Best Portable Generators for Tailgating


If you are considering a tailgating pilgrimage in the near future, make an effort to buy one of the best portable generators for tailgating. These portable generators will provide you with the opportunity of having a luxurious expedition. Great tailgates run the gamut from totally low-tech fully equipped rides with everything from built-in grills to the best portable generators for powering flat-screen TVs. What else would you use your tailgating generator for? Well, apart from powering your flat-screen, you can use it to power stereo system, little tailgating party lights, and even a blender.

Best Portable Generators for Tailgating Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceWattage Surge/Starting WattageFuel Tank CapacityRun Time at Half LoadNoise Level
Champion Power 73536i4.5$$$$1,700 watts2,000 watts1 gallon9.5 hours53 dBA
Yamaha EF1000iS4.5$$$$900 watts1,000 watts2.5 gallons12 hours57 dBA
Champion Power 75531i4.5$$$$2,800 watts3,100 watts1.59 gallons8 hours58 dBA
Earthquake IG800W4.5$$700 watts800 watts0.55 gallon14 hours58 dBA
Powerhouse PH2100PRi4$$$$2,000 watts2,100 watts1.3 gallons7.5 hours60 dBA

How to Choose the Best Portable Generators for Tailgating

Tailgating is supposed to be a fan, and the only way to make certain it is so is by preparing in advance. Apart from all the accessories you may need, power should be on top of the list. The simplest and most recommended portable generators should have the following qualities.

Lightweight/ Super-Quiet/ Clean Power Portable Generators

The best portable generators for tailgating should be compact and lightweight. Portability is extremely important as far as tailgating is concerned. Ideally, you should go for gen-sets that weigh as little as 21 pounds and a maximum weight that does not exceed 70 pounds.

The best portable generators should present super-quiet operation. Therefore, you should choose from a collection of generators that have super-quiet mufflers, and their noise level ranges between 50 and 60 decibels. These portable generators will provide you with maximum performance without interfering with your tailgating activities, such as watching a football game on the flat-screen, and so on. You can effectively get clean power from inverter technology; in addition to variable speed engine aimed at reducing noise, lengthen the life of your gen-set engine and conserve fuel.

Consider the Best Inverter Portable Generators

In order to effectively run 120 V tools and appliances while tailgating, you must have aboard one of the best portable inverter generators. These gen-sets allow you to plug tools and appliances into an outlet while at a given park, and use them just as you would at home. However, you should not buy a portable inverter generator before accurately calculating your power needs while tailgating. This will help you to avoid winding up with an excessively small unit. Well, the best portable inverter generators you engage should be sized to both your appliance needs and to your battery capacity.

The portable inverter generators you engage should exceed the maximum amount of power you will need during your expedition. If you wish to run a 100 Watt television set, a 300 Watt blender, a 1,200-watt hair dryer, and a 1,000-watt coffee maker simultaneously; then you will need an inverter generator with a total wattage of 2,600 watts.

Nevertheless, if you wish to run a 100 watt TV set and a 1,000-watt coffee maker at once, you will need a portable inverter generator with a total wattage of 2,000 watts. But, if you are to use a single appliance at a time, you will need only a 1,500-watt portable inverter generator. These generators are silent, maintenance free and cost far less to purchase as well as to operate than the normal portable generators. Always remember that the wattage rating on a portable inverter generator refers to the load that it can handle on a steady basis.


The best portable generators for tailgating should consist of smart technologies that will not only produce cleaner electricity but also optimal fuel efficiency. You should know that portable generators that do not take a lot of space and present whisper-quiet operation are inverter portable generators.

Weighing relatively fewer pounds, these generators are ultra-portable and they are integrated with an easy to carry design. They have a convenient as well as a centralized control panel. This allows you to effectively access all the generator’s features, simply at a push of a button. In addition, these generators are incorporated with low-oil shutoff system and overvoltage protection mechanism. Therefore, portable inverter generators should be your best tailgating gen-sets.

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