Best Polaroid Camera


What better way to preserve memories than taking awesome pictures? While the older generations managed to stay patient as they waited for hours or days to have their pictures developed, most people nowadays demand instant photo printing. Some even prefer to just upload their photos on social media.

It is a good thing that technology keeps on evolving. Let’s face it; the best things in life are usually the ones that come right away. This kind of idea contributes to the existence of Polaroid cameras. This type of camera is a hybrid of novelty and technology.

Polaroid cameras are just like regular ones, but the huge difference is that they contain their own printing mechanism inside. They work by capturing an image and printing it automatically. That’s why they are unbelievably easy to use. Their portability also makes them a must-have for travelers.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best Polaroid camera in today’s market while considering affordability.

Our Pick: Polaroid Snap ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Snap ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology Instant Digital Camera has a minimalist yet eye-catching design to perfectly represent the standard look of the brand. It is super-small that it can fit shirt pockets. Despite its tiny size, it has a sensor with 10 megapixels for vibrant photos. You may store a lot of pictures in it because it can hold a 32GB micro SD.

About the ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, it enables the camera to produce a tangible image within seconds. When finally printed, the photo has a reasonable size of 2 x 3 inches.  Plus the adhesive back of the photo paper, these ZINK features only prove how perfect this Polaroid camera is in creating keepsakes from travels and milestones in life, even better with photo albums, scrapbooks, and art materials.

Runner Up: Polaroid Snap Touch ZINK Technology Instant Print Digital LCD Display Camera

Polaroid Snap Touch ZINK Technology Instant Print Digital LCD Display Camera is similar to our best product but has more features since it is the newer version. You can adjust the photo into three modes: vintage sepia, black and white, and colored. This promotes easier filtering or editing of pictures for a more artistic vibe. Another bonus feature is the touchscreen at the back so you can preview and edit images before printing. This Polaroid camera also has a better quality of photos compared to the original version because of its 13MP sensor. To avoid confusion, the previous version is a hit for people who want a more classic Polaroid camera while the newer model perfectly meets the expectations of the millennial generation.

Also Great: Polaroid One Step Close-Up 600 Instant Camera

Polaroid One Step Close-Up 600 Instant Camera is ideal for collectors because of its flawless vintage look. Its flash is automatic and extra bright, giving the typical washed-out appearance of old instant photos. Every printed image is slightly bigger than usual because of its 3 x 3-inch size.

Budget Pick: Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera

Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Film Camera produces delightfully tiny photos, perfect for wallets. The photo size is similar to a business card. This Polaroid camera has an automatic flash if it senses low light. It can also automatically adjust the electronic shutter. If you are particular about lighting, this product has several scene settings for easier adjustment.

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How to Select the Best Polaroid Camera

While considering the innovations of other instant camera products, we listed some features that are all essential factors to think about before buying the best Polaroid camera for your needs, preferences, and personality.

  • Display

    Gone are the days when people tend to be self-conscious about the result as a Polaroid camera prints something. Recent types of Polaroid cameras are now equipped with an LCD display. You can view images as well as edit some of them and adjust the menu settings.

  • White Balance

    It is important to look for a white balance feature in your Polaroid camera. Same idea goes for other types of cameras. Camera users utilize this feature to pre-select the white balance required by an image or picture. White balance is set to adjust the color or brightness of the photo based on the natural light of the surroundings. Types of white balance options are fluorescent, cloudy, tungsten, daylight, and manual.

  • Red-Eye Remover

    This feature minimizes or removes the red-eye effect, if any, from an image. Red-eye specifically refers to red pupils on photos caused by the camera’s strong flash in low light. The result can be scary to look at, so let’s avoid that.

  • Timer

    Taking a selfie or going on a solo trip? One of the most important features needed for any camera is the timer. The timer is important so you can have a few seconds of preparation as you try to get the perfect pose and angle for your photo. Usually, the countdown starts as soon as you press the shutter.

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  • ISO

    The International Standards Organization or ISO setting adjusts sensitivity before shooting a certain image. This feature is important so you can set a picture in low lighting conditions. The higher the ISO, the more visible the image will be in low light. However, you must take caution when using this feature because a high ISO setting can lead to one grainy photo. The usual ISO ranges in Polaroid cameras are ISO 100, ISO 200, and ISO 400. ISO can be pretty complicated; that’s why a lot of photography books tackle this subject.

  • Exposure 

    Exposure compensation is used to override the automatic exposure setting of Polaroid cameras. This is usually adjusted if the subject is either extremely dark or bright. Exposure Value or EV is often less than +/-5.

  • Storage

    Modern Polaroid cameras can now allow the user to insert an SD or memory card. They can already be used to copy or transfer files from their internal memory to an external storage. This feature is essential in this generation where backups are crucial and everything should have multiple copies for permanency. Polaroid cameras with storage also allow viewing of pictures in different devices or gadgets.


We selected Polaroid Snap ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology Instant Digital Camera because of its affordability, trendy look, compact size, good-quality images, storage capacity, and quick photo printing. In choosing the best Polaroid camera for your lifestyle, you might want to consider the availability of a display and features such as white balance, red-eye remover, timer, ISO, EV, and storage. However, at the end of the day, it is still up to you to decide if you want a classic Polaroid camera or a modern one. Actually, that can be your primary basis before considering more factors.

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