Best Running Socks


Running becomes more enjoyable when you have good shoes and – of course – the right socks. Some runners actually do not care much about the latter, so they just put on any pair of socks they can find or buy the first set they notice in a store. But, regular socks might not provide the protection and comfort these people truly need for running long distances. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best running socks in today’s market while considering affordability.

Our Pick: Physix Gear in Men & Women Athletic Compression Running Socks

Physix Gear Sport Men & Women Athletic Compression Running Socks prevent shin splints, which is a common condition for runners. They are also great for pregnant women, nurses, and passengers of long-haul flights because their benefits include boosting blood circulation and relieving swollen legs. People recovering from injuries can also use this product like a stable ankle brace.

These running socks are made of tough materials and design techniques to last for a really long time despite heavy use. They are composed of double-stitched Lycra fabric that is also anti-bacterial and moisture-resistant to avoid smelly feet and shoes. Even if these are long tight socks, they easily slip into the legs. They also do not pinch the toes, ankles, heels, and calves. Their tightness will not be affected by frequent washing.  And, of course, these socks are stylish. You will be proud to show passersby that your new long socks are fashionable.

Runner Up: Balega Men and Women Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Seamless Toe Running Socks

Balega Men and Women Hidden Comfort Athletic No Show Seamless Toe Running Socks have heel tabs that stop accidental removal. This is an important feature because most extremely low socks usually slip out of the feet due to dynamic movement. These running socks are composed of enhanced elastane all over to ensure a perfect fit. They also contain mesh fabric to keep your feet cool while running.

Also Great: Saucony Men’s 6 Pair Performance Comfort Fit No-Show Socks

Saucony Men’s 6 Pair Performance Comfort Fit No-Show Socks can be safely washed in a washing machine, thanks to their high-quality material. They have a cushioned sole to protect feet in case of sudden impact. They also have a special arch support by compressing necessary spots for stability.

Also Great: Blitzu Men & Women Performance Compression Running Socks

Blitzu Men & Women Performance Compression Running Socks are also ideal for people with certain health conditions that affect the legs and feet such as diabetes. They are definitely perfect for runners who want to test their limits by joining a marathon. Aside from running, these socks can be used for weightlifting, cycling, and basketball as well. After a long run, they can even reduce fatigue or relieve cramps and sores while you rest.

Also Great: Go2 Women and Men Athletic Compression Running Socks

Go2 Women and Men Athletic Compression Running Socks have bright colors for visibility in low light which is a must-have for night runners. The same idea goes for other essentials such as running beltsrunning backpacksmodern sports watches, exercise shorts and wireless headphones specially made for running. These running socks’ knee length is ideal for tall people. The fabric does not shrink even with thorough washing.

Budget Pick: ASICS Pack of 3 Women’s Cushion Low-Cut Socks

ASICS Pack of 3 Women’s Cushion Low-Cut Socks has fun color choices for youthful runners. They have the right level of thickness to keep the feet warm in cold weather and cool enough during hot days. Their soles can make a person feel like running on clouds because of the super-soft cushion.

How to Select the Best Running Socks

To find the best running socks for your feet and fitness needs, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Fabric

    Most socks people usually have at home are made of cotton, which is not actually the best option for running long distances. Cotton tends to absorb sweat and moisture too much, causing blisters. Common materials for running socks are polyester, nylon, elastic, and wool. These types of fabrics have quick-drying, sweat-absorbing, and moisture control qualities that are all necessary for intense exercises. A good pair of running socks is ideally a blend of polyester and nylon fabrics. These materials are hydrophobic or water-resistant, durable, strong, and flexible.

  • Thickness

    In general, socks vary on thickness to cater people’s different needs and preferences. Thin and thick running socks both have advantages and disadvantages.

    Thin running socks are designed to provide the smallest amount of barrier between the feet and the shoes. They are obviously the lightest ones. They are perfect for short-distance runs, especially on hot days, because they are the most breathable socks to wear. Unfortunately, they have weaker grip since their fabric loosely makes contact with the shoes’ insoles. The impact will also hurt your feet a lot due to thin protection. Clearly, thin socks are not advisable for cold weather or season.

    On the other hand, thick running socks are preferable for long-distance runs to prevent the feet from having blisters as well as give extra warmth during cold temperatures. High-quality thick socks can even feature a perfect combination of thickness and lightness. Just because a material is thick does not mean that it is heavy. However, thick socks are too hot to wear during summer.

    It is best to settle for thin running socks with enough cushioning on necessary sections, especially all over the sole, heel and toes. See, it is just a matter of looking for the right balance of thinness and thickness.

  • Fit

    Having the right fit for your running socks is as important as getting the right shoes. Socks that are too loose can cause friction issues like hot spots or blisters. Meanwhile, wearing socks that are too tight can lead to constriction of blood flow and toe movement.

  • Type

    Compression running socks are knee-high to support the calves and shins while running. Their length also increases blood flow to prevent muscle fatigue or cramps, especially in long-distance runs. Just make sure to get the right size because extreme tightness causes swelling.

    On other hand, low-cut running socks are safer to wear and easier to buy. With compression socks, you still need to consider the size from the top to bottom. One wrong move and you will suffer from tight long socks. Fortunately, the sizing rule for low socks is usually basic. You just have to ensure that a pair has special features to increase grip. Why? Low-cut socks tend to slip out of the feet if the user moves too much.


Wearing a wrong pair of socks can make you lose a race. That’s how important running socks are. Never tolerate discomfort while running so you can endure long distances. Besides, we have to take care of our feet well. So, make sure to get the best running socks for your needs. With the aforementioned tips in mind, you will surely be more alive during your future runs.

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