youthful colors. This product is really affordable but can still hold a hundred 4”x6” pictures. That’s already a lot of memories in just one photo album.

How to Select the Best Photo Album

In order for the pictures to last a great number of years without compromising stylish compilation, choosing the best photo album for yourself or your loved ones must be given a big thought. Here are things to consider before you get your next photo album:

  • Photo Albums vs. Photo Books

    With the aid of digital technology, printing photos have become easier and more accessible. Before, camera films or memory cards are taken to appropriate shops for printing. But now, printing photos can be done with polaroid cameras or even at home with your own printer as long as it is connected to a desktop computer, a high-tech laptop or an external hard drive. That’s why customized photo books are common nowadays. They are considered as the modern version of photo albums. To create photo books, the pictures are printed directly on a special type of paper similar to glossy magazines. Then, the papers are bound together to create a photo book.

    On the other hand, pictures meant for photo albums are usually made of high-quality paper that has a slight sheen and is protected by UV coating. This means, most of your money will focus on photos, not the compilation. It only proves that the idea behind photo albums really contradicts with the concept of photo books.

    The pages in photo albums are thicker than photo books, so the former has better protection and durability than the latter. However, you will have more room for creativity with photo books.

  • Modern vs. Traditional

    Choosing the design mainly depends on the person’s preference. You can opt for a traditional album with a more elegant and classic design. Window frames on the front cover are common for traditional photo albums. These albums are made by hand and can be personalized, especially their cover design. In addition, there are traditional album covers consisting of cotton linen and genuine Italian leather for style and durability. These are definitely more expensive than modern ones.

    Meanwhile, an example of a modern photo album is the magnetic type. This kind of album became popular because it makes organizing photos easier. It has more colorful designs as well. Though convenient and affordable, magnetic photo albums have adhesive pages that slightly glue your pictures to the paper, which results in difficult removal after a long time of attachment. Certain chemicals like lignin and acid also compose adhesive boards. These components eventually deteriorate the overall material. The effect is yellowish pages in the album, affecting the quality of your photos.

  • Size

    Choosing the proper photo album size depends on the size of your pictures. Check the product description for the required size of photos. The standard photo size for most albums is 4”x6”. Another factor for the album’s size is the layout of the pockets. Wide albums can accommodate two columns of photos each page. Compact ones, on the other hand, usually resort to only one column per page.

    If you have photos that are smaller than the standard size, there are albums with pockets that have various sizes. For a more common option, magnetic photo albums can definitely fit any size, even pictures that are bigger than the standard.

  • Thickness

    Most photo albums with thicker and heavier pages offer fewer pockets. Meanwhile, thin pages have more room for photos. But, there are actually photo albums that allow you to insert more pages in the middle when you find the need to do so.


Quality will always be important in choosing the best photo album for you and your loved ones. Most of us want to keep tangible memories and pass these keepsakes to the family’s next generation. Determining the album’s design, size and thickness are all about your style and the physical aspect of the photos. However, when it comes to longevity, traditional will always be more durable than modern types like photo books and magnetic albums. Now, it is up to you to arrange your priorities: What are you really looking for in a photo album?

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