Best Podcasting Microphone


So you want to start your own podcast and are looking for the best podcasting microphone to get started? Whether it’s for professional use or blogging, you need good quality sound to encourage your listeners to stay tuned for you. Otherwise, they will lose interest and stop listening. There are different types of podcasting microphones and they’re suitable for different devices.

We’ve made a list of the best models that you can use. But of course, you need to ensure the quality of your content to produce a great podcast. That along with other factors will ensure your success and these are the 10 pro tips for starting your first podcast as a beginner. Also, check our top picks for the best voice recorder. You might also consider adding a video on your blog and here is how to shoot 360 video if you want to be unique.

So how do you choose the right podcasting microphone? We’re giving you a great list of choices that will help you make the right choice.

Our Pick: Fifine Plug &Play Home Studio USB Condenser Microphone

Our top choice is the Fifine Plug &Play Home Studio USB Condenser Microphone. This is ideal for recording singing and musical performances as well as spoken applications such as podcasts and voice over. This podcasting microphone offers high-quality recordings and you can plug it directly into your computer. The program will work with any recording software or communication platform.

It’s a plug and plays mic that connects directly to your PC or laptop via a USB port. It has an omnidirectional pickup pattern so it can pick up vocals and leaves background noises.

Runner Up: Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Our second top choice is the Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone. This is great for those who plan to podcast on the go. It’s a portable podcasting microphone that clips to your laptop. It’s also perfect for recording music, podcasts, or even field recording. This is a great solution for use with voice recognition software.

The custom compact design allows it to sit unobtrusively on your desk. It features plug and play operation and is compatible with Mac OS or windows without installing any software.

Also Great: Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

If you want something with studio quality, the Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone (Chrome) is a perfect fit. It’s a universal solution for recording on your computer. This podcasting microphone is perfect for your home studio and is also ideal for skype, iChat, or voice recognition software. The mic produces a rich audio recording for any application. It has a smooth frequency response.

This gives you professional audio results. The chrome plated body includes a fold back leg design that you can adjust to the optimal position. No need for drivers.

Also Great: Apogee MiC Professional Quality Microphone

For those who are using a Mac computer or apply mobile devices, another portable podcasting microphone with great quality is the Apogee MiC Professional Quality Microphone for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It delivers studio quality recording and you can take it anywhere. You can record vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, or anything you prefer.

It’s carefully designed to deliver the lowest noise and high-quality signal. This mic fits in your pocket and has unsurpassed recording quality. It’s great for the latest Apple iOS devices.

Also Great: LESHP Portable Microphone Professional Studio Broadcasting

Another less expensive model is the LESHP Portable Microphone Professional Studio Broadcasting. It brings studio quality audio to your social media, gaming, or home studio session. This podcasting microphone provides studio quality results that you can record directly to your computer. It has extended frequency response with the smooth interpretation that makes it excellent for speech and instruments.

The mic features a visual design that is inspired by classic recording equipment. It has a stylish retro aesthetic that will complement your computer system.

Budget Pick: SunJet Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand

The most economical choice is the SunJet Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand for PC Laptop Computers Sound Studio Podcast Recording. It’s also a plug and play device that is fit for all kinds of PC. It has a design that is suitable for your routine audio demands and is suitable for studio podcast, entertainment, studying or recording. You can also use it for chatting on Skype and other channels.

This podcasting microphone has a desktop tripod so you can conveniently set it on your desk with the help of its stand and clip. It accurately reproduces sound.

How to Choose the Best Podcasting Microphone

Aside from the sound quality, you also need to think of the compatibility of your mic when choosing a podcasting microphone. The size and portability are also factors to consider.

  • Condenser or Dynamic

    One of the most popular types of podcasting microphone is the condenser mic. It’s more sensitive and provides a higher output level. This can be useful because the signal doesn’t need to be amplified as much by the mixer. That means that it gives a crisp, detailed sound but this could be a problem for podcasters who record at home. It might pick up too much hissing sounds from afar.

    Dynamic mics on the other hand, naturally mask these sounds just like a soft-focus filter on a camera that hides blemishes.

  • Plug and Play

    If you are very experienced with recording and editing audio, you might choose something that is compatible with editing software like mixers and other complex equipment. But if you want something that you can easily use right out of the box, you have the option to choose a plug and play podcasting microphone. You can simply plug it into a USB port, hit record, and start talking. It’s the easiest way to get started.

  • Adjustable Position

    You should also check if you can adjust the head or the neck of the podcasting microphone. This is important so you can record conveniently at the right angle.

  • Portable

    If you want to record as you travel to different places, or if you podcast from one location to another, you should consider a portable podcasting microphone. Some mics offer a very small size and even comes with a case that would easily fit in your bag.

Lastly, determine your budget when choosing your podcasting microphone. If you are a beginner, it’s probably best to go with a simple solution with an economical price.