Best Pregnancy Pillows Buying Guide & Reviews


So you are pregnant, congratulations on this great news. This is the best and worst time of any woman life. It’s best because you are going to become a mother which is truly one of the best feelings of life and its worst because you will have to face a lot of physical health issues in the coming months such as back pain, joint pain, vomiting, nausea etc.

In addition, your body will have to bear extra weight which may cause pain in body muscles. These symptoms are normal and every woman face them in the process of becoming a mother so do not worry about them.

Thanks to this modern age, there is now a solution for almost anything. There is whole range of accessories especially pregnant women. These accessories include everything from special shoes to dresses but the product which gained most popularity is pregnancy pillow.

Best Pregnancy Pillows Comparison Table 2017

NAmeRatingPriceTypeWeightBest for Features
KHOMO Full Body Maternity Pillow4.5$$U Shaped pillow7 poundsFull bodyCan be used for pregnancy and maternity both, easy to wash,
Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow 4.5$$$U shaped pillow10.2 poundsFull bodyMade of cotton, can also be used for nursing, highly flexible
DEX Products Pregnancy Pillow4$Wedge pillow10.4 ouncesStomach and back Small in size, take less space, light weighted
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow4.5$$J shaped pillow5.5 poundsNeck, back, hip and tummyHas removable cover, easy to wash, light weighted, offer extra support
Leachco Pregnancy Body Pillow4.5$$$U shaped pillow9 poundsBack and belly 65% polyester, easy to wash,
Petite Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow4.5$$$U shaped7.4 poundsTotal body Good for nursing as well, highly comfortable, offer support to all body parts
Moonrest Firm Pregnancy Pillow4$$$U shaped pillow9 poundsFull bodyMade of hypoallergenic material, provide support to neck, shoulders, back, hips and stomach, has easy to wash cover
My Brest Friend Pregnancy Pillow4$Wedge pillow8 ouncesBally and back Made of 100% cotton, light weighted, takes less same, easy to take anywhere
Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow4.5$$C shaped pillow5.8 poundsHips, back and stomachMade of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, can be used for nursing as well
Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow4.5$$$J shaped5.4 pounds Neck, back and bumpTherapeutically designed, easy to wash covering, available in 9 different patterns

Pregnancy Pillows – An Overview

Pregnancy pillows are totally different from traditional pillows in terms of size, shape, material and level of comfort. These pillows are designed in such a way that they give comfort to whole body from backbone to legs. Pregnant women use them frequently in order to get sound sleep.

Women are asked to avoid sleeping straight on back especially during last few months of pregnancy as it can be dangerous for the infant. In this situation, pillows help the pregnant ladies in sleeping on either of the sides comfortably. Placing the pillow between knees provides comfort and ensures that infant get nutrients and flow of blood.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

There are various types of maternity pillows. The size, shape and purpose of each pillow are different. Some pillows support whole body whereas other just supports certain body parts like back, stomach, hips etc. Following is a brief overview of different types.

  • Detachable Maternity Pillows

    These pillows are rectangular in shape providing support to whole body. The major thing that differentiates them from other pillows is that they are divided in to two or more parts which are attached to each other through Velcro fasteners. The user may attach parts as per her needs. For instance, if you are having in back only then you may just keep one part to give support for back but if whole body is causing pain then it is better to attach all the parts.

  • Shaped Maternity Pillows

    Shaped pillows as the name implies are those pillows that have certain shapes. These pillows include C, U, J and V shaped pillows. J shaped pillows does not provide enough support to the body. You can either place them behind you for back support or in front of you for stomach.

    C shaped pillows offer more benefits to shoulders, legs and head. You may also use it to support your back. Pregnant women mostly prefer V and U shaped maternity pillows as both these pillows support whole body not just back or stomach. They allow women to change their side while sleeping.

  • Wedge Pregnancy Pillows

    These pillows are relatively different from shaped and detachable pillows as only provide support to back and stomach. Pregnant women face problem sleeping due to their bump. Extra weight also causes back pain. Wedge pillows are placed under the bump or back to provide extra support to these body parts. These pillows are smaller in size compared to other pillows and they are also cheaper. So, if you want a pillow that takes minimum space and has lower price than you must buy wedge pillow.

  • Body Pregnancy Pillows

    The pillows help you to relieve stress from all body muscles as they provide support to all body parts. The major difference between these and other types of pillows is their larger size. Their size is roughly 6 feet. These pillows are relatively more comfortable compared to other pillows and the good thing is that women can select the level of firmness they want in these pillows.

  • Wrap or Flexible Pregnancy Pillows

    A wrap or flexible pillow is yet another type of pregnancy pillows. The distinguishing feature of this pillow is that it can be wrapped around any part of the body for additional support. In addition, you can twist it to change its shape as per your requirements. Women may wrap them around the areas having aches.

Materials Used in Pregnancy Pillows

The softness and firmness of a pregnancy pillow depends on the material used in it. The use of rough material may cause more harm than benefit so it is highly suggested checking the material of pillow before buying it. Following are a few materials used in pregnancy pillows.

  • Hypoallergenic Filling

    Women’s body changes during pregnancy, even her likings and disliking also changes. Sometimes, women develop allergies against certain materials or fabrics during pregnancy that is why a few companies use hypoallergenic filling in the pregnancy pillows. Hypoallergenic materials naturally have the tendency to avoid common household allergens like dust, pollen etc. They are usually non porous. If you have asthma or minor breathing problem then these pillows are good for you.

  • Memory Foam

    Memory foam is used in mattress, pregnancy pillows and various other items. The reason behind using this material in pregnancy pillow is the extraordinary support it provides to the body. It has the ability to change its shape as per the woman body. The good thing is that it comes back to its original shape after every use.

  • Organic Fillings

    Recently, the trend of organic maternity pillows has been increased. These pillows are made from wheat, cotton and other various natural material that are grown through organic means. These pillows are relatively expensive than other pillows. Most women use them due to their unique smell.

Selection of Best Pregnancy Pillow

There are different types of pregnancy pillows having different fillings in them manufactured by different companies. Unfortunately, not every pillow provides comfort you want. The difficult part is that all pillows look similar which makes it more difficult to choose the right one. If you do not want to end up choosing a wrong maternity pillow then you must consider following factors while looking different maternity pillows.

  • Air Flow and Heat Retention

    The body temperature of pregnant women increases faster than other women so they should prefer those maternity pillows that have the ability to move away moisture in order to keep your body cool. Some materials trap heat in them causing you to feel hotter which may create uneasiness and discomfort specially while sleeping.

    Maternity pillows made from organic material usually ensure continuous air flow but now days a few synthetic pillows also have the ability to release heat. This makes it easier for women to breath.

  • Extent of Use

    Most of the women buy the pillow which they expect to be useful during pregnancy but the interesting thing is that some pregnancy pillows can also be used afterwards. These pillows are designed in such a way that they can be used for nursing the baby. So, when you are spending money then why not find a pillow that can be used after pregnancy as well? Do not forget to ask the seller about the potential uses of pregnancy pillow you are going to buy.

  • Ease of Cleaning

    Maternity pillow absorbs sweat and it becomes full of contamination and spilled milk once the baby is born so it is highly suggested buying the pillow that is relatively easier to clean. Most of the pillows have pillow cases having zip or button on them. Prefer pillow with covers made of easy to wash and light weighted fabric.

  • Level of Support

    As mentioned above, not all the maternity pillows offer 100% body support, some are made for just stomach and back support while others for leg, neck and shoulder support. The extent of pain and muscle stress varies among pregnant women so it is better to buy the pillow that offer support to those areas that are causing maximum trouble.

    Pregnant women may feel pain in just shoulders or neck during first few months of pregnancy but it moves towards back, stomach and legs in later months so it is best buying a pregnancy pillow that relaxed muscles of whole body.

  • Material

    If you have allergy issues, than simply buy pillow having hypoallergenic filling. It is better to touch the pillow in order to check level of firmness and softness. A good material changes shape when applied pressure but then comes back to the original shape after pressure is removed. Avoid buying pillow that is stiff, hard and inflexible. Maternity pillows made from organic materials are also good for everyone. Absorbent pillows are usually better as they absorb moisture instead of making you wet.


Pregnancy pillows ease up pregnancy up to a great extent. These pillows not only provide you relief from backaches but they also relaxed body muscles. The good thing is that most of them can also be used after pregnancy for nursing the baby. It is better to decide what you want from your pregnancy pillow before taking buying decision.

If you just want cure from back pain or support to your stomach then wedge maternity pillow is best for you but if your shoulder, legs, knees and other body parts also causes pain and you feel difficulty sleeping then you may buy U shaped or full body pillow.

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