Best Running Backpack


Every runner needs a good backpack to store training essentials for a long cardio workout outdoors. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best running backpack in today’s market while considering affordability.

Our Pick: Unigear Tactical 2.5L Bladder Hydration Running Backpack

Unigear Tactical 2.5L Bladder Hydration Running Backpack can also be used for climbing, biking, and hiking. It has adjustable straps for the chest and shoulders. It can fit kids, teenagers, men, and women, also thanks to its super-compact design. More about the straps, they ensure that the bag will not bounce while you are running. Regarding safety, this running backpack has a whistle buckle in case of emergencies. It is also durable because of its 600 denier polyester material and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lining. It can definitely resist abrasion and tears. Worrying about your tiny essentials? Do not fret; this bag will securely contain your towel, phone, keys, and wallet inside its two front pockets.

Now, let’s focus on the hydration feature. You may utilize the small hose if you are thirsty without using your hands. The hydration hose includes a bite valve, so you do not have to bite hard just to make water flow. Meanwhile, the 2.5-liter bladder is composed of safe material. It is completely free from bisphenol A or BPA. It also maintains the water’s coldness for several hours. You can even add ice cubes if you want because of its large screw cap.

Runner Up: Mubasel Gear 2L BPA Free Bladder Hydration Running Backpack

Mubasel Gear 2L BPA Free Bladder Hydration Running Backpack is also a great bag for camping, especially if you need to hike a long distance before reaching the location. Its two compartments are big enough to contain your clothes. Not only that, there are front mesh pockets as well that can stretch to fit more stuff. Interestingly, the bladder section can be used as a pillow if it is filled with water. This is not a bad idea because of the bag’s material, design, and construction guarantee that there will be no leaks.

Also Great: Camden Gear Men and Women 1.5 L Water Bladder Hydration Running Backpack

Camden Gear Men and Women 1.5 L Water Bladder Hydration Running Backpack looks so compact, but it can actually store an iPad, a 12-inch laptop and a DSL camera. It also has side pockets so you can pack more essentials. Meanwhile, rain is one of the worst enemies of runners. Good thing that this running backpack is made of ripstop nylon for water resistance as well as durability.

Also Great: Sunhiker M0714 Water Resistant Small Lightweight Travel Backpack

Sunhiker M0714 Water Resistant Small Lightweight Travel Backpack can also be used by runners because of its secure bottle holders, comfy mesh shoulder straps, and tough nylon material for resistance to water and abrasion. Its design is more of a school bag rather than a professional running backpack, but it can be a good thing. This product looks good for work or school, perfect for employees or students who prefer to run every morning until they reach their destination.

Also Great: Teton Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack

Teton Sports Trailrunner 2 Liter Hydration Backpack has a big opening for the bladder that is not only useful for adding ice cubes but also for cleaning the interior. Another beneficial feature for cleaning is the drip hole that quickly drains water without affecting other compartments. This running backpack is perfectly cushioned to protect valuables inside and keep you comfortable while carrying it. Its safety features include reflective details for visibility in low light.

The reflective material is actually crucial for all running essentials and accessories such as a running beltcompression or low-cut socks, sports watches, active shorts, and wireless headphones. It makes you visible during the night, especially when a car’s headlights find you. You will look like moving lights which is fun and useful.

Budget Pick: Waterfly Men Women CrossBody Sling Sports Backpack

Waterfly Men Women CrossBody Sling Sports Backpack is foldable when not in use. You may fold it so it can fit another bag or expand it to serve as an actual backpack. The waist strap ensures that this running backpack will stay fixed to your body during movement. To transform this product into a casual backpack, just detach the waist strap.

How to Select the Best Running Backpack

For some runners, running backpacks are unnecessary because they do not bring much while they run. This is perfectly okay since these people probably run just around their neighborhood. The real purpose of running backpacks is to let the runner survive a long-distance run. However, it can be tricky to search for the right backpack for running. So, here are a few tips to guide you in finding the best running backpack for your needs and preferences:

  • Straps

    Buying an appropriate bag for running is the only way to be comfortable while carrying something during the activity. The most crucial features to ensure comfort are the straps. A running backpack should have the right straps for the shoulders, chest, and waist. The straps must securely fit your body to stop the bag from bouncing due to movement. Three factors to make that possible are adjustability, buckles that lock properly, and strategic use of all straps. Running backpack straps must also be lightweight and cushioned to avoid digging into your skin.

    In particular, the chest strap is important because it takes some of the weight focused on your shoulders and evenly spreads the pressure across your chest. That is way better than letting the pressure concentrate on just one area. On the other hand, the waist strap takes care of the bottom weight of the bag. Since the bottom part is the heaviest, having a strap around the waist can extend the backpack’s weight around the torso, back and hips for more mobility and comfort.

    There are other ways to ensure ultimate comfort and mobility when you take a long run. Check out our take on what you should wear when running.

  • Size & Weight

    Running backpacks vary in size for runners’ different needs. If you are going to a marathon or a short-distance run, then you may opt for a small one. However, to survive long runs, a larger backpack is more appropriate to use. It obviously has a bigger storage space so you can carry more necessary items. Regardless of the size, consider choosing a bag with a hydration pack. That clearly means extra weight, but you need to stay hydrated anyway. Know your priorities before buying a running backpack.


We selected Unigear Tactical 2.5L Bladder Hydration Running Backpack as our top product because of its versatility, comfortable straps, safety features, durability, spacious compartments, and reliable hydration pack. You may also check out our take on the best water bottle to help you keep hydrated. It does not bounce even with dynamic movement. In selecting the best running backpack for your daily runs, there are only a few crucial factors to consider: the straps, size, and weight. These three points are enough to represent one good running backpack. After all, an appropriate backpack for running just needs to stay light even if it gets full and avoid bouncing.