The Best Portable Generators for Camping You Can Get This Year


Camping is a good way to escape the noise and confusion of the city. However, for your trip to be successful, you need to prepare in advance. One of the things you shouldn’t miss is a portable generator. It will make sure that you have enough electricity to power some of your camping appliances.

So, how do you choose the right one for you? Below, we’re sharing with you the best portable generators for camping you can get today.

Best Portable Generators for Camping Comparison Table 2018

Surge/Starting Wattage Fuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half Load Noise Level
Yamaha EF2000iS4.5$$$1,600 watts2,000 watts1.11 gallons12 hours51.5 DBA
Champion No. 75531i4.5$$$2,800 watts3,100 watts1.59 gallons8 hours58 DBA
Yamaha EF2400iSHC4.5$$$$2,000 watts2,400 watts1.6 gallons6.5 hours58 DBA
Ryobi RY122004$$1,800 watts2,200 watts1.0 gallon4 hours63 DBA

How Do You Choose the Best Portable Generators for Camping

  • Purpose

    First, you have to decide what you need the portable generator for while camping.

    Do you plan to use it strictly to power your recreational jaunts or your camping sensitive appliances? Power a portable drill at a remote campsite you are developing?

    Well, making the wrong choice could potentially cost you a lot.

    Keep in mind this:

    Small portable generators are ideal for charging your 12-volt car battery or for running a small TV, radio or lights. If you’ll be taking more appliances with you, consider getting a larger one.

  • Noise

    The best approach to cutting noise is to purchase the best portable inverter generators. These gen-sets combine the functionality of a portable generator and clean power output. These hybrids portable generators are known to generate AC voltage which is then converted to DC and then reconverted back to AC voltage by an onboard voltage inverter.

    The portable inverter generators are excellent choices for camping since you will be using power sensitive electronics.

Checklist for Selecting the Best Portable Inverter Generator:

  • The generator should be large enough to cover all your camping requirements, especially in terms of wattage.
  • Keep in mind that an extremely small gen-set may damage your equipment and one that is too large for your appliances may waste money.
  • The fuel type should be acceptable and the voltage should be correct for your camping equipment.
  • The generator must be safe to use at your campsite.
  • It should meet all the legal requirements for your camping location.

The Best Portable Inverter Generator Features to Look For

The best portable inverter generator for camping should be made of compact and lightweight design, allowing you to carry as well as position it conveniently. It should be able to run your sensitive appliances safely, including built-in microcomputer electronic devices. Additionally, it should be integrated with super quiet mufflers for silent operation.

The mufflers should conveniently emit a noise level that ranges between 50 dBA and 60 dBA. This noise level range will provide you with whisper quiet operation, which will not interfere with your night sleep.

The gen-set (s) should be made of smart technology for maximum fuel efficiency. Portable inverter generators with smart technology are especially energy efficient. They can run for a considerable number of hours with respect to their fuel tank capacity without refuelling, especially when in economy mode.

The inverter gen-set you choose should be user-friendly and has an easy-to-carry design. Furthermore, it should have a centralized control panel that can easily be accessed at the push of a button.


One of the main reasons why inverter portable generators are convenient for camping is the fact that they pose no threats to your sensitive appliances. They are the best portable generators for camping since they use noise reduction technologies.

These generators also feature auto-idle technology meant for fuel efficiency as well as quieter operation. They normally adjust as you plug in or remove appliances. However, this should not limit your choices. You can opt to go for the normal portable generators if you are not too sensitive to specific features and specs. But if you are after a priceless camping experience, you are advised to follow the recommendations of this guide.

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