Best Portable Generators under $200


The best portable generators under $200 are mostly gas powered. Despite that, they are still capable of producing an output of up to 1,200 watts and a rated wattage of not less than 800 watts.

However, unlike other high-valued and high-rated portable generators, these gen-sets are not meant for powering heavy-duty equipment. Their capacity is limited and they can’t power your entire house. Nevertheless, these portable generators have enough power to ensure that your small electrical appliances are powered effectively.

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Best Portable Generators under $200 Comparison Table 2018

NameRatingPriceRunning Wattage Surge/Starting Wattage Voltage Fuel Tank CapacitRun Time at Half Load Low Oil Shutdown
TradesPro 8367584$$$850 watts1,200 watts120 volts1.1 gallons12 hoursYes
Pulsar PG1202S4$$$900 watts1,200 watts120 volts1.1 gallons8.5 hoursYes
PowerPro 561014.5$$$900 watts1,000 watts120 volts1 gallon5 hoursYes
TradesPro 8367584$$$850 watts1,200 watts120 volts1.1 gallons12 hoursYes

How to Select the Best Portable Generators under $200

Portable generators under $200 are the gen-sets you need to keep your low powered appliances running during outages. Considering the asking price of these generators, these models are the best alternatives for budget-conscious individuals.

There is no need to buy a portable generator costing more than a thousand U.S. dollars with great surge and constant power, yet you need but a few hundred watts to have your appliances up and running.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Although portable generators under $200 are cheap, you still need to keep in mind that some of them do not have satisfactory features. There are models within this price range that cannot effectively operate on higher altitudes. Therefore, you should at least settle for the best portable generators under $200 that can effectively operate at thirty-six thousand feet.

The starting and constant wattage of the generator you choose matters a lot. The price might be under two hundred U.S. dollars, but the wattage may not be sufficient enough to power just a few of your small appliances. To ensure that you are able to run at least a couple of appliances, you should ensure that the generator you choose does not have a constant wattage that is less than 700 watts.

Your generator should be lightweight and compact, in addition to durability and sufficient power. The rated voltage does not need to be specifically 120 volts, but it should not be excessively low.

Be cautious with the noise level. Some of these gen-sets tend to have a noisy operation. Engage portable generators that have, at most, a noise level of 70 decibels. The tank capacity of the generator you select should not be less than one gallon, too. This will ensure that you are presented with a runtime, either at quarter load or half load that is significantly longer per every fill.

Additional Features to Look For

The power panel of the generators you pick should be centralized and composed of a good number of receptacles. The receptacles may include a DC receptacle and a three-prong receptacle, accompanied by individual circuit reset buttons as well as a voltmeter. In addition, it is always advisable to go for a portable generator under $200 with a low-oil shutoff mechanism to protect your generator engine and to increase its durability.

You might have never owned such cheap and 2-stroke portable generators, but they are perfect for activities that need limited power. They can run your TV and lights and they conveniently start in the second pool. Surprisingly, one of these generators can sufficiently run your microwave if they are not running any other appliances. Therefore, the choice of the most useful portable generator under $200 relies entirely on the features that you will take into consideration.


As stated above, the best portable generators under $200 should exceed the maximum amount of power you will ever require at once. These generators are mostly composed of 2-stroke engines. Therefore, you never have to adjust valves when compared to the 4-stroke engines.

Depending on how effective you will use one of these generators, your expectations may be exceeded. They may be cheap, but they are the real deal as far as low power equipment is concerned.

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