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What better way to jumpstart your running routine than preparing everything you need for your gear? Whether you are training for a marathon or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, knowing your technical performance while running can help improve your performance. A running watch is what you need to keep track of your daily improvements. Aside from showing the current time, it can also present you so much more that are all relevant for your activity. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best running watch in today’s market while considering affordability.

Our Pick: Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch

Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch follows the standard design of sports watches when it comes to consistent functionality and high performance. It has a stopwatch with a 30-lap memory. It also has an alarm feature and a countdown timer. This running watch will stay secure around your wrist because of its buckle closure and resin strap. If you prefer running at night, it has a special Indiglo Light-Up feature for its watch dials so you can still use it completely in low light. Whenever you go out for a run, there is always a 50 percent chance of rain. Good thing that this product is resistant to water, making it an ideal watch for snorkeling and swimming as well.

Runner Up: CakCity Men’s Waterproof LED Screen Large Face Digital Military Sports Watch

CakCity Men’s Waterproof LED Screen Large Face Digital Military Sports Watch looks so cool and stylish that it can match with office clothes, university uniforms, and casual wear. It is shock-resistant to withstand all kinds of sports such as fishing, climbing, and of course – running. Aside from time, it also shows the current date. One of its typical military sports watches features is the 24-hour time setting option. This running watch can amazingly endure total submersion in cold water.

Also Great: Casio STR300 Sports Watch

Casio STR300 Sports Watch can be set to four daily alarms. In addition, you can also snooze it to let it ring once again. That is useful if you prefer softer alarm beeps. On the other hand, standard alarm clocks are loud to ensure that deep sleepers will wake up. This running watch takes it up a notch with its stopwatch that has a 60-lap memory. It can calculate your performance when it comes to distance. It is also resistant to water so you can still wear this in the shower.

Also Great: Garmin Vívoactive

Garmin Vívoactive perfectly represents what modern running watches should be. It has built-in sports applications such as a GPS tracker and performance statistics to keep you from relying on your phone. It aims to let you keep track of your activities like swimming, golfing, biking, and running. This running watch is super-thin for lightness and breathability. It has a colored touchscreen display with a high-quality resolution. Even if the face shows various colors, it is still completely readable underneath bright sunlight. This product, when fully charged, can last up to three weeks. The minimum is 10 hours. You can let a pro customize it if you want, especially its apps, widgets, and face design.

Also Great: Tomtom Runner GPS Running Watch

Tomtom Runner GPS Running Watch takes performance tracking to another level by presenting live statistics during the run, heart rate for intensity monitoring, and how many calories are burned. Its QuickGPSFix feature will track your exact location fast for a more efficient time while running. The display is so big for convenient tracking. This running watch only has one button for control, perfect for runners who do not like complex or complicated watches. Unlike most sports watches, it can be recharged with a USB cable. You can even upload all data from it to mobile apps for record-keeping.

Budget Pick: Aposon Men’s Unique Waterproof LED Digital Military Running Wristwatch

Aposon Men’s Unique Waterproof LED Digital Military Running Wristwatch ensures accurate time because of its IC Chip Set feature. It has seven colors for its LED backlight for versatility. It can be a great gift for family members and friends. This running watch has a comfortable PU band strap to prevent distraction due to discomfort. Because of its waterproof feature, it can be hand-washed to clean the face and straps thoroughly. It does not absorb sweat.

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How to Select the Best Running Watch

It used to be easy to choose a watch for running back in the day. Nowadays, it is hard to select one with all the countless features and brands of sports watches we have in stores. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best running watch as your fitness buddy.

  • Features

    In these modern times, anything you buy has certain features that make it unique or apart from the rest. A running watch, for example, has a lot of features aside from displaying time. The more information you gain from a running watch, the faster your improvement is when it comes to physical performance. However, prioritize the features you need the most. Do not opt for something that is over the top because you might find it hard to use it immediately after purchase. You need to read the manual carefully for high-tech running watches.

    Popular features nowadays include GPS or distance tracker, wrist heart rate monitor, and Bluetooth connectivity.

    GPS supports runners’ first instinct to check how far they have run. In this modern age, it is important to look at your watch’s GPS monitor to track your miles, location, and direction. A good GPS running watch provides specific distance information, and the option to change the measurement from kilometers to miles and vice versa.

    Some of the newer versions of running watches have a heart monitoring function included. It is important for runners to monitor their heart rate, especially those who have health conditions. However, prepare to shell out a huge amount of money for a watch with this feature.

    Bluetooth connectivity is useful for the world gradually relying on wireless technology. A techy runner surely wants to connect his or her running watch data to a smartphone and other mobile devices in order to track progress over time. Investing on a watch with Bluetooth will make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals.

  • Battery

    One factor to weigh in when you buy a running watch is its battery life. While most rechargeable watches last at least five hours, it is better to invest on something that can withstand 13 hours or more without any power backups for a smooth run. Do not assume that a running watch automatically has a rechargeable battery. A lot of sports watches still operate with traditional wristwatch batteries.

  • Music

    Since most running watches recently have similar features to smartphones, it is fun to buy one that can store and play songs. This is definitely convenient because you do not have to bring your phone or iPod anymore just to listen to some beats that motivate you to run faster and longer. Even better with Bluetooth, running watches with music features can be paired with wireless headphones for an ideal run.


Overall, if you are planning to become a serious runner, all aforementioned factors should be considered before buying a new running watch. Think about the extra features you want to try and, at the same time, the additional price you are willing to pay literally.

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