Best Portable Generators under $1,000


There are great varieties of the best portable generators under $1,000 that serve many different needs, including backup power for emergencies, tailgating, and camping. In fact, you can have portable generators that cost less than a thousand for work or recreational purposes, and they can readily be adapted to take on backup as a major duty. As far as these portable generators are concerned, you are presented with a wide range of choices. Many popular choices are good, and some are accurately safe.

5 Best Portable Generators under $1,000 Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceRunning Wattage Surge/Starting Wattage VoltageFuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half Load CARB Compliant
ChampionNo.75531I4.5$$$2,800 watts3,100 watts120 volts8 hours1.59 gallonsYes
Sportsman GEN7000LP4$$$6,000 watts7,000 watts120 volts8 hours20 lbs. of LPG fuelNo
Westinghouse WH7500E4.5$$$7,500 watts9,000 watts120/240 volts12 hours6.6 gallonsNo
Smarter Tools ST-GP7500DEB4.5$$$6,200 watts7,500 watts120 volts9 hours6.6 gallonsYes
Generac 60014$$$5,500 watts6,875 watts120/240 volts5 hours4.3 gallonsYes

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Portable Generators Under $1,000

The first consideration to make before engaging the market for a portable generator under $1,000 is what you will use the generator for. There are different scenarios in which you can use these generators, such as tailgating, camping, and emergency backup power. One of the most crucial usages of portable generators under $1,000 is backup emergency power. This is essentially important if you are living in disaster-prone areas, including areas frequently attacked by heavy storms and hurricanes.

Portable Generators for Emergency Power

The best portable generators under $1,000 can produce enough electricity to replace a damaged/ failed power supply for longer durations. Ideally, these gen-sets are indispensable during power outages. Most of these generators are powered by fuel driven engines, including gas powered portable generators, natural gas-powered portable generators, and diesel-powered portable generators. These portable generators are not inexpensive, and they need monitoring, upkeep, and maintenance to ensure that they will be ready for emergency whenever necessary. As much as these generators cost less than a thousand dollars, you need to make certain that the features correspond effectively to your power needs during an emergency.

The best gen-sets are those that are sized with both the running wattage and starting wattage. For your investment of almost a thousand U.S. dollars to be fruitful, you need to choose generators with starting and running wattages that sufficiently fulfil your power needs. Keep in mind that any of your appliances that consist of a motor will need additional starting wattage at startup. You can basically determine the running wattage by summing up all the constant power appliances that will be operating at the same time. You can estimate the needed starting wattage, by determining the extra surge power needed by a specific appliance, and then add the value to the constant wattage. However, you should not be adding the extra needed surge wattage of every device with a motor, since you should effectively run one appliance at a time.

Features of the Best Portable Generators under $1,000

The best portable generators that cost less than a thousand U.S. dollars are known to have powerful OHV air-cooled engines that have the ability to crank the needed running wattage and starting wattage. They include both recoil start and electric start. This makes it easier for you during winter, you will not have to work out your muscles while dealing with manual start, and you can conveniently use electric start. You should pay more attention to units with auto low-oil shutoff. The best portable generators with automatic low-oil shut down will ensure that your gen-set does not fry up when low on fuel. Another essentially important feature is the fuel tank capacity accompanied by runtime at half load.

Go for gen-sets with considerable fuel tank capacity, and they can run for a good number of hours at half load per fill. For instance, the champion power equipment no. 75531i has a fuel tank capacity of 1.59 gallons and a run time of 8 hours; while DuroMax XP10000E has a tank capacity of 8.3 gallons and a run time of 10 hours. To ensure that your money is well spent, go for generators with abundant outlets, including standard household outlets for powering your appliances and twist lock outlets for powering high-powered appliances.


The best portable generators under $1,000 are definitely effective and energy efficient. However, you need to make a purchasing decision that will without a doubt solve your power needs. Unlike most portable generators, gen-sets under $1,000 are conveniently used for supplying backup emergency power. However, you can always use them for other activities, including camping, boating, and tailgating. Portable generators in this category have been put to use by many people, and they have received a good number of positive reviews. Therefore, you should not be worried about making a purchase, since their worth has already been proven by other users.

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