Best All Purpose Cleaner


The most important thing to consider when choosing an all purpose cleaner for your home is that it is safe for your family. There are a lot of different kinds of cleaners out there and some of them contain harmful chemicals. Of course, it needs to be effective in removing stains and germs. We’ve made a list of the best all-purpose cleaners that have safe formulas and are efficient for cleaning different surfaces.

Sometimes, it’s the simplest stains that could give us a very difficult time to remove. One of these is a water stain on wood. Here are some tricks to try on how to remove water stains from wood. And for dirt on stainless steels, check out our take on the best stainless steel cleaner. For cleaning carpets using steam, here is a guide on the best steam mops for carpets.

So how do you know which all purpose cleaner is right for your home? This list will help you decide and pick the best according to your needs.

Our Pick: Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner

On the top of our list is the Puracy Natural All Purpose Cleaner. This safely cleans any hard surface without causing streaks. It has a plant based formula which effectively removes food, soda, juice, grease, oil, pet accidents, and other residues. You can use it on kitchen countertops, bathrooms, hardwood floors, car dashboards, and other solid surfaces. It has a green tea and lime natural fragrance.

This cleaner is safe for children and pets. It has a nontoxic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable formula. It’s a versatile cleaner that is free from harsh chemicals and fumes.

Runner Up: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner

Our second top choice is the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner. It comes in a bottle with a sprayer so you can easily apply it on the affected surface. You can use this cleaner for bathrooms, glass and windows, and other areas in your home. A disadvantage is that it may leave off some streaks so you would have to make sure that you wipe it really clean.

It has a natural scent that would leave your home feeling fresh. This is safe for pets because it is not chemical based.

Also Great

If you want something that’s really natural, you could try the Method Naturally Derived All-Purpose Cleaner. This is a strong cleaner that does not use chemicals so it’s safe for your family. It effectively cleans grime and dirt. This will naturally break down dirt with its power green technology. It has a French lavender scent which is gentle and pleasant. This can be used for most surfaces like tile, wood, and metal.

The ingredients used in this product are naturally derived and has been evaluated by an independent environmental institute. Even the bottles are 100% recycled.

Another great option is the Simple Green Clean Building All-Purpose Cleaner. This one is a concentrated solution that you would have to dilute but unlike other concentrates, this has biodegradable ingredients so it is safe for your home. It is great for cleaning water-safe hard surfaces. The great thing about this concentrate is that you only need a small amount to clean up big areas so it’s a great value.

It has a fragrance free formula so this is great for those with allergies or those who are sensitive to scents. It meets Green Seal standards for industrial and institutional use.

The Better Life All Purpose Cleaner is also a good alternative. This is effective in cleaning all surfaces. It can tackle grimes and grease as well as hard water stains, soap scums, and food stains. You can even use it as a laundry spotter. This is a plant derived cleaner so it’s safe to use. It does not contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or petroleum solvents.

It leaves no rinsing residues so you just have to wipe the surface clean after spraying. You can use it on toilets, countertops, appliances, walls, floors, tables, carpets and more.

Budget Pick

The Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner is a great affordable alternative that does the job. It cuts through grease and grime quickly and kills food-related bacteria on hard nonporous surfaces. This also disinfects as you wipe. It helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew. It also deodorizes your home leaving it with a fresh scent. This cleaner is great both for indoor and outdoor use.

You can use this to clean stovetops, sinks, countertops, and other surfaces as long as they’re hard and nonporous. It does not contain ammonia or bleach.

How to Choose the Best All Purpose Cleaner

Depending on the types of stains you want to clean in your home or the kind of mess that you have to deal with regularly, there are different types of all purpose cleaner that you can use.

  • Safe and Green Ingredients

    Contrary to what others might expect, green cleaners or those made with plant based ingredients also work great. They are not less effective. These can be as strong as chemical based cleaners. The great thing is that it is safe for you and your family, and even for your pets. Choose ones that don’t include harmful chemicals and are nontoxic.

  • Grime and Dirt

    The efficiency of your all-purpose cleaner will be tested if it effectively cleans through grime and dirt. Don’t hesitate to check for customer reviews to see how the cleaner performed for them before buying one for yourself.

  • Fragrance Free

    For those with allergies or who are more sensitive to scents, there are all-purpose cleaners that are fragrance-free. There are also those with mild scents that can work just as well.

  • Sprays vs Concentrates

    Some cleaners come in spray bottles. Some are in the form of a concentrate that you would have to dilute. It really depends on how much cleaning you do and how often. Spray bottles are great for regular cleaning and they’re easy to use. If you want to do a more general type of cleaning, the concentrate is a good option since it can cover more areas. You would have to think about the extra effort of diluting the substance and transferring it to another spray container to use.

It would also be nice if your all-purpose cleaner does not leave streaks since that takes extra time and effort to clean up.

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