The Best Silk Scarf for Hair: Which One Should You Buy?


Need to wrap your hair in the gentlest way possible? What you need is a super-smooth scarf to prevent static. To help you choose a product without any regrets, we recommend the best silk scarf for hair as well as other high-quality options.

Our Pick: Story of Shanghai Mulberry Silk Hair Scarf

Also attractive as a shawl and hijab, Story of Shanghai Mulberry Silk Hair Scarf is extremely lightweight for comfort. However, it can still provide enough warmth outdoors during cold weather. No wonder it’s great for all seasons.

One of the main reasons why this hair scarf has other uses is its dimensions. It is bigger than the standard size. It is specifically 68 centimeters long and 43 centimeters wide.

More about versatility, this hair scarf has an eye-catching design you can match with anything. It can complement both casual and formal outfits. This is also a factor why it’s an excellent gift for any occasion.

Another exciting feature related to design is the vividness of colors. It makes the scarf appear like artwork. Get ready to hear compliments everywhere!

Unlike most affordable scarves out there, this one is made of genuine Chinese mulberry silk. That’s why it can keep you comfortable even while you’re sleeping with a hair wrap on.

Since silk scarves are delicate, durability can be an issue. Good thing that this product has meticulous hand-sewn edges to prevent snagging. Besides, if that’s the design, it can frame the scarf beautifully.

Runner Up: Pantonight 100% Pure Silk Hair Scarf

Made of luxurious natural silk twill, Pantonight 100% Pure Silk Hair Scarf is an environment-friendly product. While the top product is rectangular, this one has a square shape measuring 90 x 90 centimeters. However, they both have hand-sewn sides.

To be more specific about the edges of this hair scarf, they’re secured with thick stitching. Since there are three stitches for every two centimeters, this product has a total of at least 500.

While the sides are sewn by hand, the fabric is also hand-printed. So, it’s a no-brainer that the colors are vibrant.

Also Great: Mulberry Park Silks Black Hair Scarf

Want to take a break from colorful scarves? Mulberry Park Silks Black Hair Scarf is all about functionality. The level of comfort and safety it brings is useful for people who are trying to grow their hair back.

This scarf takes quality to the next level with its material. It consists of genuine mulberry long strand silk. It also has a high thread count of 600.

Regarding safety, this product is Standard 100 based on the certification of OEKO-TEX. That means it has zero chemicals. Even the color is made from a natural dye, which also means it won’t fade easily despite frequent machine wash.

Budget Pick: Genovega Small Satin Silk Hair Scarf

If your priority is style and budget, Genovega Small Satin Silk Hair Scarf fits the bill. It is technically not pure silk, but that’s the reason why it’s super-affordable in the first place. Silk only covers 35 percent of the fabric while the rest is polyester.

Don’t worry about polyester dominating the material. This square scarf is still soft and hypoallergenic. In fact, thanks to polyester, it won’t slide off when you wrap it around your hair.

Since this product only measures 21 x 21 inches, it may not be enough for totally covering your hair. However, it’s perfect as an accessory. It is ideal for making a stylish ponytail or headband.

How to Select the Best Silk Scarf for Hair

Choosing the best silk scarf for hair is quite simple. There are only two crucial factors – form and quality.

  • Form

    Before focusing on the material’s quality which can be technical, let’s discuss the straightforward part first. Form simply refers to the size and shape of the scarf.

    The standard dimensions include 60 x 60 up to 75 x 75 centimeters. Scarves smaller than 55 x 55 cm can be tricky to handle, especially if you want a secure hair wrap. The same idea goes for bigger scarves, but that’s only because of the added volume that can affect your look.

    When it comes to shape, it’s all about your preference. Square scarves are ideal for styling because of their symmetry. Long ones, on the other hand, are great for wrapping.

  • Quality

    Nothing beats mulberry silk. That’s why our top choice here uses that material. A polyester blend is still a decent option, but we’re going to focus on genuine silk first.

    Why is mulberry silk considered as the best?

    Developing this type of silk is unique but very effective. Farmers feed Bombyx mori moth silkworms with leaves from mulberry trees. It turns out that this strange process results in fine white silk with long fibers.

    As a plus, mulberry silk makes one durable fabric. It also has a luxurious texture. More importantly, it is odorless and hypoallergenic.

    There’s actually an interesting explanation to the hypoallergenic properties of mulberry silk. Silk naturally has sericin, a protein that can prevent allergic reactions. And, to top it off, sericin can only be derived from silkworms.

    What about the polyester-silk type? Is it more than just a cheaper alternative?

    Polyester can actually improve silk in some aspects. It adds durability for a longer-lasting fabric. It can also enhance insulation if you’re going to transform your hair scarf into a shawl.

    Unfortunately, polyester can downgrade the natural softness of silk. It may also reduce the flowing effect of the delicate material because of its stiffness. These are some of the usual disadvantages of synthetic fabrics when paired with natural ones.


The best silk scarf for hair should ace both form and quality. That’s why Story of Shanghai Mulberry Silk Hair Scarf is our number one choice. It is big enough for a fixed hair wrap and unbelievably soft, thanks to the world-class quality of mulberry silk.

Since hair scarves generally have a wide range of uses, find out how to wear them in different ways.

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