The Best Round Brush for Short Hair: Which Should You Buy?


We hate to break it to you, but not all round brushes are effective for short hair.

Some round brushes are so big that short strands won’t stay long on the barrel. That’s a disadvantage if you’re blow-drying.

Since we know full well what you should look for, we’re introducing the best round brush for short hair.

Our Pick: SUPRENT 1 Inch Round Brush

We believe that a high-quality round brush should have boar bristles. That’s why we ultimately selected SUPRENT 1 Inch Round Brush as the top product.

This brush is really effective at reducing frizz, one of the many benefits of boar bristles. Another great thing about these heat-resistant bristles is they can help you dry your hair faster. As a plus, they can even be anti-bacterial!

Lastly, this round brush is so lightweight. You’re less likely to experience arm fatigue even when you have to style your hair for several minutes.

Overall, expect nothing but a shinier, smoother, and thicker hair without too much effort.

Runner Up: GranNaturals 1.75 Inch Round Brush

Since we can’t get enough of boar bristles, the second best product here is GranNaturals 1.75 Inch Round Brush. It is an excellent option to keep your hair much healthier than usual. Its 1.75-inch diameter is ideal for travel since it can easily fit purses and other small bags.

However, what’s so unique about this product? Surprise, surprise – the boar bristles are combined with nylon bristles. Cool, right? The purpose of this design is to have better results after blow-drying, curling, or simple styling.

This round brush also promotes easier control because of its handle made of wood. Wood provides a stronger non-slip grip.

Also Great: Spornette Prego 1.5 inch Round Brush

For more advanced hairstyles, Spornette Prego 1.5 inch Round Brush is a great option for short hair. It can help your hair achieve more beautiful beach waves, flips, and curls. Additionally, it is also effective for hair straightening.

This product can even promote that irresistible bounce because of its ceramic vented barrel. This type of barrel will work perfectly with your hair dryer’s heat. It follows the standard of professional hair styling tools used for salons.

Also, expect less static with this round brush. It uses nano-silver bristles infused with ions. These bristles will even keep your hair moisturized.

Lastly, while other hairbrushes use wood or sculpted handles, this one uses foam. It obviously aims for a softer handle to boost comfort.

Also Great: YaFex 1 Inch Small Round Hair Brush

To have softer bristles, YaFex 1 Inch Small Round Hair Brush uses nylon yarn. However, it still uses boar hairs in the lower sections. It can be your go-to brush for daily use.

Because of the combined nylon yarn and boar bristles, this product will effortlessly spread the natural oil around your hair. It can also add loose curls to enhance volume. That’s why it’s highly recommended for fine hair as well.

Aside from fine hair, this round brush is actually effective for any other hair type – even damaged hair! It has a lot to do with how it speeds up drying time for efficiency and safety.

Budget Pick: Perfehair 1 Inch Mini Round Brush

If your hair is short yet thick, Perfehair 1 Inch Mini Round Brush is the one for you. As a plus, it is much cheaper than other products even though its quality is top-notch.

It is amazing how effective this brush is for thick hair since its diameter is only 5/16 inch, minus the bristles. This product won’t even pull your strands even if your hair is overly thick. Good thing it has ball-tipped bristles.

How to Select the Best Round Brush for Short Hair

We considered two important factors before deciding which product is the best round brush for short hair. Find out what they are:

  • Barrel

    The size of the barrel was our number one priority when we were still searching for the top product. In fact, the main difference between a regular round brush and the type designed for short hair is the diameter.

    Diameters smaller than two inches are fine. But, the ideal size will always be one inch. This measurement is usually the smallest size available in stores.

    Remember, a brush is only effective for short hair if it has a slimmer barrel. It can also be beneficial for long hair when it comes to adding volume and smaller curls.

    On the other hand, a thicker barrel will only comb short hair, which ruins the purpose of round brushes.

    Aside from the size, the barrel’s material should also be considered. In particular, ceramic is the safest and most effective one. Why? It will evenly distribute the blow dryer’s heat around your hair for faster drying.

  • Bristles

    Of course, you have to think about the bristles as well. They represent the general purpose of round brushes.

    The main factor here is actually the material used for the bristles. Without a doubt, boar bristles will always be the best.

    Boar bristles have several benefits which are known for centuries already. First, they guarantee less frizz. That’s because they guarantee flawless distribution of natural oil from the roots to the tips.

    Next, for overall hair care, boar bristles are in-demand. They can help you relax since they will easily stimulate your scalp. Scalp stimulation will also increase blood flow to your hair follicles to boost hair growth.

    Amazingly, with regular use of boar bristles, you might not even need hair products anymore. Since you’ll be able to rely on natural oil, applying products like hair serums and leave-in conditioners will seem pointless.

    Lastly, the spacing of the bristles is also important. Dense bristles are simply for providing more volume and curls. Meanwhile, if there are gaps, the round brush is better at straightening your hair. Still, it all depends on your styling techniques.


Again, SUPRENT 1 Inch Round Brush is the best round brush for short hair. It aces everything we’re looking for: a one-inch ceramic barrel and genuine boar bristles. Smaller round brushes are specifically designed for short hair, so don’t resort to other types.