The 6 Best Putty Knives: Which One Is For You?


To secure the glass to your window frame, you need to get your hands on the best putty knife you can find. This tool is essential to smooth out the putty that holds the edges of glass panes. That’s basically the process behind window glazing.

Putty knives can also be used for other applications such as scraping residues off surfaces. Let’s learn more about this type of knife as we introduce the top products below:

Our Pick: Red Devil 4718 3-Piece Plastic Knife Set

Applying putty can be a tiring task. You need to constantly move your wrists and arms, which might result in physical strain. Since we’re looking for a lightweight option, we ultimately selected Red Devil 4718 3-Piece Plastic Knife Set as the number one product here.

Despite being lightweight, this product is really durable. In addition, because of its high-quality plastic material, the set is affordable yet effective. The putty knife is really flexible to ensure smooth application of the substance.

Aside from the putty knife, this set includes a spreader and a taping knife. It promotes versatility for different DIY projects.

Runner Up: HYDE TOOLS 4101 1-1/2″ Putty Knife

While the first product is super-flexible, HYDE TOOLS 4101 1-1/2″ Putty Knife aims for intense durability. It has a blade made of carbon steel for that undeniable hardness. It is extremely tough to withstand heavy use.

Even though this product features a tough metal blade, the entire form won’t strain your hands. It has a grip that will keep your hand secure yet comfortable. To be more specific, the handle is smooth to keep your palm safe from abrasion.

Also Great: Luokaa Stiff Putty Knife

For a stronger option, Luokaa Stiff Putty Knife is the one to beat. It is really firm, which is more preferable for some people. It also comes in a set which includes a scraper and taping knife.

Meanwhile, for the sake of storage convenience, each tool has a hole in its handle. This will make it easier for you to hang your putty knife on a pegboard. It is a helpful feature if you’re always working with various tools.

Also Great: Qualihome 6 Piece Putty Knife Set

Since Qualihome 6 Piece Putty Knife Set comes with a variety of sizes, it promises more functions aside from glazing windows. It is also great for repairing cracks on different surfaces and stripping furniture.

Additionally, these putty knives are tough against paint remover solvents. They’re also lightweight and durable just like our top product.

Also Great: Titan Tools 17000 3 Piece Putty Knife Set

To guarantee precision in applying the substance as well as fillers, Titan Tools 17000 3 Piece Putty Knife Set uses blades made of stainless steel. This material is excellent at scraping off excess putty.

Each tool also has a TPR handle to keep your hand comfortable during the process. The handle will also give your hand a stronger grip around the tool.

Budget Pick: Tarvol 4″ Putty Knife

Another product made of carbon steel, Tarvol 4″ Putty Knife looks attractive because of its flawless mirror finish. Its surface is polished for easier cleaning.

This carbon steel putty knife is really tough, but it is surprisingly flexible. The added flexibility makes this tool ideal for spreading and painting as well. That’s why this product is a must-have, even more so with its very affordable price.

When it comes to comfort, the handle is made of soft rubber. It is a great addition to a metal putty knife. Say goodbye to muscle fatigue with this product!

How to Select the Best Putty Knife

In choosing the best putty knife out of all high-quality selections, we considered the following factors:

  • Flexibility

    Surely you’ve noticed from our list that some putty knives are flexible while others are stiff. Before explaining why a flexible putty knife set lands the top spot, allow us to show you the pros and cons of each type.

    Stiff putty knives usually have firm handles to let you apply more pressure when needed. This is crucial for removing residues and scraping excess materials. However, stiffness can be a downside for applying putty.

    Since the main purpose of putty knives is to apply, spread, and smooth out the substance, we’re definitely prioritizing flexibility. After all, a lot of flexible options are durable as well. Sadly, they’re not really effective for scraping.

    That’s why we suggest buying a set of putty knives for versatility. Usually, a set is composed of both stiff and flexible knives. Don’t worry; putty knife sets are actually very affordable.

  • Size

    Meanwhile, some putty knives have wide blades while others are much narrower. All sizes actually have a purpose for different tasks.

    Tasks such as stripping paint off a wall require wider putty knives. On the other hand, window glazing needs smaller blades.

    To make sure that you’ll be ready for any project, we recommend putty knife sets once again. A typical set of putty knives is composed of big and small blades.

  • Comfort

    We’ve mentioned earlier that applying putty can strain your muscles. To lessen discomfort, you really should opt for lightweight putty knives.

    Plastic is definitely more lightweight than metal putty knives. However, if you’re not careful enough, you might buy a plastic knife that will immediately break. So, only choose from the best options.

    A comfortable handle is also needed. You can either choose a rubberized handle or a plastic one that can conform to your own grip. A smooth surface is also important to avoid discomfort in your palm.

    Having that perfect grip doesn’t only promote comfort; it will also boost control which leads to a quicker process.


Because of its high level of flexibility, a variety of sizes, and comfortable grips, we selected Red Devil 4718 as the best putty knife. It is made of flexible plastic, but it remains durable. It is also great for different tasks, not just for applying putty on windows.

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