Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain


Pregnancy pillows are one of the important things that every pregnant female should have. It is the basic thing that aids mother to cope with the list of body pains which she has to face during pregnancy.? Most important of which is back pain. Back pain on an average affects 95 % of all females during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and want to overcome back pain then solution of your problem lies in buying of pregnancy pillow as soon as possible as it is the safest way to dealt with back pain. Here, is a guide for all females who want to buy pregnancy pillow and do not know what to look for?

Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain Comparison Table 2017

NameRating Price MaterialAffordabilityFeatures
Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge4$ Cotton• Affordable
• Price : $ 17.62
• Alleviate Back pain
• Provides comfortable sleep
• Light in weight
• Portable
Jolly Jumper Pregnancy Pillow Wedge4$Soft Flannelette cover• Highly Affordable
• Price: $ 11.59
• Supports stomach and back
• Provides proper spinal alignment
• Alleviates back pain
• Light in weight
• Portable
Vinyl Covered Foam Positioning Wedge Pillow4$$$Polyurethane• Expensive
• Price: $ 73.94
• Easy To remove zippered vinyl cover
• Efficiently relieve back pain
• Easy to clean
• Durable
• Antibacterial
• Mildew Resistant
Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge.4$$50% Cotton 50% Polyurethane foam• Affordable
• Price: $ 24.99
• Removable slipcover
• Easy to wash
• Support belly and back
• Moisture resistant
My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge4$100 %Cotton• Highly Affordable
• Price: $ 11.97
• Gives maximum support to belly
• Relieve back pain
• Light in weight
• Unique design

Pregnancy Pillow Buying Guide

A wide range of pregnancy pillows are available in market. It becomes difficult for you to decide which pillow to leave and which one to buy? To help you in this regard, here is pregnancy pillow buying guide for you which will definitely help you to buy the best pregnancy pillow available in market. This buying guide highlights main things to be kept in mind while buying of any type of pregnancy pillow.

  • Material of the Cover

    The first and most important thing to consider while buying pregnancy pillow is the material of the pillow. The material of any pillow is comprised of two basic things the cover and the fill.

    You have to look for both while buying pillow. When it comes to pillow cover then it is the cover that comes in contact with mother’s body so it should be soft, non-allergic and moisture resistant. Generally, all the pillows have removable covers which can be easily removed for washing purpose such as in case of Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge.

  • Material of the Fill

    The fill of the pillow should also be made of soft material so that, if used for long time it does not press mothers body or causes any discomfort. Usually, two types of materials are used for fill which are memory fillings and organic fillings. Memory fillings take the shape of body when comes in contact with body.

    They are composed of soft and firm material that keep the belly at its right place and improves mother posture while sleeping. On the other hand, organic fillings are made of organic materials which are free from chemical agents, bleaches or dyes. If you have sensitive skin then you must go for organic filling pregnancy pillows. However, memory foam pillows are also good option.

  • Alleviates Back Pain

    If you are buying pillow against any specific problem like back ache then you need to be more specified while selecting the pillow. The type of pillow which is well known for overcoming back pain is the wedge pregnancy pillow. Wedge pillows are specially designed to support back region or any other body part.

    When placed underneath the mother’s body wedge pillow release the stress from back and relieve back pain. So, for mothers who are searching for any remedy to overcome their back pain, wedge pillow such as Vinyl Covered Foam Positioning Wedge Pillow and My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge are the best option.

  • Size and Shape

    The next thing to look for is the size and shape of the pillow. If you want total body support then you should go for full length pregnancy pillows or shaped pregnancy pillows.

    In case, you want to buy pillow to relax any specific body part like belly, stomach or back then small size wedge type pillows which are circular or triangular in shape are good for you such as Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge. Moreover, you should opt for such pillow which has suitable size and shape, like you found in Jolly Jumper Pregnancy Pillow Wedge and Boppy Prenatal Sleep Wedge , best for an average heighted person.

  • Comfort Ability

    Always go for the product that seems comfortable to you as comfort ability is a matter of concern when it comes to use of pregnancy pillow. Therefore, make sure the pillow you are going to buy is soft and firm enough to provide you comfortable support without causing any discomfort.


Keep above things in mind while buying pregnancy pillow as they will definitely help you to buy the right product. Good luck with your purchase.

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