Best Rabbit Hutch


Some owners prefer to have their rabbits outside their homes, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t care less. Thanks to rabbit hutches, those furry little creatures remain safe even if they are outdoors. If you have rabbits ready for secure living outside your own shelter, we are here to give you the best rabbit hutch in today’s market based on careful research and product testing.

Before we introduce the best rabbit hutch, let’s be more specific about the functions of this type of animal shelter. Rabbit hutches should be perfectly constructed to protect our cuddly friends from intense heat as well as winter elements. They must also be located in an enclosed area such as barns, sheds and fenced yards to keep rabbits safe from predators. They can even be placed inside a bigger pen so the rabbits can move around.

Our Pick: Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is actually a stilted nesting box with its own outdoor enclosure to balance comfort and safety. Regarding the enclosure, it is connected with a kind of wire that is ideal for rabbits since it is not too rugged. Another crucial feature is the pullout tray that aims for easier cleaning. Appearance-wise, it has attractive white and auburn colors on wooden material that will look good in any type of area. The fir lumber does not only contribute to a beautiful home; it is actually a special GoneGreen type created by the brand, aiming for a lightweight rabbit hutch that is also resistant to rot and insects. This rabbit hutch is perfect for two to three rabbits.

Runner Up: Petsfit Indoor Use Wood Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch

Petsfit Indoor Use Wood Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch has a tough construction for both upper and lower levels. Despite its solid design, it still looks classy with its two-color combination of water-based paint. For access, you may simply open its roof. This rabbit hutch is easy to assemble because of its pre-drilled holes.

Also Great: Merax Wood House Pet Rabbit Hutch

Merax Wood House Pet Rabbit Hutch is composed of striped wooden planks for better durability. It is guaranteed to withstand rain, thanks to its waterproof roof and paint.

Also Great: Confidence Pet 62″ Rabbit Hutch

Confidence Pet 62″ Rabbit Hutch is not only ideal for rabbits; it can also be the ultimate shelter of guinea pigs and ferrets. It is composed of furniture-grade wood that resists growth of fungi. It has heavy-duty wires made of high-quality steel to ensure a long-lasting rabbit hutch.

Also Great: Prevue Hendryx Pet Rabbit Hutch

Prevue Hendryx Pet Rabbit Hutch has double-door locks to enhance safety. For a more attractive yet harmless finish, its fir wood has a non-toxic stain coating. This rabbit hutch has a bottom grille that is perfectly removable for cleaning. However, its overall design keeps the floor comfy for the rabbits’ feet.

Budget Pick: TRIXIE Pet Products Outdoor Run Rabbit Hutch

TRIXIE Pet Products Outdoor Run Rabbit Hutch has two stories divided by a sliding door to separate the retreat area above. Its ramp is non-slip for the rabbits’ protection. The pullout tray is made of plastic instead of wood for a more thorough cleaning.

How to Select the Best Rabbit Hutch

Still looking for other essential features? Here are important factors to consider in choosing the best rabbit hutch for your specific preferences:

  • Size

    Rabbits need space to roam around. It is cruel to let several rabbits live in such a tiny area. So, the rabbit hutch’s size should be your number one priority. It has a big contribution to overall comfort.

    According to experts, hutches should be four times the size of your rabbit. The bigger, the better – definitely. If you still have bunnies instead of full-grown rabbits, choose a hutch that is at least 24 x 36 inches. These bunnies are usually below eight pounds only, so follow the minimum dimensions to save money. On the other hand, if you have bigger rabbits, resort to 30 x 36 inches or more.

    Thinking about height alone, the standard is the rabbit’s height when it stands on its hind legs – plus two inches.

  • Barrier

    The next thing you will definitely notice is the barrier that surrounds the rabbit hutch. Which is better: bars or wires? It does not matter much, honestly. What you need to evaluate is the material.

    Two common materials are plastic and powder-coated metal. However, we are warning you right now – never choose plastic. Rabbits really love chewing different kinds of stuff. They can surely destroy plastic and low-quality coating. Some product descriptions really claim how “rabbit-friendly” their protective wiring is, so take note of that while you are browsing the store.

  • Access

    Of course, you need to choose the best rabbit hutch based on your preferences regarding access as well. Make sure that your rabbits, as well as your arms, can fit the door without causing any harm. Definitely, choose a hutch that has a pretty wide door. With poor access, you will never have the chance to thoroughly clean the whole hutch. One door is enough, but also consider double-door access.

    The door’s size is not your only concern. You still have to think about how secure the door is. With well-designed hinges and locks plus tough exterior, rest assured no predator can hurt your rabbits.

  • Flooring

    From exterior features, let’s proceed to the most important thing you have to consider inside the rabbit hutch – flooring. There are two major types: solid and wire. As expected, each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

    Thinking about the comfort factor alone, solid flooring is way better than wires. The big turnoff, however, is the almost-impossible task of cleaning it without any hassle. Solid flooring requires you to remove the rabbits from the hutch before cleaning it. It also needs you to change the bedding and wipe the surface regularly.

    Meanwhile, most buyers really prefer wire flooring. It is much, much easier to clean. Wire flooring comes with a pullout tray. Waste directly shoots into the solid tray underneath the wires. There is no more need to remove the rabbits before cleaning the hutch. Sadly though, while wire flooring is convenient for us, it is definitely not 100% okay for the rabbits. Their feet tend to get stuck on the wires. To solve this, you should reserve a big space and cover it with the right kind of bedding so the rabbits can rest there. Grass and hay are good options since you can just easily shake rabbit poop off.


Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch as the best rabbit hutch for most owners. It is comfortable, secure, durable, attractive, and big enough for more than one rabbit. In choosing the best rabbit hutch based on what you think is convenient for you, you still have to think about the comfort and safety of your rabbits. Simply evaluate the size, barrier material, access and flooring of the hutch.

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