The 4 Best Silicone Sleeves for Glass Bottles


Scared to break glass baby bottles? Luckily for you, there’s a product that can solve that problem.

Silicone sleeves are perfect for glass containers. Why? Other than the fact that silicone is non-toxic, these soft covers can protect the glass from impact.

Now that you’re set to buy one, we recommend the best silicone sleeves for glass bottles.

Our Pick: Other Baby Bottle Supplies Silicone Sleeve

One issue we’ve noticed from other silicone sleeves is they can only fit specific bottle brands. That’s too bad if your baby’s using a lesser-known glass bottle. It’s a good thing that Other Baby Bottle Supplies Silicone Sleeve is versatile enough.

The main reason why this product is good for different brands is its universal design. Just look at its straight form. It even has tall and short options.

Now, let’s discuss more the benefits of this silicone sleeve. Aside from protecting the glass, it also provides a better grip to prevent accidents. Even better, it can withstand dishwashers and boiling water whenever you sterilize it.

It may be difficult at first to insert the bottle into the sleeve, but the result is worth it. The cover is less likely to fall off.

Despite all of these awesome benefits, there’s still a chance that the bottle will break after falling from a great height. However, unlike bare glass bottles, the sleeve will contain most of the pieces. It truly prevents the glass from shattering.

Runner Up: Olababy Silicone Sleeve

If you have AVENT glass bottles, Olababy Silicone Sleeve is a perfect choice. It is made of pure BPA-free silicone.

Since this sleeve is made for AVENT glass bottles, sliding it on is super-easy as long as there’s a bit of moisture. In addition, it has a secure fit.

Aside from the usual impact resistance and stronger grip, this product can stop heat transfer. That’s why you can still carry it anywhere even with hot milk inside.

If you don’t want to keep putting and removing the sleeve, this product comes with a transparent option. You’ll be able to see the measurement markings on the bottle.

On the other hand, if you want colorful sleeves, just make sure to put the cover properly. As you can see, the sleeve has big, wide holes for you to see the markings.

Also Great: Evenflo Classic Cozy Silicone Cover

If you’re looking for a colorful set, Evenflo Classic Cozy Silicone Cover comes with five more sleeves. This is great if you like to keep the sleeves on the bottles.

At first, the sleeve appears too solid for the bottle’s markings. However, when expanded, you’ll see that it has extremely wide gaps. As a plus, you can perfectly monitor the amount of milk inside.

When not in use, this silicone sleeve is very small. That’s helpful for travel. In case you’re wondering, the sleeve will expand when you place the loops around the bottle’s neck.

Budget Pick: Chicco Silicone Sleeve

If you have Chicco baby glass bottles, you’re lucky. Chicco Silicone Sleeve is much more affordable than other options.

It’s clear that this sleeve completely shows the measurement markings. Meanwhile, when you take a closer look, the sides have embossed details. This is designed for a better grip.

How to Select the Best Silicone Sleeves for Glass Bottles

To be honest, choosing the best silicone sleeves for glass bottles is simple. Just consider the fit, material, and design.

  • Fit

    When you think about it, it’s easier if you just search for sleeves made for the brand you have at home. You can guarantee that the sleeve will immediately fit your bottles.

    However, not all brands manufacture silicone sleeves. You might have a hard time looking for the right cover.

    The best thing to do is look for the standard shape. Sleeves that don’t have curves can easily fit different bottles.

    Just a heads-up, silicone sleeves are generally difficult to use at first. It doesn’t matter if they will fit nicely. Brand-new sleeves tend to be stiff.

    In order to solve that, wet the bottle and sleeve first. If it doesn’t work, try exposing the sleeve to a little bit of steam.

  • Material

    Obviously, the sleeve should be made of genuine food-grade silicone. Don’t overthink this; just make sure that the brand’s claims are credible. After all, pure silicone is non-toxic.

    You should know, however, that silicone isn’t exactly a natural material. It is derived from silica or sand. Fortunately, sand doesn’t contain chemicals.

    Because of the good qualities of sand, silicone can withstand extreme temperatures. It doesn’t have a distinct odor. Plus, its appearance can last for years because of its stain-resistant properties.

    To put your mind at ease, we have a helpful tip on how to test silicone’s quality.

    All you need to do is pinch and twist the material. If it gets white, the silicone probably contains fillers. A pure one doesn’t change color.

  • Design

    When it comes to this factor, color is definitely included. Silicone sleeves usually come in bright, fun colors.

    If you prefer something transparent, go for it. This way, you’ll see the markings on the bottle and the amount of milk left.

    On the other hand, if you really want colorful sleeves, choose something that has holes or gaps so you can still see the bottle. However, be careful with large gaps. The exposed surface of the glass bottle might shatter after impact.


Out of the best silicone sleeves for glass bottles, Other Baby Bottle Supplies Silicone Sleeve is our top choice. It can fit different glass bottle brands because of its size and shape. It is also really adorable, which is perfect for your baby.

Unfortunately, glass baby bottles have their limits even if they’re still intact. They eventually need to be discarded for your child’s safety. Learn more about it here.

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