Best Pregnancy Pillow for the Money


Unlike past, now day’s pregnancy pillows use has been increased.? Pregnancy pillows not only support the body but also help mother get rid of sciatica and various other pains which she has to face during pregnancy. Moreover, pregnancy pillow use maintains the body posture during sleep and relax the abdominal muscles.

So, when one simple thing offers you so much then what are you waiting for ladies? Get up and buy a brand new pregnancy pillow and get rid of the irritating pains. Here, at tis platform I will provide you a guideline to buy the best type of pregnancy pillow within affordable price.

Best Pregnancy Pillow for the Money Comparison Table 2017

NAmeRatingPriceWeight FeaturesWhy You Should Buy This?
Hypoallergenic- Body Pillow RN# 1420354$3.1 Pounds• High quality
• Durable
• Made of hypoallergenic material
• Provides support to abdominal region
• Economical
• Supports belly
• Relief back pain
• Can be used against any specific body part
Moonrest U Body Pregnancy Pillow4$$2.4 Pounds• Made of hypoallergenic material
• Unique Design
• Provide full body support
• Soft and cozy
• Economical
• It helps you get rid of sciatic pains
• Held your body in proper place
• Prevents heartburn or nasal congestion during sleep
Hungarian Goose Body Pillow4.5$$3.2 Pounds• Made of 50% Polyester and 50% cotton
• Unique design
• Washable material
• Support the natural curves of body and maintains body posture
• Economical
• Top Selling product at amazon
• Offers you sound sleep
• Alleviate back pain
Snoogle Chic Jersey4.5$$7.2 Ounces• C-shaped
• Made of 60 % cotton and 40% polyester
• Easy to wash
• Available in eye catching colors
• Economical
• High quality
• Help you overcome various pains
• Provide full body support
Oversized Body Pillow4$$7.1 Pounds• J-Shaped
• Available in large size also
• Soft and comfortable
• Provides full body support
• Easy to wash
• One year limited warranty
• Improves blood circulation
• Relax abdominal muscles
• Alleviate back pain

Things to Consider While Buying Pregnancy Pillow

Everyone wants to get the product which is worth buying. Most of the people spend a lot of time in searching product yet they pick the scam product which rove to be not only wastage of money but also of time and energy. Well, in case of buying pregnancy pillow there are also some key points which you should consider. Considering these small points will help you a lot to pick up the right product which worth your money.

  • Material of the Pillow

    The primary thing in a pregnancy pillow to look for is its material. In market various type of materials are used for manufacturing of pillows such as organic material, memory foam, cotton, polyester and other fabrics etc. Organic material pillows such as Hypoallergenic- Body Pillow by Blowout Bedding are specially designed for females with sensitive skin. These pillows are made of 100% organic material that is free from bleaching agents and other chemical residues. Generally, these pillows are quiet expensive than normal pillows.

    The next material is memory foam; memory foam pregnancy pillows are firm and comfortable and give your body proper support. They are less expensive than organic pillows. The next and most widely used material is cotton and polyester. Most of the companies use cotton and polyester in combination to form pillow. Cotton and polyester pillows like Alternative Body Pillow – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding and Snoogle Chic Jersey – Charcoal are soft, firm, durable and available in various lengths. ?These types of pillows are not only durable but also cost effective.

  • Size and Shape of the Pillow

    Size and shape of the pillow is the next thing to consider. Size of pregnancy pillow varies form one product to other. Pregnancy pillows are available in different sizes such as large size full length body pillows, medium size body pillows and small wedge like body pillows.

    I personally recommend you to select the size which is according to your height. As far as shape of pillow is concerned then C, J, U shaped pillows are mostly preferred by consumers because they offer maximum support to body. Small triangular shape wedge like pillows are also popular among customers for supporting any specific body part such as back and hips.

  • Affordability

    Pregnancy pillows are not something that demands a lot of money. They are available in affordable price range of $ 10- 200. No matter if you have tight budget as you can get best quality pregnancy pillow in low price such as Moonrest U Body Pregnancy Pillow? and Alternative Body Pillow – Exclusively by Blowout Bedding .

    In addition, pregnancy pillows like Snoogle Chic Jersey – Charcoal and Oversized Body Pillow Exclusively by Blowout Bedding are also good option. Thus, in case of buying pregnancy pillow money is not an issue as you can easily get the best product with the least amount.


I assure that if you keep above things in mind you will definitely get the product which worth your money.

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