Best Round Brush


Have you ever wondered what makes the best round brush? There are so many choices available that it becomes hard for buyers to decide which one is the most ideal for their hair. However, before we start going through our tips on how to select the best round brush, let’s take a look first at the top product in today’s market so you will have an idea about what most people are preferring right now.

Our Pick: SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush

SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush uses boar bristles to spread sebum, the best natural protection and moisturizer for hair. It dries your hair faster and gives your hairstyle a smoother finish. It has a big yet lightweight form to enhance volume and shine of curls – even on long hair. This round brush is antibacterial, static-free, and extremely resistant to heat. Despite being heat-resistant, its ceramic barrel can retain the temperature from your hair dryer. That’s why this product is excellent at volume enhancement and curling. Lastly, its textured handle prevents pulling your hair.

Runner Up: Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush

Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush has huge vents to improve airflow, leading to a faster hair drying process. It can improve flyaway and frizzy hair.

Also Great: xtava Double Bristle Round Nylon Hair Brush

xtava Double Bristle Round Nylon Hair Brush can give you that ultimate salon look right in the comforts of your own home. It comes in four sizes to choose from: 22mm is best for short hair, 33mm for medium, 44mm for medium-thick, and 55mm for long hair. It only measures 9.5 inches long, meaning you may take this product wherever you go. Aside from boar bristles, it has nylon to prevent tangled hair. It is ideal for straightening very curly hair because of its sturdy material.

Also Great: EcoTools Aluminum Open Barrel Technology Thermal Ribs Hairbrush

EcoTools Aluminum Open Barrel Technology Thermal Ribs Hairbrush prevents heat damage to hair by decreasing the usual drying time. It reduces breakage, thanks to the unique EcoVent Technology applied on its recycled aluminum ribbed barrel.

Budget Pick: Cricket Static Free Brush

Cricket Static Free Brush has a non-slip grip to ensure perfect control while you are brushing your hair. It turns out that using a brush can be so difficult because of clumsy handling. Thankfully, with this product, your hair would not suffer from tangles anymore.

How to Select the Best Round Brush

Finally, here are important factors to consider in choosing the best round brush for your hair:

  • Size

    The best round brush when it comes to size depends on your hair’s length. Round brushes with a small diameter are for people with short hair. They are also useful in curling hair and enhancing thickness at the roots. Meanwhile, ones that have a medium-sized diameter are for long-haired people who prefer more shape. Lastly, a large diameter is best for making long hair straight. Of course, it will be more effective when paired with an actual hair straightener. Speaking of hair straighteners, we have special hacks for you to enjoy!

  • Material

    In general, brushes with ceramic heads are excellent in evenly distributing heat all over the hair. Meanwhile, frizzy hair needs a brush made of wood combined with bristles coming from or similar to boar hair. Natural boar brushes usually have uniform spacing to effectively tame your hair no matter how straight or curly it is. Avoid metal brushes for they can damage hair strands.

  • Spacing

    How dense should the bristles be for round brushes? Daily brushing needs more density since lightly styling your hair is enough for normal days. For more serious brushing, however, resort to bristles that are a little bit far from each other. These bristles are good at making the hair straighter. They are also effective in working the roots.

How to Use a Round Brush Without Tangling Your Hair

As a bonus, learn how to use a round brush in a hassle-free way by checking out the following tips:

  • Comb your hair first.

    The number one enemy of round brushes is tangling hair. So, in order to avoid that, use a normal comb first to remove tangles and knots from damp hair.

  • Take one strip at a time.

    Do not go all the way when using a round brush. You should be patient with it. Gather an inch of your hair starting from the top. Put the brush underneath that strip of hair. Make sure it touches your scalp.

  • Gradually blow-dry your hair.

    First, activate the hair dryer on low heat. Hold it six inches away from the hair strip. The flow of air should aim at the round brush underneath the strands. Without moving the brush, set the dryer to a cooler air flow. For 10 seconds, aim again at the brush. After switching the dryer again to low heat, go lower down the strip to dry the rest of the strands.

  • Pull to straighten, wrap to curl.

    If you want straighter hair, just pull the round brush that is still underneath the strands. While there is tension, blow-dry that section of your hair.  If you prefer curls or waves, simply wrap your hair around the brush and warm it up with the dryer.

  • Do not forget to blow-dry hair below the previous strip.

    Once the strip of hair is dry, flip it over to the other side to give way to another section. Just follow the same process as you go through each portion of your hair.


We selected SUPRENT Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Round Barrel Hair Brush as the best round brush for most people. It has the highly recommended natural boar bristles, a generous size to ensure enhanced volume, a textured handle for grip and comfort, and a ceramic barrel that can retain heat without damaging the structure. Meanwhile, when it comes to the best round brush for your own hair, you have to consider the following factors: size, material, and spacing.

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