The Best Reading Magnifiers You Can Buy Today


You don’t have to wear reading glasses all the time. That’s why we’re here to present to you the best reading magnifiers you can buy with just a few clicks.

Read on to find out more about our top picks.

Our Pick: iMagniphy Illuminated Reading Magnifier

If reading isn’t the only hobby or task you regularly do, we highly recommend iMagniphy Illuminated Reading Magnifier. It comes with two glass lenses you can effortlessly interchange to match the activity you’re doing. Simply use the lens release system to adjust the magnification.

Some of the product’s best applications include zooming in on the details of coins, stamps, coupons, prescriptions, maps, gears, circuit boards, and jewelry. That’s why this magnifier can serve as a unique gift for the elderly as well as handymen.

Since reading magnifiers are prone to smudges, this one is contained in a small pouch. It also includes a cloth designed for safe cleaning of the lenses. Another factor to enhance durability is the tough acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic case surrounding the glass.

Now, let’s focus on the device’s lighting feature. The built-in light-emitting diode (LED) lights are placed on the handle to avoid making the surface too bright for your eyes. They will only provide you a minimal amount of light to save energy and prevent distracting other people.

When it comes to portability, this magnifier is small enough to fit pouches. It is also lightweight for long hours of reading.

Runner Up: Brightech LightView Pro Magnifier Lamp

You can’t obviously bring Brightech LightView Pro Magnifier Lamp anywhere, but it claims to have the biggest lens made of real diopter glass. It has a focal range of 15 inches and can magnify tiny details up to 175 percent. It is clearly more powerful than the usual handheld ones.

Magnifier lamps are meant to have a fixed position for one crucial purpose. They promote hands-free use for complex tasks like repairing technical systems, sewing, and tattooing. Despite the steady metal base, you can still move your hands however you like by adjusting the flexible gooseneck.

Also Great: MagniPros 3X(300%) Reading Magnifier

As you can see, MagniPros 3X(300%) Reading Magnifier has a wide rectangular lens. The purpose of that shape is to let you read books and articles in the most normal way possible despite problems in your vision. You’ll have a chance to view words from left to right without moving the magnifier too much.

Compared to other options, this one has a lighter feel. That’s because the lens isn’t made of glass – it’s crystal-clear acrylic! The handle also has a nice grip.

In addition, acrylic won’t shatter to bits when you drop it. It can also resist scratches with heavy use.

Surely you’re curious about the 300% magnification of this device. Thanks to the perfect form of the lens, that level of magnifying strength works. It won’t distort the texts you’re trying to read.

For times when you need a brighter light, you’ll appreciate the roller dimmer feature. It will help you adjust the brightness level up to 600 lumens. Simply tap it with your finger.

Speaking of the light feature, the 10 surface-mounted diodes (SMD) LEDs can last at least 100,000 hours with just three AAA batteries. Even better, they can stay functional for up to 20 years without overheating.

Also Great: Fancii LED Light Reading Magnifier

Want a similar model that’s cheaper than the previous option? You’re in luck for we’re about to introduce the main features of Fancii LED Light Reading Magnifier. It may not be as powerful as the last product, but it still has that large rectangular lens to improve your reading experience.

Even with just three LED lights, you can still read texts in the dark with this device. They’re also energy-efficient, just like other high-quality choices. Turning them on or off only relies on a simple switch on the handle.

Also Great: Lnchett Shatterproof Reading Magnifier

To keep the scratch-resistant glass lens safe from breaking, Lnchett Shatterproof Reading Magnifier is protected with a frame made of rubber. Even the long handle is covered with rubber for that nonslip grip while accommodating your entire hand.

Aside from enlarging texts, this durable magnifier is also ideal for exploring the environment. That’s why it’s ideal for young children. Kids will have a more exciting time studying insects, plants, and other things with this product.

Budget Pick: Outus 4 Pack Plastic Reading Magnifier

Here’s something more unique. If you don’t like bringing a magnifying glass or device with you at all times, Outus 4 Pack Plastic Reading Magnifier is what you need. Just place it in your pocket or wallet, and you don’t have to worry about missing a detail anymore.

Despite its very simple design, each lens of this product has 300% magnifying strength. You’ll find that even more amazing when you find out that it’s only made of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It goes without saying that it won’t shatter or crack.

How to Choose the Best Reading Magnifiers

We considered a few factors before selecting the best reading magnifiers to recommend.

For starters, we believe that a good magnifier should have built-in LED lights. LED saves more energy and is better at providing soft white light. Besides, the light will only improve magnification’s quality.

To better discuss other factors, we’re going to present the two types of reading magnifiers.

  • Handheld

    This is the portable type you should go for if you’re always on the go. It is designed to be compact and lightweight. It is generally the cheaper kind as well.

    Unfortunately, handheld magnifiers can be tiring to use for long hours of reading. They’re also a bad choice for people struggling with hand tremor. However, a soft non-slip handle can make a difference.

    If you’re set to choose a handy magnifier, remember that magnifying power doesn’t have to be too strong. Your eyes might prefer something a bit weaker. That’s why it’s best to buy a set with interchangeable or adjustable lenses.

  • Hands-Free

    Magnifier lamps aren’t the only hands-free options out there. You may also try binocular headbands, full-page, clip-on, and neck magnifiers.

    Obviously, this type of magnifier isn’t portable. But, it’s perfect for home use as well as professional settings. You can do detailed work like watch repairs since both of your hands are free to move.


Because of the convenience of the handheld type, we ultimately chose iMagniphy Illuminated Reading Magnifier for the top spot. Out of the best reading magnifiers, it stays true to the traditional design for hobbyists while embracing innovation with its modern features.