Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pets: 6 Products You’ll Find Handy


There’s nothing more convenient than a portable carpet cleaner when it comes to cleaning up after your pet. It can handle almost anything, especially the nonstop shedding of fur by some dogs and cats. We don’t want you to use a low-quality one, so we’re here to show you the best portable carpet cleaner for pets.

Our Pick: SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Vacuum

There’s no question that SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Vacuum is portable. It only weighs 7.5 pounds which is super-lightweight. In spite of this hassle-free weight, it still has an extra-large capacity for a continuous cleaning session.

Additionally, this cordless device also works with a rechargeable 10.8-volt battery that’s powerful enough to clean any surface – even bare floors! It goes to show that its suction power is really strong. It can even run longer than most of its competitors.

Now, let’s focus on the fact that this device is specially designed to clean carpets. It can handle regular pile and thick wool surfaces, thanks to the feature called the 2-Speed Brushroll. This is technically a motorized brush that can easily lift objects such as pet hair and bird seeds.

You can even completely control the cleaner’s movement despite furniture blocking your path. Just take advantage of swivel steering.

When it comes to disposal convenience, this carpet cleaner has a removable canister. All you have to is hold the canister above the garbage can and press a certain button to drop the contents.

Runner Up: Bissell Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner

If you’re looking for another type of cleaner aside from the usual vacuum version, Bissell Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner is an excellent option. Because it is a spot cleaner, you may carry it anywhere you want. It is an electrical tool, yes, but it has a 22-foot power cord.

In addition, this device comes with a flexible hose. That’s important if your stairs are carpeted.

Don’t let the size fool you! This product has a suction that’s so powerful that it can remove stains and odor. It is meant for deep cleaning.

Of course, let’s not forget the fact that a smaller size also contributes to easier storage.

As a plus, this compact device still has a tank that’s big enough for longer spot cleaning. Its thorough cleaning powers will restore the beauty of an old carpet.

Aside from removing stains, odor, and debris, this cleaner is an effective shampooer as well. That’s why it can totally clean a carpet that’s drenched in urine. Don’t worry about the wet aftermath; it will dry fast because of the strong suction.

Overall, this product does every basic thing pros do in carpet cleaning services. You can save money with this benefit. Hiring professional cleaners are great and all, but they can be expensive.

Also Great: Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

For its own version of carpet cleaning, Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner uses Dual Cross Action Brushes for a more thorough scrubbing of dirt and stains. It focuses on deep cleaning every single fiber.

In case of dry mud and other similar stubborn stains on the carpet, this device has a setting called the Super Boost Spray. It can literally remove anything from your carpet’s fibers.

This product can even polish an old carpet to make it look like brand-new. It may seem unbelievable, but it can make your carpet smoother and brighter. It even promises faster results because of the extra-wide 12-inch nozzle.

Worrying about the hassle of checking the tank too frequently? You’re in for a treat because the cleaner has a transparent tank. You can easily monitor the amount of liquid inside.

The structure of this cleaner seems complex, but it doesn’t need any assembly. You can literally start cleaning as soon as you receive the product. For easier storage, just collapse the handle.

Before we proceed to the next option, have you noticed the product’s wheels? They’re pretty big for smoother movements all over the carpet.

Also Great: Hoover Portable Carpet Cleaner

Perfect for daily use, Hoover Portable Carpet Cleaner is lightweight for quick cleaning. You can literally carry it with one hand without straining your arms. Aside from carpets, it is also ideal for cleaning couches and car seats.

If you have a really fluffy carpet, this product can revive its softness. It can make your home much cozier than before.

Meanwhile, there’s a general problem with carpet cleaners using hoses. Since dirty liquid passes through the hose, bacteria can accumulate inside if you couldn’t clean it well.

Good thing that this device has a self-cleaning hose to keep surfaces germ-free inside and out after use.

Also Great: Rollibot Puro 200 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Versatility is the strong suit of Rollibot Puro 200 Cordless Stick Vacuum. It comes with six attachments so you can clean every nook and cranny.

If your carpet is full of pet hair, this product will quickly lift each strand. In case of tangling hair, the head’s beating brush is easy to clean.

This device may not be as powerful as the previous products, but it is the best when it comes to quick cleaning. Let’s face it – activating a spot cleaner just to clean a little bit of pet food from the carpet can be a hassle.

Budget Pick: HoLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A handle that can be twisted 360 degrees is not something you’ll see on just any carpet cleaner. HoLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner has an extremely flexible handle for hard-to-reach areas.

Aside from being the cheapest option here, this product is also the most lightweight. It only weighs 3.7 pounds! Can you believe that?

If you think stick vacuums are inconvenient sometimes, you might like the fact that this device can transform into a handheld version. Just detach the handle anytime you want.

How to Select the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Pets

To be honest, choosing the best portable carpet cleaner for pets isn’t rocket science. It’s all about prioritizing portability and effectiveness in cleaning carpets, especially from pet hair. Learn more about these factors below:

  • Portability

    It’s a no-brainer that a carpet cleaner should be lightweight in order to become portable. A good handy cleaner must be light enough to be carried with one hand.

    The problem with extremely lightweight carpet cleaners, however, is the smaller dust canister or water tank (depending on the type of cleaner).

    Carpet cleaners weighing between five and 10 pounds are efficient enough. They’re pretty lightweight for carrying without compromising the interior’s capacity.

    Another important feature to boost portability is the power source. Obviously, battery-operated devices are more convenient. Corded ones can be portable, too, as long as they have an outrageously long cord.

  • Carpet Cleaning Features

    In this section, the carpet cleaner’s type has a big impact on its capabilities. There are two major variations: the spot cleaner and the vacuum cleaner.

    Right off the bat, spot cleaners are much better at cleaning carpets. They can remove anything from crumbs to urine. Standard vacuum cleaners clearly can’t handle stains.

    However, buying a spot cleaner first can be a bad move.

    First, a spot cleaner is generally more expensive. Second, it is very inconvenient for quick cleaning because of the extra preparations you have to do. Lastly, it is harder to control when you have to clean the whole room.

    Spot cleaners are ideal for deep cleaning, but who does that every day?

    For a more practical decision, buy a vacuum cleaner first. Choose one that can handle carpets, pet hair, and debris from your pet’s food. Once your budget is ready for a spot cleaner, go ahead and buy one.

    Vacuum and spot cleaners really go hand in hand – the same goal, just a different approach.


Because of its practical features, we selected SharkNinja Navigator Freestyle Vacuum as the best portable carpet cleaner for pets. It is lightweight, versatile, and effective for quick daily cleaning of carpets.