Best Rollerblades


It may no longer be the 90s but for some people, rollerblades are still in. If you’ve forgotten how to choose one, this guide will help you find the best skates for you whether it’s for you alone or if you’re buying with friends or with your partner. Rollerblades or inline skates are a great and fun way to pass the time, as well as get some exercise.

If you’re going skating with your kids, it’s important to put their safety first. This is a great guide with safety tips for inline skating. You could also use protective gear and this best bike helmet is also suitable for skating. And if you’re looking for a bicycle for days you won’t be skating, here is the best hybrid bike for your consideration.

So how do you choose the right rollerblades for you and your skating buddies? We’ve made a great selection for you with different styles and features.

Our Pick: Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate

Number one on our picks is the Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate. These rollerblades feature a perfect fit and are ideal also for growing kids. This adjustable inline skate offers optimal performance and is quite comfortable with its push button size adjustment to help accommodate different sizes of feet.

It has a soft boot support system that features a dual cam-lever buckle so it’s easy to put on and take off. The comfort fit padding protects your feet as you skate.

Runner Up: Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger Adjustable Inline Skate

On number two in our list of choices is the Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger Adjustable Inline Skate. These rollerblades are designed with a pull and tighten lace system. Its adjustable sizing makes it easy for you and your child to fit into the skates. It has great performance as well as design. The molded cuff is designed for support so your feet are protected.

It features easy skating with its EZ push button adjustment. This is great for your child’s growing feet so you don’t have to buy new ones as they grow.

Also Great: Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

Another great option with a unique design is the Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate. The great thing about these rollerblades is that they adjust from sizes 6-9. So this is a great investment for growing children. The triple cam-lever buckles provide a secure fit so it doesn’t feel awkward inside. It’s easy on and off so it’s convenient to wear and remove.

Its comfortable padding keeps your feet protected and the 76mm urethane speed formula wheels make this a smooth ride.

Also Great: Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate

If you want a retro look, you should go for the Rollerblade Men’s Zetrablade 80 Skate. These skates pack quality and features into a reasonably priced pair. It has a great fit and rolls smoothly. These skates are available in full sizes. This is great for beginners as well because it’s comfortable and has a very stable ride.

It has a simple design that is easy to use so you don’t need to worry about putting on the skates. It’s focused on stability. The skates are quite durable.

Also Great: Roller Derby AERIO Women’s Inline Skates

Another great choice for women is the Roller Derby AERIO Women’s Inline Skates. It has a posh design that will make you look great with any outfit. This will go well with all types of pants and even dresses. The soft boot design with memory foam padding makes your feet comfortable inside as you skate. Its locking cam lever buckles make it easy to wear and take off.

These rollerblades have an aluminum tri-coil so they’re very durable. It comes at a reasonable price and is a great investment for skating enthusiasts.

Budget Pick: Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates

The most affordable rollerblades with great quality is the Mongoose Girl’s Inline Skates. It’s great for growing kids of all ages. These skates are adjustable in 4 sizes so kids can grow with them, making this a smart investment if it’s your child’s hobby to skate. This way you won’t have to keep buying a new pair each year. It’s a great way to encourage an active lifestyle.

This is also great for beginners because it’s safe and easy to use. Its easy and convenient one push button lets you adjust the skate to different sizes.

How to Choose the Best Rollerblades

Choosing a pair of rollerblades is not only about the design and style. You need to think of certain considerations like comfort and of course, safety. It also depends on your purpose, if it’s just for hobby or if you are going to use it on a professional scale.

  • Structure

    You have to check for the external support structure of the skates. The cuff has to be mid to tall in height and should allow mobility on the ankles. The design should make it easy for you to stride.

  • Construction

    Rollerblades that have larger wheels and lightweight construction are great for long distance skating and can handle different types of surfaces. These can also be used for performing and racing.

  • Frames

    Aluminum frames are ideal for fitness and performance skating. While composite plastic is enough for recreational use. Short frames are better for smaller wheels and longer frames are more stable at high speeds.

  • Wheels

    The wheels or bearings also matter in choosing your rollerblades. Smaller wheels can make you turn quicker but they will roll slower. Large wheels tend to turn slower but they are more stable at high speeds. They can also roll over bumps without much difficulty. So think of your terrain or surface before buying your skates. What kind of grounds are you going to skate on? Does it have rough surface and bumps?

    Flat profile wheels are more suitable for street skating with jumping gaps. And those with the rounded profile are great and stable on gaps and allow a smooth turn.

Some rollerblades are designed specifically for men and some for women, so you could also choose your skates depending on the style that you want to wear.