Best Picnic Blanket


Picnics cannot be complete without good food, fun people, and of course – a reliable picnic blanket. Sharing a meal and enjoying a scenic view outdoors become more relaxing when you use the right kind of object to cover the ground and keep your food safe from dirt. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best picnic blanket in today’s market.

Our Pick: JJ Cole 5’x5’ Outdoor Blanket

JJ Cole 5’x5’ Outdoor Blanket is composed of pure polyurethane in the outer fabric, genuine polyester in the inner fabric, and 100 percent polyester foam as filling to successfully resist wet grass and beverage spills. It is also easy to fold because of its durable sewn-in insert. Its form when folded is compact yet fashionable, making you confident to bring it anywhere. If you prefer to put it inside a big school bag or a hiking backpack, then you can just effortlessly detach its handle strap.

Runner Up: Pratico Outdoors Extra Large Picnic Blanket

Pratico Outdoors Extra Large Picnic Blanket is so small when folded that it only looks like a purse. However, as soon as you expand it, you will be amazed by how big this picnic blanket is. This product measures 60 inches by 80 inches, but it is as light as a loaf of bread. It is made of pure polar fleece that is so soft to avoid irritating your skin and keep you comfortable with constant warmth. Fleece also gives the blanket extra padding to cushion your bottom while sitting.

Also Great: NaturalRays 80”x60” Family Picnic Blanket

NaturalRays 80”x60” Family Picnic Blanket is another extra-large outdoor cover that can successfully protect six adults from the ground’s dirt or dampness. It is perfect as a throw, emergency, RV, camping or beach blanket. It can be used while you and your loved ones are stargazing, hiking, joining a concert, tailgating, witnessing a sports event, relaxing in the park, or lounging on the beach underneath a sturdy beach umbrella. You can fold this picnic blanket for storage in just a few seconds. You can also confidently wash this through a washing machine because of its heavy-duty denier polyester material.

Also Great: ALLWA XXX-Large Waterproof Easy to Fold Picnic Blanket

ALLWA XXX-Large Waterproof Easy to Fold Picnic Blanket can also be used inside the house and in the backyard to keep the kids entertained at home with their child-friendly gadgets or baby toys. Its softness will surely make it a lovable blanket for toddlers aside from an actual baby blanket. This picnic blanket can even be cleaned thoroughly just by using a damp cloth. Then, it easily dries out when you leave it exposed to air.

Also Great: MIUCOLOR Large Waterproof Sandproof Dual Layer Picnic Blanket

MIUCOLOR Large Waterproof Sandproof Dual Layer Picnic Blanket can easily fit inside backpacks and glove compartments when folded. It does not need its own case or pouch because a simple Velcro can already do the trick of securely folding it. Regarding its weight when you finally expand it, it is heavy enough to stay grounded despite a windy day on the beach.

Budget Pick: Yodo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote

Yodo Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote consists of environment-friendly materials, especially its waterproof backing. Dirt, grime and other elements from the ground cannot stick on this picnic blanket. You just have to shake everything off for clean folding.

How to Select the Best Picnic Blanket

To find the best picnic blanket for your next outdoor lounge, consider the following points:

  • Water Resistance

    Water can be your best friend and, at the same time, worst enemy during picnics. It is refreshing when you get thirsty but troublesome when spilled. Outdoor blankets that can end up soaking wet are not satisfying to use at all. That’s why water resistance is an important factor to consider when buying a picnic blanket. Blankets with waterproof lining are super-convenient to use. As long as a picnic blanket is water-resistant, you can easily wipe out spills. Nylon and polyester are examples of hydrophobic materials that can repel water.

  • Thickness

    With all the sharp rocks on the ground, sitting on an ordinary blanket for a long time is uncomfortable. So, you need to look for a picnic blanket that is thick enough to give you ultimate comfort during those “hard” times. However, if the blanket is too thick, you might have a hard time folding it. Extremely thick blankets also consume too much space in a bag. It is just a matter of balancing thickness and portability.

  • Softness

    Another feature that ensures comfort is softness. Thick picnic blankets are usually softer than thinner ones. Since your skin will have direct contact to the blanket, settle for the type that will cause less irritation to your body. If you prefer to have extra padding for your back, look for blankets with additional layers in the middle of the fleece top.

  • Durability

    Soft blankets should be durable as well. Linen is a tough fabric that is usually used for picnic blankets. Nylon is also durable with its waterproof feature, withstanding both wet and dry environments. Wool is another strong material that can last for several uses but often costs more than other fabrics.

  • Size

    The best picnic blanket is expected to be big enough to accommodate you, your companions and your belongings – especially the food. It should allow everybody to move even for just a few inches while keeping them safe from the ground.

  • Portability

    Your picnic blanket should be compact and portable when folded. Picnics are usually done far from home, which means you have to carry a bunch of stuff. Most portable outdoor blankets can be securely rolled up or folded to transform into a tote or small bag. Sometimes, a Velcro is enough to secure a blanket to fit inside a picnic basket or backpack. Always look for lightweight and foldable outdoor blankets to make your picnic trips hassle-free.


Keeping in mind the aforementioned points should lead you to the best picnic blanket to accompany you in your future outdoor activities. An outdoor blanket should be portable, wide, durable, soft, thick, and resistant to any liquid. Some people may use ordinary blankets, but it is way better to be equipped with the right type of blanket to totally avoid discomfort and pet peeves.

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