Best Professional Hair Dryers


Almost everyone knows what it means to go pro. Only the best of the best is reserved for the pros. There are pros and then there are amateurs. Amateurs can make do with any device since they just need to get a job done like taking it from point A to point B. However the same does not apply to a professional. Any and everything that a professional undertakes is a masterpiece. Be it a photo-shoot, an app designed or a model prepared for a fashion show; the results are simply flawless.

The same trend applies to hair dryers albeit with slight modifications. Read on below about what things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a professional hair dryer. Note that it’s not enough for a hair dryer to be of the professional grade; your skills and expertise will determine the final outcomes.

Best Professional Hair Dryers Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Feature
Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo4.5$$1,900 watts2.3 pounds8Anti-heat up
Babyliss Pro BABNT55484.5$$2,000 watts1.8 pounds6Nano Titanium + Ionizer
Babyliss Pro Volare 4.5$$$2,000 watts1 pound6Ferrari designed motor and body, 2.8m cord and nano titanium
Onei MK-II4.5$$$1,800 watts2 pounds5Far-infrared, lightweight body, 3m cord, 4 year warranty
BaByliss Pro BABNTB6610N4$$$2,000 watts1.8 pounds7Nano titanium grill
BaByliss Pro BABNT66104.5$$$2,000 watts1.8 pounds7Italian motor, Nano titanium grill, ionizer, add-ons
Supersolano 232rb 4.6$$1,875 watts1 pound7Long cord, weight balanced motor, add-ons
BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 TT4.5$$1,900 watts2 pounds7Tourmaline + Titanium grill, far-infrared, 2 year warranty

What it Means to Have a Professional Hair Dryer

Often people get a professional hair blower to achieve salon-like hair finishes. The thing here is that not everyone gets what they were looking for. Have a look at the points below which determine whether you’ll simply get a professional hair dryer or a device which gives a professional end result.

  • Light Weight

    A device must feel light to hold so that one’s energies aren’t diverted towards straining with the hairdryer. Professional hair dryers each come with their own ‘mix’ of features. Some focus more on power, others focus more on additional features and so on. When one aspect is enhanced then there tends to be a shortcoming in another aspect. E.g. you’ll find a dryer with a powerful motor but more weight as well. Look for a device which is light so you can use it for hours without tiring out with clients.

  • Add-ons

    A professional needs a vast array of tools at their disposal to achieve the best results. The FHI Nano Salon, e.g., comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachment. You should aim for purchasing a device which offers maximum options for different attachments so that you aren’t held back in your work because of your device lacking features.

  • High Power

    Power is the name of the game here. Either you have it or you don’t. A low powered motor is the last thing you want in a hairdryer. While many stylists do well in the 1600-1900w range; you can opt for more to get that high-performance blow-drying experience. The TwinTurbo 3500 Professional comes with a high powered 2000w motor which necessitates the K-lamination which protects it from internal damage.

  • Multiple Settings

    The average user needs a simply gush of hot air to dry their hair. A professional, on the other hand, needs pinpoint accuracy. Therefore multiple speed and heat settings are a must. When you’re getting a professional dryer then you should have the option to vary the settings according to your styling needs. E.g. when opting for curls, you can use a low speed and high heat setting.

  • Cool Shot

    Although the cool shot function is a standard with many dryers, it should not be overlooked. When you’re working on a complicated style; the cool shot will come to rescue by instantly setting the look in place. Make sure the button is well placed though. If the placement isn’t right, you’ll end up pressing it accidentally every now and then.

  • Ionizer On/Off Function

    While having an ionizer is not a bad thing; everything can go both ways with a professional. Ions ‘smoothen’ out your hair and thus this feature negates your efforts when you’re aiming to get more volume. An option to turn on and off the ionizer can help solve this.

  • Durable

    You’ll be spending some serious money on a good dryer. Don’t go for looks, rather get a solid, well-built hair dryer which can withstand heavy and daily use. Ensure the cord is strong and of adequate length. Avoid the dryers which can retract cords. The mechanism isn’t mean for frequent use; you’re better off with fixed cords.

  • Ergonomic

    Lightweight alone doesn’t constitute for an easy to use the device. The assembly should be in a way that the parts are balanced and minimum strain is placed on the wrists and arm. Handle placement and grip, button placement, safety features; all these counts. A rubberized grip, such as on the Cortex Turbo 4400, makes for a firmer grip and easy use. Buttons placement should be in a way that they don’t get accidentally pressed. You don’t want to be fumbling with the device in the midst of a intense styling session.

  • Reputable Company with Warranty

    Although features are what really matter; shelling out money to meet high prices for professional hair dryers make it a wise decision to consider a reputable brand. Choose a company which has a good image as well as provides warranties and customer support.


A professional hair styling tool will be the one which gives a salon like, specialized hairdo. The above features come into play when trying to achieve that. Look for a device which best fit the points above and you’re good to go. Consider the Babyliss Pro Porcelain Carrera2 as a benchmark.

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