Best Plastic Baby Gates


Plastic baby gates helps in protecting your babies against falling from stairs or other higher places and also they prevent you babies from going to such parts of the house which contains something that can harm your child.

There is a huge variety of these baby gates available which can restrict your child from going to stairs, passing from doorways and also they can help you to designate a part of the room to you baby so that your baby remain confined and safe in the designated area and you can take care of other stuff without having worries regarding the safety of your child.

Best Plastic Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

Evenflo Memory Fit4.5$-5 pounds-
Classic Plastic Gate4$26 inches7.4 poundsUSA
Extra-Wide Gate4.5$31 inches12.2 poundsUSA
Ergo Safety Gate4$26 inches7.8 poundsChina
Superyard Play Yard4.5$$26 inches26.3 poundsUSA

Factors to Consider When Buying Plastic Baby Gate

There are several factors that are required to be considered while purchasing a baby gate. These factors are discussed thoroughly in the following content.

  • New VS .Old Baby Gates

    Old baby gates having accordion-style design with v-shaped spaces should be strictly avoided because they have the tendency to trap the head of the child which can obviously result in serious consequences including the death of the baby. Several older baby gates have positions to hold toes which can make the child climb on the gate and then fall resulting in serious injuries.

    Therefore, it is better to avoid going for the option of having a used or older baby gate. Try to have a baby gate that is brand new or in any case, it shouldn’t be much old. At maximum, you can consider a five year old baby gate but preference should be given to the new one. Evenflo Memory Fit is really a terrific new style plastic baby gate.

  • Ease of Use

    Try to test the open and close function of a baby gate before actually buying it. Make sure that you can easily install and remove the one you are going to have. It is often the case that you are getting around the baby gate with your hands full, it such situations you desperately feel the need of having an easy to operate baby gate.

    A good quality baby quality ensures to restrict the children from entering the particular area but at the same time it is very convenient for the adults to operate these gates. If you are going to choose a pressure-mounted baby gate, make sure that it can be properly installed and doesn’t slide around after pushing a bit. Classic Plastic Gate is specially designed to provide maximum easiness while using it.

  • Wide Gates

    Sometimes houses have open floor plans which make it almost impossible to gate off a room. Such a problem also arises if the doorways are much wider and the traditional baby gates doesn’t seems to work properly. In such situation, you can consider the option of employing super-wide gates. If you find it impossible to have safe space for your baby anywhere in the house, then you need to think about the gate segments that have the capability of fitting together and make a freestanding gated area at the location of your choice.

    Such gate segments can be deployed anywhere in the house and even they can be used outdoors. They create a circular area for the baby and the baby can reside safely in that area. If you are facing such a situation that you don’t have proper spot available to efficiently gate off a room, then you can consider Superyard Play Yard to designate some area to the baby within the room or anywhere else in the house or even outside the house.


Nowadays, baby gates are made from variety of stuff including plastic, wood, various types of metals including Bronze and Steel. Also, few types of cloth are also used in the manufacturing of baby gates. You can get the baby gate that incorporates slide open, roll out or swing open mechanism. It is always recommended to have a look at the area where you want to deploy the gate, whether it’s a doorway or stairs.

Ask yourself whether you have the space available for deploying hardware-mounted gate? Is it better to employ pressure-mounted gate here? Will a pressure-mounted gate stay here in place and will it be placed correctly? Does single gate will work perfectly for you or several gates are required to be deployed? Get the answer to all these questions before making a final about the purchase of the baby gate. Purchase the one that can fulfill all your requirements and that seems to be perfect for that particular location. Extra-Wide Gate is one of the top selling plastic baby gates and you can consider it while making a decision regarding the purchase of the baby gate.

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